What is the most dangerous archaeological dig or location?

A portion of the Great Wall of China in a more rural area (More than 1,200 Miles of Chinau2019s Great Wall Have Been Destroyed ),The awe-inspiring stone fortress above is part of the Jiankou Great Wall, one of the most dangerous sections of the Ming Great Wall constructed between 1551 to 1555. Literally translated as "Arrow Nock", the Jiankou secti

What are some good low-calorie recipes that include shirataki noodles?

Sukiyaki.nVery easy. Very healthy.,,1 lb thinly sliced beef, cut into bite-size pieces,1 package shirataki noodles (made from yam cakes),8 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed,1 package enoki mushrooms (about 8 oz.), trimmed,1 negi or leek, washed and sliced into 2 inch lengths,1/2 Napa cabbage, washed and cut into 2 inch wide pieces,1 block firm tofu

Why do Sri Lankans face a huge economic crisis, and how do they come out from it?

This is why Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka heldJust located southeast of India, Sri Lanka is a hidden gem of the Indian Ocean. Beyond its ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, and amazing wildlife, the island nation has many other stories. Sri Lanka has a very amazing History from the very past.,Further info:,Sri Lanka: Why is the country in an economic

What are some tips for becoming successful?

10 Simple steps to be successful:,Define S.M.A.R.T (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Relavant and Timebound) parameters for success and also define Values to be adhered to achieve the same,Study successful peoplesu2019 lives, their habits in the area of your interest,Identify a coach / mentor / guru for your mission,Create a Plan of Action to achiev

What is the most rugged mobile phone in the world today?

Which brand is not recommended, but the better model of the mobile phone I use can be recommended,iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 8 has a more advanced 12MP camera with a larger and faster sensor, new color filters, deeper pixels, and optical image stabilization for photos and videos. With powerful camera function, it is a very good phone.,Ulefone Armor X7.

What do your drawings look like then and now?

Hello everyone, I'm a 17 y/o artist and today I would like to take you back to the time I started drawing ? Nah! Actually I am into drawing since a very young age, most probably when I started kindergarten ( to be precise, scribbling but c'mon even that's an art).I'm taking you back to the time I started to click them.,When I was 13u201314, I drew

How do you dry lima beans?

When I was still gardening and hope I will be doing again soon I am on a list for a community garden. I always left the beans to dry themselves.,,DryingVine DryingOne method of drying out-of-doors is vine drying. To dry beans (navy, kidney, butter, great northern, lima, lentils and soybeans) leave bean pods on the vine in the garden until the beans

What do Indonesians like about the Philippines?

Iu2019m Indonesian and happily married to a beautiful Filipina. I finished my college in Manila and therefore know very well about the country and its people. When I was a Freshman, my peers thought I was snob because I always answer their questions in English (not in Tagalog) and my teachers thought I was a loner since I didnu2019t mingle with the

How do you currently find a realtor?

Go to Redfin, find open houses that you like and talk to the realtors hosting them. You can see them 'in action'. You need to be a bit careful, as they are also trying to 'sell' that place, but is a good way to meet them in person easily.,Get a referral from someone who has recently purchased.

Why non renewable resources important?

What is the importance of non-renewable resources?We need them till we can replace them. Itu2019s going to take another 15 years for solar, wind, waste to fuels, EVu2019s and hydro to be up to the levels needed to replace fossils.

Why is the Nasdaq down today?

The treasury yield is increased by the federal reserve. To stock prices as per Warren Buffet, treasury yield is like gravity. Increasing the yield attracts the stock prices downwards.,NASDAQ is heavily geared towards tech which is the most free flying sector ( lots of speculation and low dividend payouts) and the most heavily affected.

When you are stuck in a cooking rut, what 3 meals do you end up falling back on?

I make some things more often than others, but I generally shop for new ideas while at the store or even while visiting restaurants. Itu2019s pretty rare for me to have the same cooked meal more than once a month, the only meals I eat on the regular is PBJ or Tuna Sandwiches.,For my flatmates, and this drives me completely insane because they will

Whatu2019s the difference between Adobe Premiere Rush CC and Adobe Premiere CC?

Both software are used for video editing.,The key difference is that Adobe launched the Premiere Rush mainly for You Tubers, Social media creators, Video loggers i.e., for editing simple sequences.,Premiere Rush has very simple workflow, while Premiere Pro has a more advanced one.,,Differences:Itu2019s stupid to compare all the features between the

What is the meaning of non-renewable resources?

A non-renewable resource (also called a finite resource) is a resource that does not renew itself at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction in meaningful human time-frames. An example is carbon-based, organically-derived fuel. The original organic material, with the aid of heat and pressure, becomes a fuel such as oil or gas. Earth m

What is something that INTPs can excel at that is unlikely?

For me, itu2019s cooking. I wouldnu2019t associate the skill with typical INTP traits. Itu2019s practical. It involves precise measurements often. It involves learning specific techniques. That you do with your hands. *gasp*,What I find appealing about cooking:,-enables me to be more self-sufficient,-involves learnable patterns/methods (i.e. butter

How do you start briquettes without lighter fluid?

With 2 sheets of newspaper (or Amazon packaging, these days) in a charcoal-lighting chimney (about $14 at Home Depot):,or with an electric element sold for that purpose ($20-$30):,Or by starting a wood fire from twigs and kindling and placing the charcoal on top.

How much did Islam influence modern Hinduism?

There is no discernible influence on religion or philosophy but there are some vestiges of social influence - one such outstanding example is in the matter of purdah (veiling of women).,Covering the head or veiling the face is not a traditional Hindu practice and was unknown in ancient India but became popular in areas with a large Muslim populatio

What are a few unknown facts about Chennai that are hard to believe?

Chennai is one of the oldest cities of India with a rich cultural heritage along with highly urbanized population. It has been one of the most important places in Indian history which was part of many landmarks. The following 35 amazing facts are only some of the great things about the city which make it one of the greatest cities in the world!,1.

Why do most people fail to complete CA?

Because they take it like any other academic exam.,Because they think they are meritorious student throughout their school education , so they can crack any exam in India without any extra effort( Fact- CA Final is in the list of top 10 toughest exams of India),Because they procrastinate the things,Because they dont plan the things early and dont t

Is Chinas new Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge necessary or is it just a vanity project?

When China started to invest heavily in high speed rail network over a decade ago, people criticized government for wasting money on u201cvanity projectu201d and they were quite convinced the slow trains were good enough for Chinese.,Those critics were just near-sighted and lacked vision of how this would change China and her people and how it woul

Why are Canon and Nikon DSLR prices moving high in India?

All the camera price are moving high due to the demand. There was no fast supply to meet the demand also there was some shortage like some semi conductive chipset.,So price hike not due to single factor, it depends on multiple factors!!!!

What are some unknown facts and stories about the 1999 Kargil war?

I recently came across this article in India Today about the stories of five men whose extraordinary courage changed the course of the Kargil War. This is going to be quiet long so please have a bit of patience.Capt Sangwan lost a leg but is excelling as a sportsmann,Name : CAPT Satender SangwanRegiment : 16 Grenadiers nFought at : Drass/Batalikn,C

What are the negatives of globalization?

Alongside the obvious positives, globalization does have some powerful negatives and most of us will be touched by them:,,Wage race to the bottom due to global overcapacity in the production of commodity products like steel or paper or agricultural products like cotton. This means that production shifts to places with the lowest wages and domestic

How do I keep life simple and inexpensive?

Ever heard of these two?,Thatu2019s Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, better collectively known as The Minimalists. Theyu2019ve got an incredibly popular podcast, blog, and series of books devoted to teaching people how to u201clive meaningful lives with less.u201dIu2019ve read and listened to some of their stuff, and theyu2019re brilliant