How can I make money on OnlyFans in a large scale without showing my face?

OnlyFans is one of the best ways to make money easily. Earning money without showing your face is possible and has no drawback.,If you're not going to show your face, then what are you going to show?If you're looking to make adult content you can go with some popular niches.,Some huge adult niches do well for anonymous creators. Below are the ones

How has Starbucks pricing strategy changed over time?

They created demand because the product is delicious and has a great experience that comes with it. If you'd like more details, read Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time: Howard Schultz, Dori jones Yang: 9780786883561: Books ,Starbucks used and continues to use the same pricing strategy of almost all

How do you cope with dreams about your ex-lover? Its constant that I believe Iu2019m going crazy. We broke up 3 months ago, we dont talk anymore and he blocked me from everywhere. I keep dreaming of him every night.

Donu2019t worry about it. Just keep being stronger. I tends to still have dreams about him till today. But the past 2 years, it meant nothing. I dismissed it as nothing. Most of the times, my dreams came true, so technically I have fear for almost 5 years if he might returned back to me. It is scary whenever I had that dream that we are together. B

What is a great reply to a job offer letter via email?

Dear Mr. X,Thank you for your recent offer to join Z company in the position of M. I am happy to accept your offer, hoping to start working on date_x. I am looking forward to a formal offer letter. Please donu2019t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or requests.,Sincerely,,your_name

How do the Emirates manage to rake in profits from their A380 flights operating to so many destinations? Is it because of cheap fuel or are they smart and efficient? Do they have that many high demand routes to justify 140 A380s on order?

Fuel costs have very little to do with it. Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is not an oil producer, and Emirates purchases its jet fuel on the open market. The Sydney-based Centre for Aviation (CAPA), which deals in aviation market intelligence, says what Emirates pays for fuel is roughly in line with what European legacy carriers do.,So why is Em

What are the four types of risk mitigation?

The four types of risk controls (avoidance, reduction, sharing, retention) primarily apply to the Finance (Insurance & Banking) Industry, where Risks are focussed almost exclusively on their financial impact.,However in the broader context of risk management such as in Public Safety, Emergency Management, Protective Security, Crisis Management, Bus

How do you make homemade French fries with an air fryer?

cut the fries, spray with oil or shake in a covered bowl to coat them. 380F for 18 minutes should do fine, you might have to experiment, not all cooking devices are equal. Donu2019t overcrowd the fryer, just enough for a layer or so. As soon as done, salt them. Iu2019ve been experimenting double fry method. In a deep fryer you cook at 325F for 10 m

What is the most unbelievably clever thing you have ever witnessed an animal do?

When I was a teenager, we had a Doberman named Coco. There were a number of instances where she demonstrated independent problem solving, but my favorite was this.,We had an open arch separating our dining room/kitchen from the living room. When we were eating I would say to Coco u201cGo in the living room.u201d and she would go to the living room

Should I go with Nvidia or AMD GPU for gaming?

Nowadays, the choice between Nvidia or AMD GPU for gaming boils down to availability (due to the extreme shortage on the market caused by cryptocurrency mining) and your budget. If you're looking for GPUs with a small price tag, this list is worth checking out. Nvidia has always been the winner,

Why do I look good in the mirror but bad in photos?

A lot of people will say "because your image is flipped in a mirror", but I think that's missing the mark. If you were to take the photograph of yourself and flip it in Photoshop, you'd still think you look bad.,I think the more correct answer is that looking at yourself in the mirror provides you with visual feedback, whereas someone taking a phot

What does it mean to be a rabbit in the Chinese zodiac?

Rabbits are known to be fast, spirited, and made to move and move fast! The rabbit is 4th in Chinese Zodiac. They were by legend the 4th to make it to the castle to see the emperor. Remember the famous table of the Turtle and the Hare? Well, rabbit was actually First to arrive, got distracted and fell asleep, therefore ended up being 4th. The ox wo

What time is Christmas 2020 around the world?

Christmas Eve, 24 December 202010am u2013 Christmas Island (Kiritimati), Samoa, Tonga,11am u2013 New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington),12pm u2013 Fiji, Russia (Far East),,1pm u2013 Australia (eastern regions), Papua New Guinea, Guam,3pm u2013 Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Indonesia (eastern regions),4pm u2013 China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malay

How do I bake cookies without oven?

You won't be able to produce cookies as you know them but you could use a heavy frying pan to make some sort of thin baked good. ,I'd get an oven,.

What is the relation between current and voltage?

It seems you are beginning to study about electricity, an enjoyable and interesting subject. Most of the time electric flow is compared with the flow of water for easy understanding.,If we consider water flow, it happens due to a pressure difference (say between the water pressure at the tap and the atmospheric pressure in the surroundings. As the

Whatu2019s your favorite fish to eat except salmon? How do you cook it?

Sardines. They are plenty, cheap, healthy, versatile and tasty. In my book, salmon does not tick even one of those boxes.,FriedIt requires some technique alright. Pinch of the head and take out the bone. Or let your fishmonger do that for you. Then marinate the fillets in salt water (20 minutes) and wine vinegar (another 20 minutes). Dry the fillet

How do I make chicken lo mein sauce?

Typically Chicken lo mein sauce is (Hoisin sauce). Here's the ingredients you'll need to make a quick homemade hoisin sauce in 10 minutes.,4,tablespoons soy sauce,2,tablespoons peanut butter,1,tablespoon molasses or 1 tablespoon honey,2,teaspoons seasoned rice vinegar,1,garlic clove, finely minced,2,teaspoons sesame seed oil,1,teaspoon chinese hot

How can the US possibly dislodge China from the disputed territories of the South China sea? What exactly can the US government do to stop the military built by the Chinese army in the disputed territories of the South China sea? Is the US losing?

How can the US possibly dislodge China from the disputed territories of South China sea?Seriously, if the US wants to be seen as a fair broker, she should talk with her dear ally Japan first, because Japan started this island-claiming stuff since 1987. ,Japan claimed Okinotorishima in 1987 as Japanese island, together with the 40,000 square miles a

What is your review of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra?

Mi 11 Ultra is a great flagship phone of 2021. The phone has Snapdragon 888 processor. And unlike Oneplus 9 Pro, the Mi 11 Ultra does not heat up very much. thanks to the cooling layers of Mi 11 Ultra.,There is hardly any issues in the Mi 11 Ultra except not having a 3.5mm headphone jack and Xiaomiu2019s User Interface which has tons of bloatwares

Why is Mukesh Ambani more successful than Anil Ambani?

It is the vision and Mission oriented execution of plans that make Mr. Mukesh Ambani the true heir of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and a legend in his own right.,First ExampleJamnagar Refinery is on Pakistan border. It might be attacked by the Pak Airforce and damaged.,By securing SAUDI Aramco investment of $ 15 billion, and enterprise valuation of $ 75 bi

What is contractionary monetary policy?

The central bank controls the supply of (fiat) money. The demand for money ("velocity") is variable. The intersection of supply and demand for money (just like it is in any market) determines the value of money.,Money tends to have relatively stable value. With most fiat money, there is generally a long-term trend of a slight decline in value over

What are some tips for building built in bookshelfs?

10 Ways to DIY Your Own Built In ShelvesItu2019s generally thought that owners of old homes reap many beautiful benefits from their living space. Older homes like to show off with honeyed wood floors, thick strong trim and beautiful built in shelves and cabinets. Some people have found ways to bring these traditional elements into newer homes to gi

Which is the most luxurious hotel in New Delhi in 2022?

If you are looking for the best luxury hotel in New Delhi in 2022, you should check out the hotel imperial Delhi. This famed hotel has been ranked as the number one luxury hotel in the world by Forbes, and it is no wonder why. The hotel imperial Delhi is known for its luxurious services and exquisite amenities. From its luxurious rooms to its world

How can I shame someone who owes me money?

If you have made numerous attempts and given them reasonable mounts of time Iu2019d have to give up. Hopefully you learned a lesson too and wonu2019t make that mistake again. If you have any kind of proof or anything in writing to prove they owe you money you can take them to small claims court.