What small things do noobs ignore but actually matter to win in PUBG Mobile?

My I'd is assasinsara and I played in Asian and middle east server,pubg been an great stressbuster for me,Noobs ignore these things,1.Not applying the intuition- whenever Noobs gets closer to any house and building the very first thing they do is straightly getting inside the house and than getting killed.The very first thing they overlook is the p

What website is a good source of financial information about private companies?

Nowadays business data is changing faster than it did a some years ago. Therefore I suggest to get constantly updated sources (cloud-based software) which permanently refresh holded information, thus youu2019ll benefit from high-quality info.,From my standpoint, the most reliable providers of firmsu2019 financial info are Global Database and Refini

How many wives did Zeus have?

He had two. First was a nymph, Metis, who was going to have a son prophesied to overthrow Zeus, so he drank her; that's how Athena was born. His other wife was Hera. However, he had too many affairs to count and was basically the worst husband ever. The Greek pantheon is very dysfunctional.

Interior Design: Which is the best way to decorate your home?

It depends on the house!,At the moment, I am living in Italy, in a city called Turin, in my family house, which is a most classic villa of 1.000 sq mt, tucked in a residential area among the hills of the city. The property is surrounded by a 5.000 sq mt park.,As you can see, it is a very classic interior. My personal tastes are quite more modern th

Can you suggest me some budget video editing laptops?

When you are gonna buy laptops for editing. 3 major things need to be kept in mind,Memory ie) Hard drive. If you are editing 4k videos you need a lot of space.Speed ie) RAM. It should be higher to create, open, render and lot more need to be faster.Resolution ie) Graphics card,for better quality pictures.So I list the laptops which is best to buy,,

Where can I get knowledge about DSLR camera lenses?

There are several areas you could look at for knowledge on cameras and lenses.,Here is what will help you.,Photography magazines. You can buy these in or a shop/newsagent or go on line. Both Canon and Nikon do their own magazine. So, if you are a Nikon user you can buy the Nikon magazine and every month can learn about Nikon cameras and lenses. The

Where can I find cheap gaming monitors?

Any monitor with a low "input lag" will be perfect for games. ,If your willing to spend a bit more I would suggest a 144hz monitor for gaming. You can really feel the difference!

Why is Laurie Baker called u2018the conscience keeper of Indian architectureu2019?

1.Laurie Baker was a British born Indian architect.Influenced by Gandhi.,2.He emphasised on building cost conscious and sustainable architectural structures.,3.Low cost,high quality and beauty were hallmark of his work.,4.He built houses for lower and lower middle class clients.,5.His architectural style includes,A.curved walls to enclose more volu

What kind of data do you mostly collect in a qualitative research?

.What kind of data do you mostly collect in a qualitative research?One mostly collects Non-Numerical Data. The origins of qualitative research as a more widely used and accepted methodology begins from Lincoln & Cuba's work Naturalistic Inquiry (1985) and emphasized the importance of systematic observation of human behavior. This technique has been

What book is the best book to read about innovation?

The Complete Works of Shakespeare - read the book in chronological order and watch Shakespeare take literary innovation to new places. Its effect on our understanding of our language and human nature cannot be overstated.

Who are you beyond Quora?

Beyond quora?,A 17-year-old simple girl. (Will enjoy my eighteenth on the next day of JEE ADVANCE ud83dude02),A girl who can be ready to take a photograph anywhere xD.,A Jee aspirant.,( All books, class notes, modules,etc.),A girl who can talk sarcastically which many people don't like. ( It's their choice XD).,A girl with good academic scores (At

What is the silliest reason you cried while pregnant?

It happened during my third trimester. My husband always brought some Indian delicacies on Friday while I was pregnant. I never thanked him or praised him for bringing so many food items that too without me asking. On one Friday he didn't bring any, because he cudnt travel, he had more work. And traffic in our city was pathetic(he had to go to oppo

Who are some of the IIT alumni who have really made a mark in the world?

Raghuram Rajan n,nAchievements: n,Governor of RBI,Professor of Finance at Booth School of Business, University of Chicago,Visiting professor for the World Bankn,Visiting professor for the US Federal Reserve Boardn,Visiting professor for Swedish Parliamentary Commissionn,President of the American Finance Associationn,Chief economist of the Internati

What are the best snorkeling spots in Belize?

The Philippines, another famous destination because of its pristine beaches and islands, also have tropical beach resorts near Manila and in island destinations like Cebu and Siargao that have striking resemblance to those found in Bali.,Compared to Bali, the Philippines has a lot more options for a peaceful trip to the beach. Here you can find man

At what age did you lose your virginity and why?

I was in 7th grade, not yet 13. I was sexually mature around 11. I had played around before this with a couple girls but the first time I count is actual intercourse.,It was towards the end of the school year, spring and I remember the sun being out. It was warmer than usual in Puyallup Washington.,I had detention, so I left Kallas Jr High school l

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)? Is it scientific? Is it an estimation only?

Body mass index (BMI) is an assessment of body fat by calculating your height and weight. It doesnu2019t measure body fat directly, but it uses an equation to make an approximation. BMI can help to find out if a person is at an unhealthy or healthy weight. BMI shows the link between your height and weight as a single number that is not dependent on

What is your experience of Wooden Street?

My experience with WoodenStreet was great. Great, in terms of everything! And, here I am sharing the experience which went like this:,I was searching for a shoe rack for so long. So I browsed on Pinterest to find some of the great designs and there I found pictures of amazing shoe racks. Surprisingly, it was WoodenStreet! At first, because of a bit

Whats the most surprising thing you learned about your mother?

Those of you who read my family stories will be quite surprised of this one.,I just wrote the story of my older twin sisters and I cleaning out our garage as Mom wanted to take unused items to the Salvation Army. At the end of the story I stated that the twins found something in a box, opened it and looked inside. They were quite surprised, well st

What is the need of measuring central tendency in statistics?

Hi Greg,,Like to tell you I know ,but I don't , so I'll pass hopefully someone can help you, my guess would be that it is used as a medium to determine how things or people will react to certain situations, either way I'm guessing, be well, my friend,( Everything real is given and received in silence. ) Meher Baba

Does New Zealand belong to the Australian continent?

Yes! That is why they are the same colour on a political map. They also have exactly the same accent and drive on the same side of the road. They are right next to each other, hence they are the same country.,Australia has the same flag and even has the same head of state as New Zealand. Both Australia and New Zealand share sports and are involved

What are the new house colors for 2021?

Thanks for the A2A Adam. I was thinking you meant exterior siding and trim u201chouseu201d colors. But Deb went in the other direction of interior design colors, so Iu2019ll answer both.,For Exterior House colors, this varies a bit by area and home style. If it is a moderately priced home in a traditional style, often the color is supplied via a pr