Do you know any tips for freelancers here in the Philippines?

Iu2019m also a freelancer and Iu2019ll do my best to share some that I learned in 2 years of doing it after quitting my job. I agree with all the other(s) has/have answered so Iu2019m gonna just add a few which I believe is rarely known (I think) yet very specific and practical.,Work using Dropbox. This has been very useful for me since it helps me

Whats the deal with airplane food? Who makes it? Who designs the menu? What was the best airline meal you ever had? The worst? Why do we now have to pay for terrible food on most domestic U.S. carriers?

Most airlines dont make their own food, the use outside catering companies, British Airways use Gate Gourmet, Emirate use Do & Co and LSG Sky Chefs for Singapore, American, US Airways etc. Low cost carriers on short haul routes will not supply complimentary food to save money so you have to pay for it. More premium airlines will give food depending

What is the vision of all educational institutions in the Philippines and how can this vision be realized as cited in article 1 of the code of ethics of professional teachers?

You should probably ask people who are involved with u201callu201d educational institutions in the Philippines, rather than random persons on the internet.,I am particularly interested, though, in your final phrase referencing the u201ccode of ethics of professional teachers.u201d,Given the sheer amount of A2As I receive per day from students in te

Does spraying the roof of any flat roofed house deny entry to heat from the sun?

If u201csprayingu201d means spraying with water, the roof will stay cooler due to the evaporation of water. This effect was used in many pre- and post-WWII buildings built with dead level roof decks with roof drains that were elevated an inch or two and roofed with pitch and gravel roofs. These roofs received water from misting from water circulati

Is there a correlation between hair loss and thinning eyebrows?

If one or both eyebrows are thinning, it could be due to infection, skin conditions, hormonal changes, or an overactive immune system. Nutritional deficiencies, physical trauma, or emotional stress can also cause diminishing browsTrusted Source. By narrowing down the cause, you and your doctor can find the right treatment to help prevent, reverse,

How can something as beautiful as a butterfly or a hummingbird come about by accident?

This question has historical importance. It was the centerpiece of the Duke or Argyll u2018s argument against Darwin. He wrote a book about it and chose the Brazilian hummingbird as his best case of something that could not have come about by accident.,To revive 100 year old debates, that were presented more eloquently the farther back you go in ti

I saw myself driving a car in dreams, What may be its meaning?

I have been dreaming of driving cars almost every night for going on thirty years now, and have gone through all the books on dream interpretation I could find, only to conclude they cannot not help me identify any true meaning behind these dreams.,But I did learn one thing about my car dreams: When I have them, I snore.Itu2019s like my body gives

I have been getting dreams of getting reunited with my ex- bf. What does this mean?

It is your sub-conscious mind bring up your suppressed emotions..,Whole day you might be busy working, ignoring your exu2019s thoughts but by the end of the day, you cannot run from your own emotions..,You need to give time to mourn over your emotional loss, to heal yourself, it does not happen in one day, it takes time..,This dream means that you

Has anyone ever taken advantage of amazon return policy?

Disclaimer: The writer do not intend to promote such tactics for monetary benefits.,98 orders, 81 returned!!!!!(unbelievable right!! u2026..I know),It was 7 Jan 2017 , the first order I had placed on amazon for some electronics required for my college project. The items was delivered on time but many of them were faulty equipment( CT, arduino board

What are some tips to making your bedroom look nicer?

The bedroom is the most relaxing space in your home. It is the space that encompasses you into a cosy vibe and takes you away from the external worldu2019s humdrum. With that being said, here are some 2022 trends that will help upgrade your bedroom's aesthetics significantly.,Bedroom Color Trends For 2022 That Will Catch Your Eye:When talking of tr

Prime vs. zoom lens, when does one become more useful over the other?

Itu2019s hard to say. It depends so much on what youu2019re looking for. Letu2019s look at the pros and cons:,Zoom lenses:,Cover a range of focal lengths.,The only option for video in many cases.,Primes:,Smaller,Cheaper,Wider aperture (u201cfasteru201d).,Better image quality.

How much would it cost in todayu2019s money to build Buckingham Palace?

An outrageous sum. Even if you discount the huge site in the middle of London (the gardens alone are 40 acres) from the cost, the bill would be eye-watering. Partly, it is huge. Materially alone it would hugely expensive, with all that stone, marble and timber. And although the decoration is not at all to my taste - it is I am sure deliberately ove

What color should I paint my living room with grey furniture?

Yellow and Gray Living Room Color Scheme,Brighten a cool gray space by bringing in bright yellow accents. Start with a foundation of gray furniture and yellow accessories, then add navy blue accents for a dynamic decorating scheme. Limit the amount of sunny yellow you add to keep the scheme fresh and bold.

Are Jimmy Page and Robert Plant nice people?

In the late 80u2019s/early 90u2019s I met a friend who worked behind the bar in a pub near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England. As we drove to the pub he pointed out Robert Plantu2019s house (well, lots of gates and a very long drive). I sat drinking a few pints near the bar chatting to my mate as he worked. After about an hour somebody stood ne

What are the 12 zodiac signs and what do they mean?

Aries the Ram people born between March 21 April 19,Taurus the Bull April 20- May 20,Gemini the Twins May 21- June 20,Cancer the Crab June 21- July 22,Leo the Lion July 23- August 22,Virgo the Virgin August 23- September 22,Libra the Scales September 23- October 22,Scorpio the Scorpion October 23- November 21,Sagittarius the Centaur November 22- De

Which is the best mobile to buy in samsung?

Hello There,,Best one is the Note Series.,Then, comes the premium S series.,Then, comes the premium mid ranger A series.,And then, the budget and mid ranger M series.,Previously, there was a C series in between the S and A series, but Samsung stopped their C series.,Thanks.

What is the Philippines like?

Iu2019ll instead show you what my country is like:,Blessed with more than 7000 islands, we do have some nice beaches making it a popular tourist destination.,Cebu:,Surigao:,We eat often, typically 5 times a day (snacks in between lunch and dinner), with rice as our staple food. Palette is more on the sweet side (who would put sugar in spaghetti, ri

How do you find your user ID for the Navy Federal Credit Union?

Your user ID is more commonly known as your Access Number. This is the 7 digit number assigned to you when you opened your account. It can also be located in the top left of any statement (Savings, Checking, Credit Card, etc.). If you need additional assistance, their 24/7 Customer Service can be reached at 888-842-6328.

What are some tips & tricks I should know before going to an interview?

Never say a negative thing about your past in an interview nor lie about it.Here is an example of it,,Interviewer- Tell me about your parents.,Candidate- Sir my mother is working in xxxxxx and my father passed away when I was a child.,Interviewer- What happened to him?,Candidate- He was standing in a stage and the stage has collapsed.,Interviews- S

What is the importance of defining globalization?

The importance of defining globalisation makes you know the economic climate around you. To open your eyes and see that national economies are just a drop in the ocean but the world is interconnected. You understand the economy is larger than one country but capital and goods flow internationally.,This means knowing the definition enables you to fi

Do you have a picture of yourself doing something you love?

Umm..recently we renovated our hallu2019s wall. Itu2019s the lockdown period so ,my mom, my younger brother and I decided to paint our unpainted pale home walls.,Before.,Mid way !,Final outcome.,Eventually , itu2019s not completed yet as I have to mount few of the momu2019s painting over it. We got her old college time paintings framed (surprise fo

Where or how can I find a good but cheap airfares from Melbourne to Philippines?

Hi there, the number of direct flights from Melbourne straight to Manila is pretty much limited to Philippine Airlines(PAL). Keep following their website to check if they have any offers. Usually the route is busy, so the discounts are not available as often but they do have 2 big round of discounts in a year - first mostly likely in Feb & another

What piercing helps with headaches?

Daith piercing has recently grown in popularity as a potential treatment for migraines. This type of body piercing involves the piercing of the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. Proponents of ear stapling claim that the staples stimulate a pressure point that controls appetite, leading to weight loss. Small surgical staples are placed into the i

How do Scorpio and Gemini get on?

Scorpio and Gemini are promising at first. I am a Gemini and I have had Scorpio friends and boyfriends. Initially, I was attracted to their mysterious demeanor and they were drawn to my bubbly and sporadic personality, almost as if it was something they didnu2019t quite understand.,Intellectually, we will often have opposing views of that. The Scor