How do you pay for your travel?

My wife and I are the envy of all our neighbors, telling exciting tales from our travels all over the world. Weu2019ve been to nearly 80 countries, with a goal of at least 100. Iu2019ve been to all 7 continents and my wife has been to 6 of the 7. Iu2019ve only met one person with more extensive travels, the great Alan Hogenauer.,There are two key f

Which country is the most populated in 2020?

Itu2019s still China for right now. However, in a few years, theyu2019ll be overtaken by India. Chinau2019s population is already leveling off and set to decline. Indiau2019s is still growing at a somewhat steady pace. Although its rate of growth is declining, itu2019s still growing faster than China. India still has fertility rates above replaceme

Do owls make good pets?

Repeat after me. Harry Potter is a fantasy. Harry Potter is a fantasy. Harry Potter is a fantasy.,If you live in the US, you cannot have an owl as a pet. Owls are protected under the Federal Law that forbids you from having so much as a single feather from a Native North American wild bird (unless you are a carded Native American or a Falconer). An

What is the importance of social media in e-marketing?

It is VERY important. For a few reasons:,In b2c industries, social media is a given. People expect businesses of certain level to have presence on at least one social media. Having a big social media following can give your business credibility and improve its role as a player in the competitive landscape,Social media is a great way to connect with

What is the best statistics software?

There is no one u201cbestu201d. Each has advantages and disadvantages.,I have extensive experience with SAS and R. So, of those two:,SAS has much better documentation, better error messages, great tech support, easier output to Word and Excel, easier integration with Office in general, is better able to deal with huge data and has routines that are

How do I add lyrics to Google Play music?

Google Now on Tap, the search engine's contextual tool for Android, hides some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve. But perhaps none is so handy to music lovers as this option, spotted by an Android Police reader: Now on Tap can serve up song lyrics directly from music apps with just a few on-screen taps. Google's Knowledge Graph system can already fi

What screams "I cant cook even if my life depended on it!"?

Traditional marriage here. As the wife I did the cooking, kept the hubby fed, raised 2 healthy kids. Then I had a stroke a few years ago. Couldnu2019t cook. Had to teach hubby. Oh lord!,Had u201cmeatloafu201d one fine evening.,u201cUmmm, honey, how did you make this?u201d,u201cOh I put a pound of ground beef in the pan and baked it for 45 minutesu2

What are some myths about the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War Facts, Stats and MythsInformation presented by SFC (Ret) David Hack. Hack volunteered for service in Vietnam in 1968, joining the 1st Infantry Division. He served as a sergeant with the Big Red One in Lai Khe, Vietnam. Hack received the Purple Heart for major combat injuries, and spent the rest of his military career as a recruiter for

What is the best software for designing a tiny house floor plan? I am interested in one that has preset trailer sizes and wall heights and can put a loft at different heights.

Dear,,Do you know there is so many Nicheu2026.,Yet rather niche markets which could be made money after more niche research (a lot more on that particular listed below).,(A) DIY Niche IdeasAgriculture,Auto Repair At Home,Bad Boy Mowers,Barn Plans,Basketball Practice Plans,Bird House Plans,Blowtorch Guides,Boat Plans,Bow Mount Trolling Motor,Build A

What color makes you anxious?

You may be susceptible to low light levels as in SAD or seasonal affective disorder. The white paint would have reflected light around your room better, but replacing it with pink at this time of year (autumn) has probably lowered the light dramatically thus activating your anxiety. Pink has red in it and it will absorb more light, so you have a co

Why do Rockstar Games release so few games nowadays compared to in the past?

I was just playing Red Dead Redemption 2 before I saw this question. How funny.,As I play the game again though I am reminded why Rockstar takes so long to make a game.,I mean look at it,The game is breathtaking. None of these photos of the game are from cutscenes or trailers- this is all actual in-game footage.,Thatu2019s just the visuals. The res

What fruits and vegetables are keto friendly?

Vegetables:,Eggplant,Asparagus,Broccoli,Cauliflower,Spinach,Green Beans,Cucumber,Bell peppers,Kale,Zucchini,Celery,Brussels sprouts,Fruit:You must avoid the majority of fruit except for lemons, limes, tomatoes, and small portions of berries.

So I want to try writing a novel. Itu2019s plot is basically just the shenanigans a group of friends get up to, slice of life, is what I think itu2019s called. Iu2019m writing this for fun, but I donu2019t want it to be sloppily written, so any tips?

A novel has at least one problem that the main character or characters take the entire book to solve.,In Anne of Green Gables Anne's major problem is to be accepted and even respected by a small parochial community. She is an orphan and an outsider (She was not born in Prince Edward Island and, unlike Sarah Stanley in The Story Girl, her mother was

What is it like living in Cebu City as an American expat?

To best feel howu2019s like living in Cebu City go see the YouTube streaming on Cebuu2019s streets by Chris the road street guy. Heu2019s an expat living with a Filipino wife and one kid whou2019s studying in Cebu City school. He stream almost daily at around 5pm to 6 pm Pacific Standard Time and that will be around 9am to 10am Philippine time. We

What is the greatest American dessert?

What a great question! American cuisine has often been derided by those who come from more advanced culinary traditions, but dessertsu2014like breakfastsu2014are areas where really good food shines. Bear in mind, quality can vary considerably, but here are some ideas:,Ice cream. Especially from specialty creameries, outstanding ice cream may be fou

What are the job options for a female in cruises or ships?

Well the best option will be to go out of the country as India has very little cruise business (but has business in cruise). nOpportunities are same for male and female and are also same as what you will find in hotel industry as hotel and cruise both are hospitality business.nOpportunity like chef, butler, receptionist, house keeping, waiter, even

What are the most popular artificial intelligence articles?

Here are my top 5 (or one of "top 5" lists I feel comfortable standing behind). It's not necessarily the papers themselves that are popular, but rather their content:, - the seminal paper by Alan Turing, where the idea of the Turing Test was first proposed.,Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence

Which is the most scenic railway ride in the world?

Konkan Railway in Indian,n,nStats:-nLength: 762 KmnNumber of major bridges: 179(with total linear water way of 21.50 Kms)nNumber of minor bridges: 1819(linear water-way of 5.73 Kms)nNumber of tunnels: 92(total length 83.60 Kms)nLongest tunnel: 6.5 Km.( Karbude tunnel)nTallest Viaduct: 64 meters in height (Panval viaduct)nLongest Bridge: 2065.8 m. (


God gives all his creations free WILL. Some will try to take that from you. God creator of all made a way for us to take our free will back through him. Or you can choose free doom= freedom. God does not FORCE his children into their decisions. The Devil will try to do just that.

What historical events were considered much more major 800 years ago, compared to today?

800 years ago, huh?,So we are now in the Anno Domini 1217 (MCCXVII), year 6726 since the creation of the world, Hijri year 614, the year 3550 since the hero Dangun founded Koreau2026 In fact, most countries have their own calendars in 13th century, unlike 800 years later when everyone, even Muslims, would have to use the era based on the presumed d

Is the Samsung Note 20 a good upgrade from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro?

Poco M2 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro: Is there anything different?,The new Poco M2 Pro has a lot of similarities with Xiaomi's Redmi Note 9 Pro that went official in the country earlier this year. Today we will be taking a look at how the new Poco M2 Pro compares with the Redmi Note 9 Pro in terms of specifications.,Poco M2 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro compa

If a catalyst lowers activation energy by equal amounts for both the forward and reverse reaction, shouldnt the equilibrium be changed as according to the Maxwell curve, the ratio of particle with enough activation would be different?

The catalyst lower the activation of both the forward and reverse reaction. Because these two activation energies will not be equal (generally), the equal drop in value is a greater fractional drop for on than the other. This will affect the Boltzman Factor (fraction with sufficient energy), affect the rates of the two reactions differently and so