What gift can be given to a boyfriend on your anniversary?

Iu2019d say plan a surprise weekend getaway. Now I did this recently for my husbandu2019s birthday, but due to last minute work, we had to go to Edinburgh instead (Oh, first world problems!),I am taking my parents and husband to this beautiful place soon though.,Now I donu2019t know where you live, but if you live in Europe then hereu2019s what I p

What is the most expensive Acer gaming laptop?

Aceru2019s Bloodsucker 21 X Might be the Worldu2019s Utmost Precious Gaming Laptop,Acer has unveiled the worldu2019s first twisted laptop just a many days agone, and itu2019s this stunning$ phenomenon in front of you. The gaming beast was dubbed as the Predator 21 X and demands instant attention by featuring a screen resolution of 2560 x 1080 pixel

Which comic-book superheroes deserve a movie franchise, but dont have one yet?

There are several superheroes from comic books who deserve a big-screen film adaptation but haven't had one yet. I'm going to refrain from talking about reboots, which is a separate question altogether, and focus on only characters who haven't had a true motion picture in their name.,(1.) First and most obvious is Wonder Woman. She's one of the mos

Whats the difference between an original artwork and a art print?

An original is the actual artwork as it was created by the artist, generally there is only one and it normally costs more, often far more, than any printed reproduction. Modern art prints are made by photographing or digitally scanning the original then printing it out by one of several means. Most common are commercial offset or lithographic print

How do Koreans in Seoul treat foreigners generally?

Through observation, Iu2019ve seen that Koreans tend to be nicer to Western foreigners.,However, I am full Asian (Chinese Filipino), which makes me blend in into the crowd somehow. I donu2019t stand out at all.,Cases in point:,-In Cheongnyangni station, an elderly woman hollered at me, u201cHakseng, *Korean sentence follows, presumably asking me wh

What are some free editing video software for YouTube videos?

Use Filmora Video Editor for Mac, and it's free.To grow a YouTube channel, both content ideas and video quality are essential.,If you are a creator but not a professional video editor, I would recommend focusing on your content ideas and using a free video editor such as Filmora with in-built resources to maintain your video quality.5 Things to Con

Weird and wonderful places abound on our planet?

",Tailor-made Travel,20 seriously weird places around the world,Rough Guides | Travel Guide and Travel Information | Rough Guides /BLOG /20 SERIOUSLY WEIRD PLACES AROUND THE WORLD,written by Rachel Mills,updated 8/3/2021,Share,mail_outline,attach_file,The world is a weird (and wonderful) place. And from a rose-coloured lake to a Japanese island rul

Which is the best mobile to buy in samsung?

Hello There,,Best one is the Note Series.,Then, comes the premium S series.,Then, comes the premium mid ranger A series.,And then, the budget and mid ranger M series.,Previously, there was a C series in between the S and A series, but Samsung stopped their C series.,Thanks.

Who are the enemies of Malaysia?

You asked - "Who are the enemies of Malaysia?",I am Malaysian and I fully realise that certain sensitive topics if not discussed in moderation and with prudent tact and thoughtfulness may unintentionally or inadvertently offend and cause mischief and angst.,So, be forewarned that I am not a professional writer schooled in the art of civil writing a

What is your version of "the two types of people in the world"?

This is way back during my UPSC preparation days. I was lucky enough to come across many amazing souls who aspired to change the nation and bring about some improvements in the system. Most of them had walked the UPSC path for long and some of them were just newbies with dreams burning in their eyes.,This is a story about two such people.,,Type 1 -

Whats the largest country of all time?

By Area -It has to be British Empire. In 1920 their area was 35.5 million sq. KM (almost double than Modern Russia). They were running on 26.35% of the landmass in 1920.,Image Source - Wikipedia,Population -In absolute terms, it's China is 2021 with 1.43 billion population.,Image Source - pigbusiness website,By percentage of world population, it Ac

What does "watermelon sugar high" refer to in Harry Styles song "Watermelon Sugar"?

The truth is that fans are debating on this one while trying really hard to determine its meaning. Zane Lowe, from Apple Music Beats 1 Radio came forward and said that it refers to sexual pleasures. Styles didnu2019t admit to it, however his lyrics along with the sexiness he is singing them with, directs a lot of his fans to believe it is actually

How do I apply for no credit check loans?

Most observers will quickly conclude the highest risk in my portfolio is:,Cryptocurrency: mostly Bitcoin, rest is mining and arbitrage (~10%, rebalanced) I wonu2019t explain this one. Already did so in many of my Quora answers and Quora blog. And Terrence Yang explains social-proof ICOs in his answer, on the even more speculative end of the spectru

What is the exact use of software Adobe Premier Pro?

Adobe Premiere is a video editing software package suitable for both amateur enthusiasts and professionals. It can be purchased and used alone, or alongside other applications such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, etc..,How Does Premiere Work?Like most editing softwares, Premiere works by importing video from a source such as a video tape onto yo

What is a good recipe for breading for tilapia flllets?

I mix unseasoned bread crumbs or panko with Indian garam masala. I flip the filet into the crumb to coat both sides, pat lightly, shake off the excess, then quickly pan-fry in a neutral oil.,This can be turned into a terrific fish sandwich or be served with any of many accompaniments, including Indian vegetable mixes. It works well with a plain, st

What are the differences and similarities between static and kinetic friction?

The difference between static and kinetic friction is the difference between driving, and skidding.,Both static and kinetic friction are resistive forces. They act against movement or attempted movement between two surfaces that are in contact, proportional to the normal force between the two objects, and their strength depends also on a coefficien

How do you convert standard deviation to variance?

Hi there,,If you use the following notation,,sigma = standard: deviationsigma ^2 = varianceThen it follows that if you take the standard deviation you have and square it, then you have your variance.,Hope it helps

How can we use technology to create an effective alternative to the current system of higher education such that engagement and outcomes are closer to (or better than) what we see with traditional education?

The current/traditional system of higher education could well be described as an expensive, on-campus, classroom styled, cohort organised, professor centric, seat-time structured and curriculum based learning system. This system requires the student to learn and understand a specialised core canon of information from generally paper-based textbooks

What are some good designs for bedrooms of small size?

Small bedrooms are a blessing to have a baby-like sleep time. You canu2019t deny that. You have been missing sleeping like a baby for a very long time.,Now the problem is small bedrooms can feel claustrophobic if not appropriately designed. Always remember the utilization of every corner can save up as well create as much space you want. And for th

I have an artificial Christmas tree with a little amount of silver glitter at the end of the branches. Im decorating it but out of two tinsel garlands that I have, silver and gold, which do you think would look better?

Personally, I prefer not mixing silver and gold in my decorating.,But Christmas trees are a bit different. Sparkle and shine are often more important than adhering to decorating rules.,So, choose the one you like best, or why not add both? Especially this year, when only your immediate family should be seeing your tree.

Why dont China and Russia become allies?

Apart from trade, China and Russia have largely only two overlapping interests:,Getting rid of the US presence in the vicinity of their borders,Holding the militant Islamism down in Central Asia,Neither the US or the Islamists are going to go anywhere any time soon. But both China and Russia are painfully aware that the day it happens, they will be

Have you ever been able to replicate a favorite dish from your spouseu2019s childhood?

This dish wasnu2019t from my SOu2019s childhood, but it was one of his favorite dishes at a local Cuban restaurant that they stopped making when the restaurant changed ownership.,The dish was named u201cTostones Locos.u201d,As you may know, tostones are green plantains that are sliced, fried, then smashed, and fried again. That part was easy enough