How do I split the screen on Windows 10 with two monitors?

I donu2019t. Generally.,As far as productivity goes, I usually prefer working within one high-res monitor for my screen real estate needs.,For example: Given the choice between a single 4K screen and a 2x2 array of 1080P screens, the 4K screen provides a more flexible array of pixels to work with.,This is what Iu2019ve been working with the past co

What are the best airlines in the world?

Youu2019re asking the wrong person. I am extremely unfussy about airlines. As long as it has a plane that will take me where I want to go, Iu2019m good.,I once, somewhere in Africa, boarded a 727 that had clearly been in service pretty much every day since I had been in high school. The poor thing looked exhausted both outside and inside. But as it

Some Dem presidential candidates are promising to erase student loan debt. I wonder if this is wise because I worked my way through college and never took a student loan. Is that fair to the students that worked their way through?

Dear Kurt Sawyer,,Your bio says that you graduated college in 1977. nAn average cost for private university in the 1976u20131977 calendar year was $4715, including room and board. It wasnu2019t much different for a public university. nA maxed Pell Grant in 1977 for a student at a 4 year private university averaged about 45% of the cost of tuition,

What is the best name brand for exterior paint?

While painting, there are different elements to be considered. Painting the whole house in one colour will make the house look dull. Having the main house colour with one or two accent colour will make the house stand out. The elements to be considered while painting is:,SidingWindow and Door TrimFront DoorRailings and SpindlesShuttersTop Colour Co

What are the best cheap recording mics for vocals?

If you are just starting out, just scrape up 80 dollars or whatever it is and go buy an SM57. You can use it on anything, you will use it for the rest of your life, and later on you will be surprised at how good it sounds on vocals with a good preamp.

Are there any Green Day songs on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

Are there any Green Day songs on Guitar Hero or Rock Band?Yes indeed, there are! The entirety of the Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown albums - along with a handful of other tracks off of Nimrod and modern singles like u201cStill Breathingu201d - should all be purchasable tracks for Rock Band, certainly playable in Rock Band 4 on t

What are the best settings for picture control in the Nikon D7200?

I use u201cStandardu201d with sharpening set to 7 for pretty much all of my shooting. I shoot exclusively in RAW (NEF) and therefore if needed picture control settings can be easily changed later in software during my RAW conversion.,If you decide you want to create your own favorite picture control setting I suggest you shoot a number of test pict

How is compound interest calculated on mutual fund investments (monthly or quarterly)?

The most accurate way to calculate return of any mutual fund investment (lump sum or SIP) having (purchase or redemption) with (dividend payout or growth) is IRR and XIRR. It calculates return considering date of investment till today and helps you to compare performance of all mutual funds in your portfolio.,The CAGR doesn't show real picture beca

How do I hide my Facebook account from public search?

There's as of now no privacy setting that permits you to avoid your profile listing from appearing up in Facebook search results. So on the off chance that somebody looks for you by writing your title or any extra individual data they might know almost you in Facebook's look field, your profile posting may possibly still show up.,However, you can l

What did Cambridge Analytica do wrong?

In contrast to Prabhat, I feel that Cambridge Analytica was the major culprit (if you indeed think it is a crimeu2026.. its debatable).,Yes, CA is just like any other analytics company. They mine personal usage data and use that to understand users and target whatever (let us call it the product). In this case, as per the allegations it was Donald

How do they put liquor inside candy? Why doesnu2019t it dissolve the shell?

I canu2019t say that this is always the case, but oftentimes a little trick of chemistry is used to get a liquid filling inside a chocolate or hard candy shell.,What we call table sugar, sucrose, is a type of sugar called a disaccharide. This means that it is made up of two simple sugars, in this case, glucose and fructose. When the human body dige

Is the Starbucks cup microwaveable?

Actually, I find that the Starbucks cup is microwavable. What does NOT microwave well is Starbucks coffee! Also, the zarf, or heat-sleeve doesn't do well in the microwave. The glue melts.

What are some of the strangest laws in the world?

Some Weirdest Laws from Around the WorldJapan : It Is Illegal To Be FatAccording to the law, companies and local governments must annually measure the waistlines of Japanese workers and citizens who are between 40 and 74 years old. The waistline limit for men is 33.5 inches whereas for women it is 35.4 inches. Dieting guidance and re-education is g

What are some good and easy recipes for a slow cooker?

From my personal experience, you can add anything you want into a slow cooker. Last time I used beef, vegetables, and marinate sauce with a little bit of water and let that cook for 8 hours. You can add any type of seasoning and if you plan on putting broccoli in, you should put broccoli in 2 hours before you plan on serving your guests.

Who needs market research report?

Every new business venture, large or small has the need to conduct in-depth (primary or secondary) market research to determine the Total Market Size and the Addressable Market Potential for their product/service.,This helps the business stakeholders to understand the size of the market they are operating in, which customer segments offer the maxim

What platform is Instagram built on?

Instagram is a photo sharing platform and can also be used to advertise, sell and promote. That is mainly why is instagram is one of the most critical tools for social marketing!

What are menu ideas for a Christmas party?

I always host a holiday party and find that finger food is the best option. Most people love to eat healthy or they will just visit and eat nothing at all, it becomes a challenge because raw vegetables and dip seems to be such a disappointment whenever I go to a party. ,What I have determined is mini sandwiches are the way to do. Last year we had a

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?

What is the SWOT analysis of hotel companies?The SWOT analysis is a useful tool to make a quick analysis of a business case or project because it looks into the fundamentals of it and its environment and makes you think how to use your opportunities and overcome your threats, by existing strengths. Also, you can see the impact weaknesses have on yo

What does a $1,500,000 house look like where you live?

This is what $1.5 million will get you in the small town of Stavanger, Norway.,5-bedroom house, 283 square meters.Standard minimalistic Scandinavian style interior.,Or, one of these houses, both selling for slightly above $1.5 million:

Is there any way in which I can calculate my monthly loan amount?

If you need a quick approximation, remove the two least significant digits from the loan amount. Monthly payments are in the ballpark of 1% of the original loan amount. The longer the loan term, the lower the monthly payment, but typically it will be between 0.7% and 1.2% of the amount borrowed.