I am in Chennai. I would like to go alone to France, Luxembourg and Switzerland in 10 days trip. How much will be the minimum and maximum total cost like flight, food, stay etc?

My Son took a similar trip - in 2007, right after last exams and before taking up the Job.,Chennai to Bangalore - Road TripBangalore to Dubai - EmiratesDubai to Paris - EmiratesParis to Belgium to Netherlands to Germany to Switzerland - Euro RailSwitzerland to ParisParis to BangaloreBangalore to Chennai8 of them, they stayed in real budget hotels ,

What does the government do for its citizens in the US?

There is no easy answer. Since you said in the US I will assume you mean the federal government. The federal government appoints federal judges such as the Supreme Court and those people make decisions on laws to determine their constitutionality (ensure that the law doesn't violate the rules set for the government). But most things you would think

What is it like to work at SpaceX?

SpaceX has become quite a large organization over the last few years, yet it still maintains a startup mentality and feel to it. Despite its size there's a fairly flat organizational structure. For example, I reported to the CIO, which was only a couple levels down from Elon.,I actually started out as an intern, and converted to full-time after a y

What are the differences between biomedical science and Medicine?

Not a lot in terms of scientific content. Biomedical science focuses on diagnostics and is really the hard science behind medicine. 70% of a doctors diagnoses are depended on the results a biomedical scientist provides from performing assays on patient samples. Biomedical scientists dot deal with patients directly, although clinical scientists may

Why do so many people want to live in California?

I made a list of all that California has to offer. It is more than most countries! Living here we get to enjoy everything mentioned below, plus amazing great weather, friendly people, and positive vibes pretty much everywhere.,NATURE,Some of the most diverse environments (desert, forest, grassland, coastal, mountain, valley, volcanic, tundra) in th

What is the standard deviation in Excel?

STDEV.S (or just STDEV) - Standard deviation of a SAMPLE,STDEV.P (or STDEVP) - Standard deviation of a POPULATION,STDEVA - STDEVA.S but text and logical values included (you probably donu2019t want this one),STDEVPA - STDEVA.P but text and logicalu2026,DSTDEV and DSTDEVP - Unlikely that you want these.,Excel has excellent help and just asking it st

What kind of food can be cooked in hostel if stove is not allowed?

If no stoves and electric appliances are permitted, then the following receipes can be done away, with less strain.,1. Strawberry CrackersIngredients needed: Strawberryu2019s, biscuits, fresh cream,Recipe:Cut and mix strawberryu2019s with fresh cream and spread on the biscuits.,Your strawberry crackers are ready.,2. Russian Eggs/Eggs Mimosa/Stuffed

Do you think its easy to communicate in the three official languages, German, French, and Italian when living in Switzerland? And I dont want to forget the national language, Romansh!

Itu2019s been a while since I was last in Switzerland, but my recollection was that the locals donu2019t find it difficult.,In the German-speaking parts of the country, theyu2019re more likely to speak German as a sort of u201cfirst guessu201d on meeting a new person, the same applies to French in the French-speaking parts and (although Iu2019ve ne

Is "Stellar Data Recovery" legit or a scam online data recovery? What is your review?

This is a legitimate app, just keep in mind it's just like hundreds of others out there that are doing their hardest to make money off you DESPITE CLAIMING IT'S FREE! I just tried this and specifically told it to scan one particular folder so I could hopefully recover a bunch of corrupted photos. After about 5 or 10 minutes it told me it recovered

Whats the best selling fighting video game in history?

In terms of pure video game characters, ignoring other media, Sonic isn't even close to GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) status; heu2019s simply the only character to ever challenge Mario for the crown after Mario took it almost effortlessly from Pac-Man. When push comes to shove Sonic is barely up there among the greats; he had some very popular and hy

How much money do you get for 100 million YouTube views?

There's no direct answer for this question. Since revenue from YouTube videos is dependent on all of the above factors, you cannot accurately estimate the worth of YouTube views. However, you can generally expect to make an average of between $1,000 and $3,000 for every million views on your video.

What is the best breakfast menu all over India?

So typically there are two types of Indians.Who rely on home cooked breakfast items (yummy plus healthy),Ones who rely on other sort of foods which are readily available and require less preparation time.,Personally I love both of those and am a blend of both.,To begin with,,Everyoneu2019s favorite-Masala Dosa, where breakfast begins,2. Also one of

What was your first desktop PC build like?

Can I see pictures of your PC build?Sure, here are some photos of most (but not all) of the builds Iu2019m currently using.,This is an old photo from my office. The PC on the left is actually the first PC I built, back in 2008 or 2009. It actually got upgraded at one point, then became the living room PC, and then got downgraded back to its origina

How were Apollo 11 astronauts with no photography experience capable of taking pictures on the moon professionally with u201960s photographic equipment? Some people argue that the quality of those pictures shouldu2019ve been amateurish and blurry.

They had quite a lot of photography training prior to launch, much of it suited up, in the desert.,They took mostly preplanned photographs Those photos that werenu2019t specific mission objectives, like those of experiments and panaramas of survey sites, were are least at preplanned locations, under lighting conditions known in advance.,They were g

The Chinese economy is one of the strongest economies and is expected to overcome the USA and lead the world economy table in 2025. Do the people of China feel this privilege, or is it just the government?

I donu2019t think that the Chinese government is bothered about being the strongest or biggest economy in the world. Their main objective is to be able to provide their people with a good life, with no one living in poverty, as well as to be able to defend their country against any foreign power. This will ensure that there will be no repeat of the

How do you reduce the calories of Cuban bread?

Please donu2019t. cuban bread is so delicious. Itu2019s moist and tender with a great crust, and it owes much of its texture and flavor to the lard in the recipe. Donu2019t want the calories? Donu2019t eat the bread, or eat less of it. Try slicing it thinner, or eating only one slice instead of two, or only having it on special occasions. Have cuba

What is the best bakery in Los Angeles?

My "faves" (jury's still out re cupcakes):,La Brea Bakery for bread:nhttp://www.labreabakery.com/index.aspx,Amandine for French goodies:nhttp://www.amandinecafe.com/,Sweet Lady Jane for cakes:nhttp://www.sweetladyjane.com/n(Runners up: Hansen's http://www.hansencakes.com/ and Phoenix http://www.phoenixbakeryinc.com/ for the classic Chinese spongeca

What is Keto? How do I download a keto cookbook PDF?

Keto is a type of ketogenic diet where The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used mainly to treat hard-to-control epilepsy in children. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.,This pdf consists of 9 Sides dishes, 3 Soup & stews dishes, 4 Mains dishes & 4 Desserts dishe

What are the best places to hiketrek in the Philippines?

Philippines is not just about the island, waterfalls itu2019s an great adventurous place for hiking too always a breath taking experiencing in Philippines. Donu2019t matter weather your are beginner or veteran, the country has a popular mountains to take this adventure.,Here are list of hiking places in Philippines,MT. Balagbag,Mount Batulao,Mount

What are your favorite Chinese dishes?

I LOVE RICE, and these dishes are perfect to eat with rice.,1. Steamed egg with shrimp,2. Tomato with fish ball soup,The tomato soup base is very suitable for cooking fish, shrimp and mushrooms, which is fragrant and rich. It is perfect to be served with rice, because of the sour flavor.,3. Coke-flavored Chicken Wings,4. Stir fried meat with chili,

What is the best cheap videophoto camera for traveling?

Here is the Top Budget Travel Cameras (Under $500),Panasonic Lumix ZS70 u2013 Best Budget Travel Camera.,Nikon D3500 u2013 Low Cost Travel Camera.,Canon Rebel T7 u2013 Popular Beginner Camera.,Olympus E-M10 Mark II u2013 Older 4/3rds Model.,Hope it would be a good suggestion for you.

Is it right that my children get to see their grandparents less than my husbands niece just because her mom isnt the best mom and the daughter doesnt have a father figure? I feel like just because were good parents they dont get to stay overnight

It might not be u201crightu201d, but given the situation, itu2019s probably reasonable.,Two things come to mind; you mentioned you have children (plural), and there is only one niece. Maybe the grandparents donu2019t feel up to having more than one child at a time for overnight visits.,The other thing is, the grandparents may feel that the niece ha

What are the top, free automation recruiting tools in 2021?

What is recruitment automation software?Recruitment automation software is a solution that uses AI and machine learning to streamline talent acquisition efforts.,How is AI used in recruitment?AI is used to complete monotonous, time-consuming tasks to free up human workers to focus on other tasks. In recruiting specifically, AI is used to search for

My no-bake cookies turned out sticky! What did I do wrong?

Did you substitute natural ground peanut butter for the peanut butter ingredient? The popular peanut butters in a jar have stabilizing ingredients added to maintain texture at room temperature. This is usually the telling problem with recipes that use PB as they were developed using this more coherent PB product.,You may certainly use natural PB bu