If WW3 happens, what would the sides look like?

In 1939, Germany was a technologically advanced nation which had made an amazing u2018comebacku2019 after the absolute devastation of WWI. Itu2019s booming economy under Hitler and his brownshirted goons was the marvel of the world. It was known Germany did not care much for the human rights of its citizens, but it was overlooked by most as Germany

What is the significance of Machu Picchu?

u201cThe dwellings at Machu Picchu were probably built and occupied from the mid-15th to the early or mid-16th century. Machu Picchu's construction style and other evidence suggest that it was a palace complex of the ruler Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui (reigned c. 1438u201371)u201d.

Which is the best printer with scanner for home use?

in india it is hp m1005-laser psc printer(black only),print.scan .copy-it yields more copys per refilling.and good quality printing.easy maintaince-economical-,and in color-inkjet,epson L220-print scan copy,it yields more & economial

What was the German fast food before McDonaldu2019s brought its hamburgers? For example, what did the urban working class eat for lunch in 19th century Germany?

Brought? Brought??,I find this question extremely odd and quite funny, actually, since both of the mainstays of American fast food, the hamburger and the hotdog, have deep German roots.,Let's start with the hamburger. Did the name not give you a clue? The whole idea is that these sandwiches are made in the style of sandwiches from Hamburg, Germany.

Is it OK to eat at midnight?

Wellu2026. The pro about eatin at say 8pm, going to bed 2 hours later and then sleeping for 8 hours is, that you give your body a long enough window to use up your carbs, re-absorb your insulin, run out of energy, release glycogen from the liver, use that for energy AND REPLENISH THAT USED STORE WITH ENERGY FROM YOUR FAT DEPOSIT which is a process

Where is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10?

Thatu2019s amazing. Eight answers and none provide what I think the person was asking. If Iu2019m right the answer is TA DA:,C:Program Files (x86)Windows LivePhoto Gallery

What are some infamous architectural blunders?

Ever heard of a building that can melt a Jaguar car ?n,u200b,nThe 'Walkie-Talkie' building ( officially called '20 Fenchurch') in London's financial district has the infamous reputation of being able to melt parts of cars that are parked nearby. The curve-shaped 'Walkie-Talkie' building has now been dubbed 'Walkie-Scorchie' after it caused u00a3950

Do you have any food cravings before a migraine?

We all get food cravings! But food cravings can also be a sign that you're about to get a migraine, according to the American Migraine Foundation. People often crave certain foods during the pre-headache phase of a migraine attack. For me, this typically occurs a few hours to a few days before a headache hits. Q:Intense hunger is a symptom of migra

How do you feel when you first get a feng shui black obsidian bracelet and open its package for the first time? Also, what does it feel like to wear it and can other people feel the vital energy?

Natural crystals are very interesting and have purported healing powers. But the practice of Feng Shui does not have any type of ownership over the crystal kingdom. There isnu2019t really a u201cfeng shui black obsidian braceletu201d any more than there is a u201cfeng shui malachite.u201d Black obsidian, black tourmaline, and (black) onyx are all k

What are some interesting paint color combinations for the living room?

Sensational Color Combination For Living Room:Whether your living room is ultra-modern, contemporary, or traditional, you can twist it with a unique color scheme. Colors play an important role in making the mood of living space. So, plan your most important room in your home while keeping color schemes in mind. If you are looking for an impressive

Before the internet updating, how did game developers handle bugs?

Good question.,In the good olu2019 days (1980s through the 1990s), you had two major classes of platforms: home computers and video game consoles. Letu2019s address them separately.,Home computersThe good olu2019 Apple II! These were wildly popular back in my olu2019 stomping grounds of Silicon Valley (image credit)As Yamen Ou2019Donnell notes, the

Which country is the most beautiful in this world?

I believe Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, because it was closed for international tourists for decades (it opened in 2019). This left many of its natural attractions pristine and untouched! Furthermore, the Saudi culture, history and food have not yet been discovered by international tourists.,This makes a trip to

Which is the best 7-star hotel in India?

Top 7 Star Hotels In IndiaIndia is the second most populous democratic country in the world and is well known for its commercial and aesthetic wealth. It is newly industrialized country and holds diverse culture, languages and traditions. With its rich history, geographical diversity and magnificent beauty it attracts many international tourists to

In a Chinese restaurant, whatu2019s the difference between teriyaki and orange chicken?

Teriyaki is a Japanese preparation that calls for soy sauce, mirin and sugar to be slightly reduced. Itu2019s a thin sweet and salty sauce. The American version is much sweeter, thickened with corn starch and often calls for ginger and garlic to be added. Iu2019ve even seen teriyaki sauce that includes pineapple juice. Some Chinese take out places

What are medium format cameras?

Medium format cameras are cameras with a sensor size (or film size) that is larger than 35mm film and smaller than large format (4x5 inches).

Can my dog eat meringue cookies?

They aren't amazing for them as it's pretty much just sugar but if you give it one or it gets on the counter and eats a couple it'll be fine as long as they plain merangues which have egg whites sugar some cream of tartar and some vanilla

Should we eat street food?

I think so.,I *LOVE* street food. I consider it a major part of the travel experience but you also need to be careful about what youu2019re choosing and sometimes itu2019s the stuff you donu2019t think is a problem, which will be the thing that gets you.,When we went to India, a couple of our local guides were doing the equivalent of slapping stuff

How did the Byzantine empire fall?

Besides the obvious u2014 the sacking of Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade u2014 you could argue that the Byzantine Empire was doomed to a long, slow decline. One reason was that it simply couldn't, when the Western Empire fell, restore the Roman Empire while it was still viewed as such. While it took centuries for the Romance languages to fully

What is the best bakery in Los Angeles?

My "faves" (jury's still out re cupcakes):,La Brea Bakery for bread:nhttp://www.labreabakery.com/index.aspx,Amandine for French goodies:nhttp://www.amandinecafe.com/,Sweet Lady Jane for cakes:nhttp://www.sweetladyjane.com/n(Runners up: Hansen's http://www.hansencakes.com/ and Phoenix http://www.phoenixbakeryinc.com/ for the classic Chinese spongeca

How good is the Poco C31 in India? Is it worth it?

It is a good and a decent option for a budget segment smartphone by Xiaomi. The specs and the features of the phone are pretty decent and it comes across as an option for anyone looking for an affordable phone for normal use.,The Poco C31 comes with a 6.53-inch HD+ screen with TUV Rheinland certified reading mode 2.0 display that protects the eyes

Why is the Tiffany key pendant so popular?

They are nice looking, delicate pendants. And since the silver ones are just a couple of hundred dollars, they are a lower cost item at Tiffany. For years the entry-level Tiffany item was a key chain, now this is a wearable, affordable piece at a similar price.n nIf you cannot afford their high-end pieces for tens of thousands of dollars, you can s