Which colour goes with grey?

Ah grey, I love grey because every color matches it. In fact, when I design I always start with white and greys (especially for websites).nHappy designing. Bring joy to the world.

How can Australians know if a snake is poisonous?

Most of us know the types of Australian snake on sight and we know how venomous (which is slightly different to poisonous but I got your meaning) each one of them is.,There is allegedly a generalisation based on the scales around the anus butu2026,Yeah, that last bit is good advice:Disclaimer: the above image may well have no basis in fact as it is

Which are some good sunrise spots in Chicago?

I would add that there are many nice areas in black neighborhoods on the Southside and Westside . Bronzeville is a very historic landmark neighborhood that has seen a lot of revival in business and gentrification. Lots of Brownstones and Greystones, landmarks. Southshore is huge and has good sections and bad sections. It also houses the great South

User", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "user", "uid": 740142, "url": "https:www.quora.comprofileUser-179508"}}}, {"text": ": ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What is your favourite sandwich filling?

I enjoy many kinds of sandwiches but there are a few that make my jaw drop. Ou2026Mu2026Gu2026 A great meatball sub on toasted fresh Italian bread, with cheese on top browned and bubblingu2026. Or a veal or eggplant parm sandwich made the same wayu2026 I am putty in the sandwich-makeru2019s hands, I am powerless to resist. Folks, letu2019s talk ser

Which anime has the strangest premise, but somehow makes it work?

Which one to choose from?,u2022Blue Exorcist,Twin brothers who are half human halfu2026angel? I think. (I'm not particularly religious or spiritual but according to Corinthians even though Lucifer fell, the fall could not destroy him, for it would undo God's work. Lucifer though the devil, is still an angel). And the entire show is about them becom

What kind of milk do people use for baking cakes?

Regular whole milk should be used in most recipes.,Note: 2% milk is okay, but if you use 1% or skim milk, you should replace a tablespoon or two of the milk with butter or oil to add back the missing fat.

Can I use agar-agar instead of gelatin while making non-bake cheesecake? If yes, how?

I believe agar-agar turns out to be runnier than gelatinu2026so I donu2019t think that will help you unless you want to add starch as wellu2026.But you shouldnu2019t even need gelatin or agar-agar for a no-bake recipe, even if you are vegan.,Normal no-bake:,No-Bake CheesecakeBest No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe | An Easy No-Bake Dessert!No-Bake Cheesecak

A medical breakthrough in cellular biology prolongs mid-life physiology for 250 years and cures cancer. The UNall governments instantly approve and fund for everybody to receive the treatment. What would happen geopolitically and economically?

A medical breakthrough in cellular biology prolongs mid-life physiology for 250 years and cures cancer. The UN/all governments instantly approve and fund for everybody to receive the treatment. What would happen geopolitically and economically?Our current life expectancy, generally determines the average age at which various professional and at tim

Is the Amazon jungle dangerous?

The Amazon jungle is a very dangerous place because of the incredibly harmful and ferocious insects and animals that call this place as their home. The biggest threat comes from mosquitoes carrying malaria and yellow fever. Talking about some of the most dangerous animals found in the amazon :,Green Anaconda: The Amazon is home to a wide range of h

What are some great side dishes for fried rice?

What type of food goes well with fried rice?Fried Rice u2013 Though this dish originates from China, it is emotionally attached with me since I am from the hospitality Industry. I shall tell you my 25 years of relationship with Fried rice. It is a beautiful love story.,I shall start the food which goes well with Fried rice .Also Let me narrates the

Is Japan an Eastern country? How do you identify the East on a map?

The word East u2018comes from Middle English est, from Old English u0113ast, which itself comes from the Proto-Germanic *aus-to- or *austra- "east, toward the sunrise", from Proto-Indo-European *aus- "to shine," or "dawn".u2019 [wiki],Japanu2019s autonym Nippon (u65e5u672c) loosely translates as u201cLand of the Rising Sunu201d. Itu2019s even on th

Who is the hottest celebrity in India?

Jason Momoa- no doubt. He oozes an incredibly strong sex appeal that you can feel intimidated by his presence.,He's got all the package- rocking body, a set of smoldering eyes, loves sports; mountain climbing,he can ride a motorcycle, he can play a guitar, heu2019s also a writer, producer,director,model and he's got a senses of humor.,No wonder wom

What are some mind-blowing facts about Brazil?

The Amazon is the worldu2019s largest tropical rainforest covering 5.5 million square kms. Its so big that the UK and Ireland would fit into it 17 times.,The Amazon spans across Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela,Guyana,Suriname and French Guiana.,Around 400 to 500 indigenous Amerindian tribes call theses forests their homes. Many

When data are categorized, whats the most appropriate measure of central tendency?

It depends. ,If the data are caegorized and have no order, then there is no measure of central tendency as there is no center. What is the center of "Blonde, brown, red, white, black, bald"?,If the data are categorized but ordered, then the mode makes sense.,If the data are grouped continuous data (e.g. Income < $10,000, $10,000 - $19,000 etc) t

What is the most ordered drink at Starbucks?

Theater kids / Thespians.,Characteristics: Loud, outgoing people who often obsess over musicals (ex. Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, etc.) They also are pretty confident.,How to Spot Them: Theyu2019re the ones breaking out into song (in the middle of class), practicing their choreography for the next school play, or laughing loudly with their friends.,

What is the Hindu concept of SIN?

All religions have a concept of u201csinu201d but they all differ in their interpretation of what sin actually is or in the variations thereof. Generally speaking sin can be defined as any act which violates a moral law whereas a crime violates a legal law.,In the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) sin is a violation of a Divinel

What is the oldest restaurant in the world?

Credit is often given to an 18th century Parisian entrepreneur named Boulanger (whether this was his given name or his occupation, u201cbread makeru201d, is open to debate). Boulanger sold broths that he called restoreurs, as a sort of pick-me-up. In his time, this was a rather revolutionary concept as the preparation of foods had been the purview