Why do men have affairs when their wives are pregnant?

Husbands who cheat on their own pregnant wife care more about their own sexual gratification than they care about anything else inside that marriage. Well that is how it is seen in the eyes of one who knows what u201dloveu201d should look like. If the relationship is not built on a foundation of real love, then I suspect anything goes.,On that note

What are some of the most unbelievable yet "true" pictures?

Just another day in life of Kevin Richardson.The unusual friendship Part IJust PUTIN notes.SHEEP-ampedeWell Sink-holes like these are real. Guatemala 2010.I donu2019t know how I just want to know why?The biggest force is with him.I canu2019t even do this on Paper.Ain't a ghost just a gymnast.Too much Height can be a menace too.Talk about coordinati

What are the best settings for picture control in the Nikon D7200?

I use u201cStandardu201d with sharpening set to 7 for pretty much all of my shooting. I shoot exclusively in RAW (NEF) and therefore if needed picture control settings can be easily changed later in software during my RAW conversion.,If you decide you want to create your own favorite picture control setting I suggest you shoot a number of test pict

What are the best retirement speeches by a sportsperson?

Rahul Dravid's retirement from test cricket on March 9, 2012,nTranscript :n'I have never stopped trying'Signing off in the same way he has played the game - with dignity and disciplinen"I would like to announce my retirement from international and domestic first-class cricket. It is 16 years since I played my first Test match for India and today I

Can you share a photo of your house and the reason why you love it?

We live at our agricultural farm surrounded by Neem trees..,There are around 60 trees of Cordia dichotoma .Moreover we have water storage tank cum swimming pool -,We have a beautiful garden to enjoy evenings in the summer and afternoon in the winter-,Artificial nests for birds .,My nephew ,niece and neighbourhood kids-,Amidst all the uncertainties

I have 4 teenage daughters (and three preteen sons). My daughters all share a room and have for their whole lives but lately theyve been complaining about it. What do I tell them? (I cant afford to move houses right now.)

I agree with the answer that you should just be honest about the financial situation, but I have a couple of suggestions in the meantime as well. My daughter has 2 toddlers & her boyfriend has a toddler as well. My grandkids are a girl & a boy with a new girl on the way, & the step son is a boy. My daughter owns a decent sized trailer that had 2 sm

What are some business plan examples for flipping houses?

The term flipping refers to purchasing an asset, holding it for a short time, doing some re-innovation on it, and selling it for profit. Are you thinking of starting a real estate flipping house business? Well, the business is extremely profitable provided that you manage it properly.,Source: Google ImagesAll you need to do to set up this business

Why does Lebanon let Hezbollah operate? Do they have common interests?

You speak as though they are separate entities: Hezbollah is one of the main political parties in Lebanon. That's almost like asking "why does America let the Democratic Party operate?",Now, here's the difference, Hezbollah has a major military force. It is unlikely that the US government would allow the Democratic Party to maintain an independent

What is it like to live in Barcelona?

Currently, I am living in Barcelona for the month. I plan to return in the future.,Technology and startups: Barcelona has a great expat scene, where people are incredibly friendly and laid back. As this article states (Barcelona: Not the Next Silicon Valley), Barcelona attracts more of the lifestyle entrepreneur. I find that while you may find bett

Which are the best graphic designing tools in 2022?

11 Best Graphic Design Software of 2022 (Free and Paid)Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop is synonymous with photo editing for graphic designers. It is one of the most popular photo editing software tools in the market in a robust package that offers excellent graphic design capabilities.,Pros:,It offers a complimentary mobile application,Its slick use

Which is the least populated country in the world?

A2A. It depends what you call a country.,The least populated political entity in the world is Pitcairn island, but it is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, the only one it retains in the Pacific Ocean. It has about 50 inhabitants, belonging to 9 families. All are descenders of the mutinees of the Bounty in 1790, and they were still 250 in

Is QuickBooks online better than the QuickBooks desktop?

Ever since the online version of the popular QuickBooks was introduced in 2000, business owners have grappled with one question: Which version is right for me?,Early adopters (i.e. people who have been using QuickBooks Desktop since the 1990s) wonder if they should switch while individuals who are new to QuickBooks are often unsure which version th

Why H1B transfers are getting rejected of late?

The regulations are being tightened by USCIS but most of it is legitimate. Either a RFE is issued or an out right denial, if documentation is not in order. Its not only H1-B transfers, but job descriptions, qualifications, worksites and pay scales are being questioned. Here are the top reasons -,Specialty Occupation: This meant that the job involve

Is shrimp and broccoli healthy?

It depends on your unique body.,All food is chemical information. Cooking changes the chemistry of food. Marinating changes the chemistry of food.,I recommend using muscle-testing (kinesiology) to determine if they are healthy for your body. Be sure to test both ways- raw and cooked (or marinated- shrimp is often used in ceviche).

Why is the Philippines still richer and look a lot more modern than Vietnam?

Because many Filipinos love to dig out photos of Vietnam like this:,They then proceed to compare it with photos of their cities like this:,Then conclude that their country looks richer and more developed. But the reality is much more complicated.,You see, each tiny white blob you see in the Vietnam photo is a private property. Something that looks

I saw myself driving a car in dreams, What may be its meaning?

I have been dreaming of driving cars almost every night for going on thirty years now, and have gone through all the books on dream interpretation I could find, only to conclude they cannot not help me identify any true meaning behind these dreams.,But I did learn one thing about my car dreams: When I have them, I snore.Itu2019s like my body gives

What exactly is Shutterfly photo book?

A Shutterfly photo book is a customized book made from photos, personalized text, graphics, and backgrounds. It is printed on a modern digital press, and bound with a hard or soft cover. Book sizes at Shutterfly range from 6x6 inches to 11x14 inches. Most Shutterfly photo books are printed on HP Indigo digital presses, which use liquid electrophoto

What are some good habits to follow?

When I was young, I set out some lofty goals for myself including becoming a VP at the age of 30, building a company, creating a product from scratch and being in incredible shape (I wanted to be like Tony Horton).,I hit a few of those goals and missed on a lot of them. Why?,I forgot to create the daily habits that would get me there. ,Looking back

Why doesnt Google Maps provide HD view, 3D view, and Street View in India?

You can see from here where the street view is available till now: Where is Street View (even for India). It started from Bangalore but was stopped soon due to security concerns: Google Street View halts in India . ,It does exists for following Indian universities:n,Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad : Google MapsNIIT Warangal: G

What is the best smartphone to date?

The best smartphone is, Motorola droid turbo. It houses a powerful snapdragon 805 Chipset with four 2.7Ghz monsters, with the 3Gb of RAM. It has a sharp Quad HD display (2K resolution !) with around 550 pixels per inch pixel density. 21 Megapixel back camera is capable of recording 4K . There are many phones out there with such similar specificatio