When baking, what can you substitute for butter?

It really depends on what you're baking, but I tend to use Crisco as a substitute. In cookies, I often use half Crisco half butter.,The key to any fat replacement is to find one with a similar melting point. This is important because baking is so technical. If the melting point of the new fat is too low, the baked good will be at risk of spreading

Why is my chicken always tough and stringy when I bake it in the oven?

Chicken is easily overcooked, especially skinless boneless chicken breasts. Itu2019s not as big a problem with dark meat or a whole chicken.,Use a thermometer. Stop cooking breasts at 160F and rest them afterward. The temperature will rise some just resting. A final internal temperature of 165F is the target.,Skin-on, bone-in chicken is more forgiv

What do you use to track your household budget?

Iu2019ve only recently (few months) started with this FREE app but I swear by it now for my business! Iu2019m using it now for my PERSONAL FAMILY BUDGET this year! MY OH MY,Every receipt I get (i.e. restaurant, bookstore, online pdf etc), I snapshot it on the spot within the phone app, it automatically recognizes the name/amount/date on the receipt

What device is best for recording videos?

Iu2019ve been a producer & writer for television and radio. Iu2019ve also recorded training videos, eLearning and more. My biggest advice is to plan, write, edit, and plan some more. If you arenu2019t familiar with the process, do test shots. Set up your scene, then try it a different way, set up your script and memorize as much of it as possible.

How is the life in Gold Coast, Australia?

Great!,It's a pretty good city to live in.,I grew up here and I love the weather, the beaches, and the simplicity of how the city is built with mostly straight roads and not many hills.,It's fantastic for students, the wealthy, business owners, or retirees but for some of the other people there isn't as many job opportunities like the bigger cities

Will China hold its position as the 2nd biggest economy?

No! China will NOT hold itu2019s No. 2 position!,China will surpass the USA and the US will be relegated to No.2 while China will be No. 1.,Heu2019s why.,Top 20 Country Total Patent (Invention) History (1980-2017) (Top 20 Country Total Patent (Invention) History (1980-2017)) - Patent Applications. The nation with the most patents will become the te

What is the difference between vitrified, double charged and digital floor tiles?

All ceramic tiles are made of clay. A ceramic tiles undergoes vitrification process to become a vitrified tile. A vitrified tile has a more smoother surface than a ceramic tile & the water absorption levels are way too less (<0.05%) compared to normal ceramic tiles.,Vitrified tiles are further classified into:,Single charged tiles (Soluble salt)

What are the solutions to the problems that the airline industry face?

The most prevalent trend in aviation recently has been the move from u201chub-and-spokeu201d to u201cpoint to pointu201d network configurations. This has been abetted by the introduction of long range, and highly efficient planes like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the 737 MAX/ A320 NEO.,From an industry perspective, moving to the u201cpoint to poin

Where are the best places in North America to view the Northern Lights?

It depends how you want to see them - you can see the northern lights from Reykjavik a lot of the time, faint because of the (admittedly minimal)light pollution - and you can certainly see them occasionally if you are in the Blue Lagoon. So in that respect any company or airline that will take you to Reykjavik will do. If you want to go into the in

Are there any national parks in the Philippines?

Yes.,There are several national parks in the Philippines. And, these national parks are under the list of the protected areas in the country administered by the Philippine Department of Environmental and Natural Resources.,Here are some of the national parks in the Philippines which are my personal favorites.,Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Nati

Why didnt Titanic just reverse its engine when it saw the iceberg?

Itu2019s been a long standing pet peeve of mine when I see documentary films showing 1st Officer Murdoch throwing Titanicu2019s engines into reverse by ringing it on the bridgeu2019s telegraphs. (Not to be confused with Marconiu2019s Telegraph machine used to send and receive wireless messages.) This is what I am referring to:,Even James Cameronu20

What is the best laptop cooling pad?

Manufacturers are upgrading laptops every day. New features are being developed and integrated with these laptops. Moreover, at times, it is also seen that while the push is being made, some things get distorted.,Heating is a common issue for laptops with higher-level GPU. For such scenarios, you bought to have the best laptop cooling pad to absorb

Which is the best photo editing app for Android and iPhone?

Here is the best image editing apps in 2021,Whether you are a casual photographer or a professional, the best photo editing apps can take your photos well beyond what your smartphone can do. Whether you want the perfect selfie, a picture of your cat, some meal you're about to eat or a hilarious gif, one of these apps can really make it pop.,The bes

What is something rich people buy that poor people know nothing about?

If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, please comment below. While itu2019s probably the best of such lists anywhere on the web, there must be items missing.,Look for updates. I will be reaching to high net worth friends and a few people with close friends who are billionaires.,Watch winders - Expensive mechanical watches (Rolex, P

Which Indian bank has the best online corporate banking site for current accounts?

To answer my own question, ICICI Bank gets a thumbs down. I signed up with them for my startup and regret it. I've visited the branch a dozen times in the past month to get things going, but the latest road blocker is just ridiculous:,To transfer money to an account in any bank across India, I can add a payee online, confirm via the SMS code, and p

Which country uses the most oil per day?

No. Even though the US currently produced more oil than any other individual country in the world, it is not producing more than all of OPEC, which consists of a dozen or so countries that each produce a lot of oil. Here is a list of the current (2022) top oil producers in terms of barrels per day..,United States - 11,567,000,Russia - 10,503,000,Sa

Which country has the highest population of muslims?

Hereu2019s a map of Muslim-majority countries:,No idea why Bosnia & Herzegovina isnu2019t painted on the map.And hereu2019s a map of the religious composition of the Middle East for example:,The majority of Muslims are Sunnis, followed by Shias and Ibadis (Oman).

Can you use linguine with spaghetti bolognese?

You can do what you like but linguine is not the best option. Hand made fettuccine or pappardelle are better. Also rigatoni are goor or fusilli. Yuo have to consider that an heavvy sauce goes with pasta with a corpse. Linguini are good with vongole or with telline.

My neighbor signed a driveway agreement with the previous owner of my home to use my driveway, but the agreement doesnt have my property listed in the property description. The description only includes his own lot. Is the agreement still valid?

An agreement between two individuals is only binding upon those two individuals. In order for such an agreement for shared use to be binding upon future owners of the property, an easement would have to be recorded and it would run with the deed, not with whoever happens to own the property at the time. So, check the deed. If thereu2019s nothing re

Which are some of the best places to visit?

HEREu2019S THE LIST OF THE TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN INDIATaj Mahal, AgraYour India travel guide cannot start from anywhere else than One of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal, the love of his life and his wife. It has since then been the symbol of the epitome o

Which is the longest English Name in history?

What is thought to be the longest English name in the world?,Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahul is the longest name of a place,link Longest word in English - WikipediaThe longest name of an individual person is as per the link provided. It is too long to be reproduyced here (746 letters) :)

How do I do technical analysis of stocks of share market?

Hereu2019s a primer below on Technical Analysis.,n,Technical analysis in laymanu2019s terms is when you look at a chart, add some lines and calculations to it and try to project the future direction of the price, it is what retail brokers are promoting in their marketing techniques. It assumes that all you need for the future is historical data. Am

Whats the maximum carbs on ketogenic diet?

A person on the keto diet should limit their carb intake to up to 50 g a day. A person generally replaces high carb foods with fatty foods, such as eggs, dairy products, and fresh meat and fish. Wheat products and some fruits, vegetables, beans, and legumes can be high in carbs, so checking food labels is key. According to a 2018 review of the diff

How does Apple take stunning photos for its iPhone advertisements?

Itu2019s often said that the best camera is the one that you have with you, and that is why the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. Iu2019m one of the only people I know that still takes more photos with my u201cbigu201d camera than with my iPhone. However, to take a stunning photo a variety of factors come into play. The camera you use

What are some common mistakes made when designing a floor plan for a house?

Here are a few that I see oftenu2026,Closet Cramps - Walk-in closets that are not correctly dimensioned or laid out give me a specific peeve. In many plans, I see a corner in a closet crossed with a hanging rod in two directions. You cannot use the corner where they meet, and since you need two feet of depth to hang clothes, that 4 square foot area

What would military conscription be like if it was adopted in the US?

The mechanism for resuming military conscription ("the draft") already is in place, but it's outdated and doesn't reflect a lot of societal changes that have taken place over the last twenty years or so. At the same time, it's clearly been given some attention in recent years in terms of its "fairness," which strikes me as kind of bizarre when the