Is Holland the most dangerous country in Europe?

Oh that is easy, it is an awful, socialist state! If you get unemployed they help you, if you get sick, you are covered, if you cannot work anymore due to an accident they help you, school until 16 is free, universities are about 4.000 per year in college fees. It is really very awful!,The police is also very socialist so they first listen to you b

What should I do to be a millionaire online? Would my blog help me achieve that?

Mark Anastasi is the author of The Laptop Millionaire and is an online business expert. Learn how to make money online with Mark.,Bryan: How has the internet changed your life?,Mark Anastasi: Back in 2004 I was an unemployed security guard, $12,000 in debt, with no job, no money and nowhere to live.,The Internet allowed me to connect with millions

How far is Clearwater Beach from Orlando?

You've gotten your answer several times over, but I want to add some info about traffic. During rush hour, the bridge from I4 to St Pete/Clearwater can sometimes back up, so keep that in mind. Also, mind the Disney and theme park traffic that can be quite heavy at times.,If you are coming from ocoee/winter garden or something in that vicinity you m

How do you decorate a beige living room?

Beige is a neutral color so it is very easy to make things work around it. Beige can become what you want it to become. Use contrasting details with it.,Choose something i.e any accent chair or rug etc with eye-catching shade and make it attract all the attention. For example. The navy blue table does wonder to the space in the image shown below. N

How do you make confectionersu2019 sugar icing?

Place the amount of confectioners sugar you need in a bowl, then add,a little liquid(Water,fruit juice coffee or whatever) add the liquid gradually,until you have a workable paste, You can add flavouring and or colouring.,Finally spread the icing over your cake and wait for it to dry.

Is it better to buy a GoPro Hero 5 or an equally priced DSLR?

Both the cameras have different functionality , If you are more of a action enthusiast , Like going on trekking and scuba diving , Go pro is the best bet for you. But if you more of a traveler that Enjoy the stills while strolling through streets of Greece , then you should go with a DSLR.,The Hero 5 Black can take 12-megapixel stills, while the He

Do Italian restaurants prepare different type of pasta sauces (primarily marinara) then when a dish is ordered sauteed new oil with garlic before adding a serving ladles worth of sauce to it for the dish? Tyvm

Most do. Tomato based sauces are prepared in advance out of necessity. They keep well for several days with no degradation of flavor when properly refrigerated. I have worked in classic red sauce Italian American restaurants as well as a more upscale restaurant that served a variety of made in the pan sauces. Much of the work is done before service

How do I prepare financial statements of a company from an excel exported trial balance?

Having done this recently, the conceptual summary of the process is below. Your circumstances are individual so it can be simpler or much more complex, there is no way for me to know.,Make sure accounts are locked and will not change, as the trial balance becomes the foundation on which all the accounts are prepared.,Make sure that your trial balan

How do you convert Pesos to dollars?

None.,Now how many Philippine pesos could one purchase for one US dollar?,Well that depends on the exchange rate. Such rates often change by the second. At the moment, one could buy around 45u201350 pesos for one dollar. Of course money changing businesses take a commission that may vary depending on the amount exchanged. YMMV.

What is the worst thing youve ever spent money on?

Most of the things that would be the real answers to this questions are just too humiliating to recall, and certainly too humiliating to put out on Quora, so let's say that one of the milder ones was an enormous box of purchases from the Sunset House catalog. Now, most of you little grasshoppers are wayyyy too young to have heard of this (or, to be

What are some examples of desserts eaten by the people of Ancient Greece?

The ancient Greek word for dessert was u1f10u03c0u03b9u03c6u03bfu03c1u03aeu03bcu03b1u03c4u03b1 (epiphoru1e17mata). During the Classical Period (c. 510 u2013 c. 323 BC), the ancient Greeks do not seem to have eaten dessert very often at all. The ancient Greek historian Herodotos of Halikarnassos (lived c. 484 u2013 c. 425 BC) makes the following rem

What should be the rules of every marriage contract?

Both need legal counsel, no forcing nor tricking.Clear understanding of terms.,Both need to declare being of sound mind, not forced, no depression or stress or mental issue.,Clause that no action can modify the agreement, only a written amendement.,Clause that in the event of children, and any catastrophe, however unforseen, and however unthinkable

Which country is the most beautiful in this world?

I believe Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, because it was closed for international tourists for decades (it opened in 2019). This left many of its natural attractions pristine and untouched! Furthermore, the Saudi culture, history and food have not yet been discovered by international tourists.,This makes a trip to

What are BTSs star signs?

I put both the Greek and Chinese since I donu2019t know which one is being referenced in this question.,I used for the Chinese Zodiac figuring.,,Jin- December 4, 1992nGreek: Sagittarius nChinese: [Water] Monkey,Suga- March 9, 1993nGreek: PiscesnChinese: [Water] Rooster,J-Hope - February 18, 1994nGreek: Aquarius nChi

As a photographer, when is the best time to employ the Sunny 16 rule?

The sunny 16 rule is really more than one setting but several settings for sunny, overcast, mildly overcast, and heavily overcast. You can google the grid of f/stop settings for each of these with your camera set to manual.,Iu2019m not a purist and so I rarely follow it. I do set F/16 for bright sunlight. Most everything nowadays can be applied pos

Is the DJI Mavic Air 2 worth buying?

The Mavic Air seems a reasonably priced drone with a fairly good specification, though the Mavic Pro is a better drone with better optics - though also more expensive. Personally - I donu2019t think any drone is worth buying any more. The Nanny State has killed that hobby as far as Iu2019m concerned. Then, thereu2019s always the chance of losing it

Why is there not a single Indian university within the worlds top 100 index list?

1. Lies, Darn Lies and Rankings ;-)As soon as I saw that Iowa State University and Indiana Univerisity ranked way above any of the top Indian institutes, I was curious to see the methodology [1]. ,n,They ignore any institution that does not have enough undergraduates. That means institutions such as IIMs, ISB IISc and IISERs are out of contention.

What are some tropes in young adult fiction that should be avoided at all costs?

Black Best Friend - This character doesnu2019t necessarily have to be black (as they could also be of minority), but itu2019s called u201cblack best friendu201d primarily because black people are the main example of this trope. This is when a minority character serves as the closest companion to a white lead character in an effort to show diversity

Why did 21 countries refuse entry to Osho Rajneesh?

The US Government under Ronald Reagan put pressure on a lot of countries not to allow Osho entry during his world tour of 1986 .In mid November 1985 , Osho had been deported by the U.S. government and banned from reentering the U.S. for five years, and flew straight to Delhi, and after giving a press conference in the morning, he travelled up to Ku

What are the best surf spots in the world?

Waimeau2019s beautiful, the Gold Coast is paradise, Pipelineu2019s the dream. But, if you really want to see something amazing, itu2019s got to be Nazaru00e9.,Nazaru00e9 lies along Portugal's Silver Coast, about 75 miles north of the capital city of Lisbon. Once just a small fishing village, it has grown into a popular vacation spot, home to a beau

Which is a good portable battery charger for smartphones?

I would suggest you the Portable battery charger by Targus. It is a nice portable charger. I have used it for 3 months and it was good. nThe other options that you can go for is the one from Xiaomi. You can buy it online. nThanks for the A2A. If you have any doubts, leave it in the comments.

Is there any harm in having Maggi everyday?

I work in the food industry and I can tell you with complete confidence that it is extremely harmful to have Maggi Noodles everyday. However, this is not because Maggi Noodles contain wax or any other non-edible ingredients. No major food company would run afoul of regulations in such a way.,Having Maggi on a daily basis is a bad idea for the follo

Between UCD and Trinity College Dublin, which university should I choose? How do they compare by subject, student life and international opportunities?

Similar to my previous comparison I will try to make a conclusion on which university is better. Aman Ray's answer to Which is a better option, NUIG or UCC for a masteru2019s in data science, and why?Before starting I would like to add that both universities are very reputed in Ireland. In case you have admitted to either of the university you can

What is the experience of studying in Le Cordon Bleu like?

The experience was outstanding for me, especially If you are a foodie person, when there is chance to get to meet people whom have similar passion and discuss about food. The class atmosphere was filled up with food enthusiast, great chef, brilliant food test and the end of every classes. There are more than 50 plates which chef instructor would sh