How can I make a wrapping paper to sell using my own designs?

u201cDesigning gift wrap can be done at home. Selling gift wrap can be more difficult. To become a full time designer of gift wrap takes a business plan and the confidence to create your own business. With the right designs and determination, you may get your wrap into stores.u201d,u201cFind a niche. Study gift wrap sold in grocery stores, retailer

Whatu2019s the best thing on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings?

I go there for the wings. Here are some of my favorite sauces: Blazin (the spiciest they offer), Asian Zing, Spicy Garlic, and sweet BBQ (FYI I am picky about BBQ and rarely like it so the fact that I like it at Buffalo Wild Wings should say that it is a good one).

What are some applications of infrared thermometer in various fields?

In a field of corn, you can use it to check the corn temperature and the ground temperature.,In a field of rice, you can check the water temperature also - Infrared thermometers are great for checking water temperatures.,In a baseball field, I suppose you could see how warm the baseball is. Maybe one side favors strikes or something - you might dis

What is it like to be a broke student at Stanford?

I was accepted to Stanford on a full scholarship as a transfer student from a California Community College at the age of 28. My husband was very sick at the time and couldn't work, so we made do on food stamps and AFDC. I worked as much as I could (under the table) to keep a roof over our heads and pay for his medical bills, going so far as to take

How is hostel life at IIT BHU?

u201cI have to beg to sleepu201du2026..This is my first anonymous answer on quora.Currently i am in 1st year at IIT BHU, and the 1st yearites are assigned Aryabhatta hostels.The campus life,college life,mess all are just amazing. But when it comes to hostel,the tables turn down.,I didnu2019t get a good rank in jee 2019 ,and obviously i was heartbro

What is the best app for a wedding planner?

I guess it would be reasonable to introduce tools for implementing electronic signatures into your workflow - this would streamline the process of onboarding new customers, sending offers and signing contracts.nSignaturely gives you quite easy to use tools to get documents out fast and signatures in, faster by removing unnecessary steps.,It also pr

What is it like to live in ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Albuquerque, NM", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 18935, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicAlbuquerque-NM"}}}, {"text": "?

Having grown up in Albuquerque, then lived in Vegas for 22 years, and having travelled the U.S. a fair amount, Iu2019m tuned-in to the +/- of New Mexico and Albuquerque in particular.n nAlbuquerque possesses many attributes for living here, and these traits are baked into the culture, for example:,Albuquerqueu2026,u2026has a vibrant arts and cultur

Are two Aquarius compatible?

From the point of Astrology, if Aquarius is the moon sign then there is possibility of compatibility between the two, depending upon the asterism on which moon is posited. Dhanistha, Satabhisa,Purba bhadrapada are three constellations in Aquarius and their Lord's are Mars, Rahu and Jupiter. Same stars repel compatibility whereas Mars Jupiter are co

What does an influencer business model canvas look like?

This should be a discussion, not an answer, but Iu2019ll try to respond.,I will first presume you see the influencer as being a target customer segment. If so, then you need a value proposition for them. Influencers sell their u201creputation, reach, network, brand, etcu201d. What is it you do that would be important to them? What is your u201cprod

Why should I choose physics over computer science?

There are some very good reasons to do so.,The most important one is that physics is rigorous no matter what school you go to. It's not possible to dumb down a quantum mechanics class and still learn it because everyone uses the same books, and physics professors will be the last to leave out material in that way (the number of jobs in academic phy

When data are categorized, whats the most appropriate measure of central tendency?

It depends. ,If the data are caegorized and have no order, then there is no measure of central tendency as there is no center. What is the center of "Blonde, brown, red, white, black, bald"?,If the data are categorized but ordered, then the mode makes sense.,If the data are grouped continuous data (e.g. Income < $10,000, $10,000 - $19,000 etc) t

Which is the best paint for the cement roof sheet for cooling in Mumbai?

On the basis of your budget,you can choose a variety of paints for heat reduction,Paints under low budget,You can use ,janathacem,white cement,white cement primer,white emulsion,Paints under medium and higher budget,Different heat guards of all major paint companies in India like ici,Asian,pidilite,Nippon etc

What is the strangest thing youve found inside of a wall in a home?

My landlord. Yes, you read that correctly.,When I was in my early 20u2019s I rented one side of a duplex. The duplex was once u201cone homeu201d built in the early 1920u2019s, that had been divided on the ground floor. The side I rented was a small one bedroom unit. My landlord, was the owner of the house. I was a young and pretty blonde and he was

How do I file for a divorce in CA? My wife is a Filipino and I do not like to migrate in the US (Im also a Filipino, Green Card holderpermanent resident in America). We got married in Philippines in 1982 and was living separately since 2004.

What you said didnu2019t make sense to me. You are in Philippines, living separated from your wife since 2004. Unless you left the US within the past year, you have already forfeited your green card/US permanent residency. Also you did not say anything about your wifeu2019s residency situation. Unless you and your soon to be ex wife have registered

If a tomato is a fruit, then why is it always tossed with vegetables as a type of food?

Because u201cfruitu201d and u201cvegetableu201d arenu2019t just two different things, theyu2019re terms from two entirely different fields of study.,A fruit is a botanical term for a seed vault with enhanced nutritional value so animals will spread the seed far and wide. Itu2019s how plants colonize new areas. Here are some examples of fruits:,Pepp

Under which conditions will cyclic photophosphorylation take place?

Cyclic photophosphorylation take place under conditions which exclude non-cyclic photophosphorylation,The situation is created if the activity of pigment system II blocked .This will be accomplished by the use of specific inhibitors or by using wavelength of light greater than 680mu.,Under this conditions,(i) only pigment system- I remains active,i

How do we write a grant for a concept paper?

The first sentences are important. Capture their interest; engage them to continue reading the rest of your concept paper. Purpose In simple terms, state the problem that your project will address or the need that your project will fulfill. Provide evidence as to why this problem is important.,WRITING A CONCEPT PAPER FOR A GRANTWRITING A CONCEPT PA

Which color is best to paint your bedroomstudy space (both in one room)?

The color(s) you choose depends somewhat on the kind of work you do. Since it connects to your sleeping space, it creates a bit of a challenge as you've pointed out. I didn't see photos posted but my first instincts would be to paint the bedroom in a very soft sea foam green, maybe like Sherwin Williams #6211 Rainwashed or #6463 Breaktime. Then, pa

What are some of the most annoying Wattpad cliches?

I wake up to the sounds of my aesthetic navy star print alarm clock, groaning aesthetically and watching the aesthetic clouds go by in an aesthetic way.I get out of bed, my hair a raven black with hints of sapphire blue. My orbs flash in the light of the crimson sun that has begun to rise aesthetically, and I take a photo of it for my 1000 follower

How do I fry chicken wings with flour?

Not sure what your question is getting at - you put flour on the wings and fry them.,Now there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Make sure your pot is big enough so that the oil wonu2019t boil over when you put the wings in.,Youu2019ll want to season the wings with at least salt and pepper. Thereu2019s no shortage of recipes for rubs and sauce

What are some prayers for protection against evil spirits?

Pray for a hedge of protection around your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. Then say u201c"I will say of the Lord you are my fortress and my refuge, my God in whom I will trust.u201d Taken from Psalm 91. If anything try to memorize Psalm 91 and recite it daily. Best of luck to you my friend. Regardless God is in control and He protects His child

How do I make the best of the Argentine Peso -> USD exchange rate discrepancy?

There's a few ways you can do this.,One option is to use Xoom to transfer money from your US account to Argentina. I've written about how to do this on my blog, and they give a fairly decent exchange rate. You'll get your money in pesos as needed. This is best for people who do not have physical dollars in the country, but have dollars in a US bank

What are sad hard truths about INTJs, which those whom INTJs wannabes should consider that the fact being an INTJ is not that u2018funu2019 or u2018coolu2019?

Iu2019m not sure thereu2019s anything that universally is hard for INTJs.,However, Iu2019m pretty sure the vast majority of us have more than our fair share of people who dislike us. And I mean more than other types. I definitely think sites like Quora give a false sense of how interesting or likable we are to others. Many INTJs have an honest, str

What are the types of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing KPIs are basically the values used by marketers to measure and track the efficiency of their advertising and marketing projects.Digital marketers utilize a number of tools when promoting their services or products, and tracking the results can typically be challenging and time-consuming.,By using marketing KPIs, it's easy to figur

Why hasnt Apple added a standard game controller API to iOS?

They have! With iOS 7, Apple has introduced the Game Controller framework, which includes "specifications for hardware controllers to ensure that all of the controllers have consistent sets of control elements that both players and game designers can rely on."They specify three types of controllers, and also how apps are to behave with them:,,A sta

Who is your favorite character in The Lord of the Rings and why?

Of all the memorable heroes and heroines in the Lord of the Rings ... Aragorn, Faramir, Galadriel, u00c9owyn, u00c9omer and many others ... there is only one whom I not only admire but would want to be.,GlorfindelA valiant elvish lord, the Master of the House of the Golden Flower in ancient Gondolin, reincarnated and abiding in the house of Elrond

How do I get my 8-year-old son to get over this? Heu2019s upset that his birthday is on Christmas Eve because he gets fewer presents. Holidays are expensive. It might be too costly for our friends and relatives to get him two presents at once.

My husband was born 10 days before Christmas. As a kid he opened his gifts under the Christmas tree. If he got an actual birthday present it was hard to tell the difference. He said it never seemed like a birthday and he never felt like he got anything more then his brothers did for Christmas to say they were birthday presents.,When we got married

If you were to purchase a cell phone for the camera alone, which one would you get?

With every passing day we are increasingly convinced by one thing about cameras - the best one is the one you could have on you at all times. Even the legendary makers of Leica cameras are thinking along the same lines. They are contributing to the development of Huawei camera phones and are developing ultra portable cameras.,The best camera on a s

Is there any cloud storage offering 1TB or more of free cloud storage?

If you ever find a cloud storage provider giving away 1TB of free storage, youu2019d have to ask yourself how that is sustainable. Thereu2019s a reason they donu2019t do that. 1TB of cloud storage actually uses up more than 1TB (redundancy) and is expensive for the provider to maintain. Offering it for free is probably a good sign theyu2019ll be ou