How long can raw cookie dough be left out?

It depends on whether you have made it with or without eggs. Anything containing raw eggs should not be left out for more than 30 minutes, without being returned to the fridge. And you should always use pasteurized eggs if you intend to eat the dough raw. If the cookie dough is made with butter, sugar and flour, it can sit out for a longer time, th

What are 50 random facts about yourself?

Any big changes in my life tend to occure on leap years.,Generally, they tend to come unexpected. Plans do not work in my life.,The favourite book of my childhood was Myths of Ancient Greece retold by Russian professor Nikolai Kun.,In ten years of my amateur stage career, I impersonated Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Archangel Gabriel, King Herod, King of

To what extent is it a myth that social media manages to manipulate elections? What is the evidence that a majority of people are influenced by social media to make a decision about who to vote for or not?

Graham C Lindsay,What would be doing if you were not here on social media now?,Your question could be put another way, u201cHave you noticed a new keyboard in your hand recently?u201d,People are u201cinfluenced by social media to make a decision aboutu201d ALL things these days. One doesnu2019t need citations to u201cproveu201d that. The evidence i

What is the Chinese zodiac for 1998?

Year 1998 was the year of Tiger, but be careful: since this is a date from the Chinese calendar system, only those born in the period from Lichun on 1998 to Lichun on 1999 are considered born in the year of 1998 in this system and hence have the zodaic of Tiger.,Here is more about Lichun:Lichun (u7acbu6625),means the beginning of spring in Chinese.

Interior Design: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How do you decorate a small studio?

Andreas, congrats on your new apartment! ,Are your cable hookups along that left wall where you have your television mounted in the plan? If so, leave it this way unless you can cleverly snake some wiring around the room. I'd actually flip this plan if you aren't grounded by cable hookups. I'd keep the sofa and television near the kitchen to create

What is the concept of modern kitchen cabinet design?

Modern kitchen design incorporates a variety of materials. While conventional kitchen cabinets are often built entirely of one type of wood, modern kitchen cabinets can incorporate a variety of materials such as wood, laminates, glass, and metal to create a more unique look. Another distinguishing element of modern kitchen cabinets is their colour.

Why dont European Union members unify the language?

OK, letu2019s start on eliminating languages that have a small number of speakers. I nominate that we start with Yiddish (maybe a million speakers? maybe many, many fewer?) Thatu2019s it, weu2019ll start by going after the Jews and eliminating their culture.,Oh, dear. That sounded bad, didnu2019t it. Letu2019s refocus on a larger group of people.,T

What is the best non-pork substitute for spaghetti carbonara?

Wellu2026 There is no substitute, tecnically carbonara is a certified dish so, if you donu2019t use guanciale (porku2019s cheek) whatever you do can not be called u201ccarbonarau201d.,However, you are not really forced to do carbonara, are you? so, bring in your fantasy, with pasta. Here are a few suggestion (Iu2019v tried some, but not all):,Sword

How much protein should one be consuming to optimize muscle growth?

This is done to create a spike in MPS, muscle protein synthesis.,Approximately every 3 hours or so, consume 30 or more grams of protein, up to a total that equals 1.6 grams to 2.2 grams per kilogram of your body weight. That figure is for animal protein, if you are vegan, use 40 grams or more of a blend of plant based protein. Animal protein is mor

What is the required GRE score to get a seat at a good college?

Hi,,Apart from your GRE and language test scores, your application will consist of:,Application FormMost schools prefer online applications. Most graduate schools usually release their MS application forms in July/August for the fall intake of the subsequent year. MS Application forms are detailed and contain mini-essay questions pertaining to extr

What is eating?

We cant live without eating.Make your Passover meal light and healthful with some of our healthy Passover recipes for entrees, side dishes and desserts.

What are some properties comfort foods share, regardless of place of origin?

The concept of coping with various levels of stress and trauma by consuming various food items can be traced back to 1966.,The Palm Beach Post used comfort food in a story:,"Adults, when under severe emotional stress, turn to what could be called u2018comfort foodu2019u2014food associated with the security of childhood, like motheru2019s poached eg

Why do we have kundalini?

When we are born, we are born not just with physical matter, there is also life-force,,The left-over life force is stored in the sacrum (notice the link to the word u2018sacredu2019). Kundalini means u2018coiled energyu2019.,You can also add to and replenish this store through eating right and certain sexual practices.,There it is locked. But it ca

Is brandy a good drink to keep the body warm in a very cold weather?

No alcoholic drink is a good beverage to keep you warm.,Alcohol will widen the capillaries in the skin - ever notice how intoxicated people look a little flushed?,The increased blood flow to the skin will make you FEEL warm, but will ALSO make you LOSE HEAT even faster.,Bad move if youu2019re struggling to keep warm.,Brandy, or any other alcoholic

What is happening in Jeju Island, Korea because of over tourism?

Over tourism is not only the matter of Jeju island but one of the world we are facing in these days. Thank to the remote location of it from the mainland Korea, it was able to preserve its natural heritage not much damaged as it was until recent time. But the development of transportation means enabled people to visit it more often than before from

How much can I earn on Freepik?

Simple answer.,How good is your product? How many sales you are getting? If you have answers to these, you have your answer to your question.

Is the California time zone PST, PDT, or PT?

The correct California time zone is the Pacific Time Zone.,The correct abbreviation during Daylight Savings time (summer) is PDT and outside of that PST.,However it is also common to use PT for Pacific Time which does not differentiate between daylight savings.

What is the best free photo editor?

I donu2019t usually use online photo editor, but I do like and seem like itu2019s the perfect choice for your need :)

Why do restaurants not put prices on their menu?

I asked my mom when I was a kid and we were out shopping why some of the stores didnu2019t have price tags on things. My mom would say u201cif you have to ask how much a thing costs, you canu2019t afford it.u201d How bad could it be? Being a curious young girl, after finding a particularly gorgeous dress on display, I did find a clerk to ask the pr

How did sleeping habits of 18th century Americans differ from ours today?

This is actually a fascinating question. Perhaps like many things of that era, it depended on how much money you had and your station in life.,We all must sleep: thereu2019s no escaping it, but how we sleep today is different in many ways from the people back then. In the developed world, at least, most people sleep in a bed, on a mattress in a com

What makes you lose belief that the US is the greatest country on Earth?

In American movies, Russians are portrayed as demons, Africans as corrupt, Mexicans as criminals, and only Americans are heroes who do righteous deeds; American politiciansu2019 speeches are all looking for beautiful words to cheat votes and their people are constantly brainwashed in this way. So, when I claim that this is not the case, there will

What is the most popular movie ever?

I'm sure that no one has ever asked all of the people in the world which movie they liked best (or were you just interested in the opinions of moviegoers in the United States?). Even if it were possible to do that, I'm sure opinions would be swayed by the most recent blockbuster to be released.,So, we have to look at different yardsticks for measur

What causes tsunamis to change direction?

Same as what causes any wave to change direction u2026 across bodies of water, thatu2019s usually ties to the depth of the water.,Shallower water has a slower wave-speedu2026 so you get refraction. Itu2019s how waves turn to line up along a beach.,You can also get reflection from and diffraction around objects that stick out of the water u2026 like

Can I buy high quality office furniture at budget-friendly prices?

Yes, you can buy high quality office furniture at budget friendly prices.,You office needs to look elegant and also enhance the employee productivity.,If you visit a local store and have a good contact with the owner, you can get good discounts.They will be branded as well as discounted products.,I have visited RNG furniture online. This furniture

What are the features of the globalization PDF?

u201cu2026,Betul Yalcin,Essay MSc. Comparative Social Policy Programme,University of Oxford, 2009,What is globalisation and in what ways does globalization affect social policy ?,In its general definition, globalization can be defined as an extensive network of,economic, cultural, social and political interconnections and processes which goes beyon