Why is the Canon 70-2002.8 IS so popular?

I bought a second-hand 200 2.8L prime lens a few months ago and I really don't regret it. I think it's one of the most underrated lenses. It really depends on what you're shooting, but I realized I was most of the time at 200mm when using a friend's 70-200 2.8L (for concert photography).,It's light-weight (compared to the 70-200 2.8L), more discree

Im in 11 the class, what chapter s of organic are very important?

All chapters are important but these questions are of much importanceMultiple Choice Questions (Type-I)Which of the following is the correct IUPAC name?(i) 3-Ethyl-4, 4-dimethylheptane(ii) 4,4-Dimethyl-3-ethylheptane(iii) 5-Ethyl-4, 4-dimethylheptane(iv) 4,4-Bis(methyl)-3-ethylheptane,(i) 1-hydroxypentane-1,4-dione(ii) 1,4-dioxopentanol(iii) 1-carb

What do you know about vanilla cupcake recipes?

Iu2019ve gotten raves with the well known method of using cake mix, but substitute milk for water, melted butter for oil, an an extra egg and throw in a splash of vanilla (or almond, cinnamon, etc). Makes 24 cupcakes. Frost them with the standard powdered sugar/butter/milk icing and youu2019re set.,Not super original, but itu2019s a crowd pleaser.

Is Paris a country near Europe?

Do you mean capital of France? Paris has no capital. However, Paris is a capital of France. We have some department that comprises Paris which they called u201cIle-de-Franceu201d this are Seine-et-Marne 77, Yveline 78, Val-d'Oise 95, Essonne 91, Hauts-de-Seine 92, Val-de-Marne 94, Seine-Saint-Denis 93, Paris 75. Note, Paris also is a department its

Is Windows Sonic for headphones good for music?

Windows Sonic is a binauralizer that processes sound encoded in Window's spatial format. That includes things like surround sound movies and games. While there is some music encoded in spatial formats, the vast majority is in stereo, and so having Sonic enabled will do nothing to the sound. Currently the vast majority of surround sound music can on

What things are worth seeing, but not worth going to see?

As with any subjective - yet intriguing - question on Quora, I can give my humble opinion based on my expertise. But you certainly donu2019t have to agree with me. I think I have sufficient credentials in world travel to make a fair comparison of my extensive and diverse travel adventures. To me, there are four distinct categories of destinations a

What are some study hacks every student should know?

Some study hacks everyone round the corner should follow to ace up in academics.,Try to make succinct notes to avoid last minute cramming.Proper sleep cycle: sleep should be your favourite hobby. Try to get 6-8 hours daily.Clean your study space: Your study space should be clean before you start.Use pencil to make immediate points and markings.Use

What can be done if I signed a power of attorney to my husband, but I donu2019t really remember because I was always under heavy strong mental meds?

U.S. perspectiveYou can revoke a power of attorney by completing and signing a revocation. You can look at a sample revocation at Create a Revocation of Power of Attorney | Legal Templates (and elsewhere online).,Because you do not know whether or when you may have granted the power, you could revoke u201cany and all powers of attorneyu201d granted

What is the most traditional soup from your country?

Portuguese eat a lot of soup. And by a lot, I mean that if you go to eat at any restaurant at Portugal youu2019ll probably be served a soup before the actual meal. Most Portuguese people eat soup several times a week.,Hell, even McDonaldu2019s sells soup in Portugal.* Nope, not joking! That said, youu2019d expect us to have 872985725 different soup

How can I update Canon printer drivers?

To update canon printer driver,Open canon and look for settings and then open driver update,Click to install driver of canon printer and follow on screen commands to update drivers.

What are some roots of corruption in Indonesia?

I would argue that one of the most malignant (yet seldom mentioned) practice in Indonesia that is a strong root that results in corruption is: the atrocious pay level of our judges. In my home county in Central Java, a new judge is paid Rp 3 million per month, a senior judge is paid Rp 5 million per month; that's around US$ 4-7 thousand per year. I

Should we rewrite the Chinese Zodiac as (pig 1983, 1987, 1991, rat 1984, 1988, 1992, Ox 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, tiger 1986, 1990, 1994), does it makes sense when it comes to symbolism?

The last 60 Years or Sexagenary Cycle has started in 1984 with the Wood Rat (a Yang symbol), the Wood Ox (an Yin symbol), the Fire Tiger, the Fire Rabbit, the Earth Dragon, the Earth Snake, the Metal Horse, the Metal Goat, the Water Monkey, the Water Rooster, the Wood Dog, the Wood Rat (1995), and so on. The last of the constellations of the 12 ani

Why does my Google camera not work?

If your camera on some unknown Google phone is not working I suggest that you find a repair shop that specializes in Google phones and get an estimate for the repair. If it is one of the older Google phones you might consider getting a new phone.

What are some common mistakes that tourists make when they are visiting New York City?

Bringing your car. Your car doesnu2019t belong anywhere near New York City, especially Manhattan. You probably wonu2019t be able to use it while youu2019re in the city anyway. Parking in NYC is extremely expensive.,Not having a plan to get from the airport to your hotel. Taxis are expensive. There are other, cheaper options, and there are booths at

How can I boost the cell phone signal in my mobile home?

What kind of signal? If itu2019s a mobile phone, try another network. If itu2019s UHF try changing your coax, or having your aerial looked at. If itu2019s wifi, try a better router or some extenders, and if youu2019ve got stone walls then itu2019s going to kill it dead from room to room. That goes for mobile signals too.,Until we know what the sign

How do I start investing in Stock market with minimum investment?

Looking at the last two years, IPOs had been hitting really hard in the market. We have seen the blockbuster openings and the great run in some of the quality stock offerings.,To ans your question, look for applying in some quality IPOs (Most of the IPOs come in the multiple of 15000, so you can start with as low as 15000) and then pray that you ge

What is the most famous castle in England?

Probably the Tower of London although I'm not sure people realise it's a castle.,After than that probably Windsor as it's still a royal residence.,Edinburgh castle is also very well known.,The UK is dotted with castles. Ask anybody to name a castle and it's likely to be the one most local to them.,Even the small Yorkshire market town I live in has

Why are Nikon Z lenses better than the old F mount lenses?

If you want to get simple about it, Nikon Z is better because itu2019s a wider lens mount and shorter flange-focal distance. In particular, given that itu2019s Nikon talking, itu2019s 1mm wider and 4mm shorter than Canonu2019s RF Mount.,Inherent AdvantagesNikon didn't introduce their first new professional lens mount in sixty years to not improve t

Beautiful Places: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Where is the best beach on earth?

What countries have the best beaches for tourists?Note: This question has been merged with u201cWhere is the best beach on earthu201d which is a completely different question than the original query about the countries with the best beaches. Iu2019m sticking with my original answer for the countries that have the best beaches.,ResearchI did a simpl

How good is Philippines Airlines business class from LAX to Manila?

In my opinion it is one of the worst airlines regardless of the route. Think of early 90s business class on a US carrier and you will have a good picture of what it is like.,A better choice would be Delta which is still crappy or Hawaiian with a layover in Honolulu. Hawaiian has about the same level of business class but it's stopover 6 hours into

What are Porters five industry forces, and how do they affect a companys strategy?

Porteru2019s five forces is a model to study an industry. The five forces donu2019t affect a companyu2019s strategy, they describe the competitive forces in a particular market. Understanding these forces helps inform the development of a companyu2019s strategy.,The five forces model describe where the power and risks exist. The five forces are:,Th