Is it possible to make a dulce de leche cake that has less calories?

You probably need to specify the question a bit; less that what? Thereu2019s no universal statement of the number of calories in a dulce de leche. My suggestion would be to find a recipe to compare to, and link that, with the question u201cIs it possible to make a dulce de leche that has less kcal than this one?u201d.

What are some cheap decorating ideas for living room walls?

Rearrange the furniture.,Shop your own home for living room ideas on a budget.,Update your walls with artwork.,Add greenery with house plants.,Believe in the power of paint.,Put up (then take down) removable wallpaper.,Or quickly add a mural.,Create a gallery wall.

What would the life of a passenger on the Hindenburg be like?

Flying on the Hindenburg has often been compared to crossing the ocean on a luxury steamship, and though it was certainly the most luxurious aircraft to ever fly, it would be more comparable to a luxury rail journey. To begin with, a ticket on Hindenburg was not cheap. In 1936, the average yearly salary was about $1,800, so for about $450 for a one

What is a lucky color for a business?

Hey there,You should check out Feng Shui colors for business.,Red, for example, connotes energy and creativity. It also stimulates appetite, which is why itu2019s so often used in restaurant logos and decor. Blue connotes trustworthiness and reliability, while green is calming and promotes relaxation.,Hope this helps.,Yours,Smart Business Tipz,PS:,

What kind of website should I make to earn money?

Following are some examples of the most profitable types of websites that you can create right away to generate good permanent income online.,1. E-commerce Websites,2. Blog Websites,3. Entertainment Websites,4. Educational Websites,5. Answers and Questions Websites,6. Social Networking Websites,7. Bio Websites,8. Video or TV Streaming Websites,9. O

What are the best recipes for hollandaise sauce?

Don't bother.,To do it properly is very fiddly and needs too much time (unless you make it all the time).,There is an art to it. Best to save it as something to savour at a fancy restaurant/hotel.,There's a perfectly serviceable mock version that is good for pouring over poached eggs for breakfast or asparagus for brunch/lunch. It will impress all

What are the exemplary designs of TV units to promote the beauty of a living room?

There are many online furniture stores and offline too where you can get the best TV units. like, Pepperfry, Wooden Street, Urban ladder; all in a row. But, I personally prefer and like to suggest Wooden Street to everyone. Before revealing some exemplary designs, do check out Quorau2019s own Best Furniture Ideas .,Yes, Wooden Street provides the b

Why are the elements and principles of design important?

They arenu2019t necessary at all. In fact, although they have been taught for awhile, strong emphasis on them has just occurred during the last decade or so. I think this may be because so many people are turning to artmaking, and they do provide a kind of simple guide.,Thatu2019s all they are - a guide, a checklist of sorts. When you work, you can

What are some of the best ways to decorate a room?

For last 6 years of my life, I have been living states away from my ancestral home because of my job. I have been living in rented accomodations where getting the house painted or wallpaper done is not in my hands. Some of the houses I lived in had leakage in the walls, with parts of them completly eaten or covered in mould/algae. God only knows wh

What is better, a normal HP laptop or an HP Chromebook?

Depends on your usage. This is the one big thing with any u2018Chromebook vs. Xu2019 decision.,If you can do everything you need to do with Googleu2019s apps, a Chromebook will work fine.,If not, you should look for something else.,Itu2019s basically that simple. Yeah, thereu2019s some potential workarounds you can do like running Linux on the Chro

Can I buy decorative fans with light for my bed room and living room? What things to consider while choosing between decorative and normal ceiling fan?

Decide if your ceiling looks more interesting than everything else you have in the room. If your ceiling fan is too fancy, everyone will be looking up at it instead of your furniture and walls. Make sure the fan is rated to move enough air. You do this by measuring the cubic feet of the room and then looking at the fanu2019s rating. Personally, I l

What are social media marketing statistics?

37.2% of people are expected to interact with AR on social media in 2021. According to eMarketer, 30% of users had interactions with AR on social media each month in 2020. This is expected to grow to 37.2% this year. Brands, make sure you're ready to capitalize on this new content trend.nAs of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media

What are some good examples of employee wellness programs?

The best example of corporate wellness program is what the company I work for is having for all of us. I work for PTC India. We have hired Wellness coach Ashwani Deswal to bring experiential wellness program to the people working here. These wellness workshop provided by Mr Ashwani Deswal have been so effective. It feels alive, fresh and just so mu

Which is the most beautiful country in South Asia?

It is very difficult question to answer, every country in the world is beautiful because the mother earth is amazing and universe is mysterious. Well, there are 49 countries in Asia and South Asia has seven countries which are, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Maldives.,Well,Maldives is famous for islands but it is ver

What is the best setup for getting a white background in product photography?

What set up are you using? Are you using white boards or light box/light tent or light table? In any case, as suggested by others you may need an extra light to light the background if you are using white board. Quora is not really suitable to give details about the set ups. Check some youtube videos on how to light products for product photography

What was the currencymedium of exchange of the Hanseatic League? Im guessing it couldnt have been a single currency operation, but what was the more common one used?

In fact, there was a single currency. All of mediaeval Catholic Europe used the same money, at least in theory. This was the denarius, or silver penny, though it was known by different names in different languages - denier in French, dinero in Spanish, denaro in Italian, penny in English, penning in Dutch, and pfennig in German.,The coin had been i

What are some good examples of "life isnt fair"?

I would like to share the story of Sophie LancasterThis is Sophie Lancaster.,This is her boyfriend, Rob Maltby.Now, the first thought of many people would be that they have a goth-like appearance.,Sophie and Rob said they weren't gothics, but just dressed in clothes they liked, did their hair the way they liked it and got some piercings because the

What are the best places to visit in Europe in December?

Forget about Southern Europe. It is warmer than elsewhere in Europe, but not warm enough to enjoy yourself on the beach.,I say bundle up and check out the Christmas markets found in town squares all over France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Where are the best places to live in Sydney?

The best place to live in Sydney really depends on YOU.,Sydney is MASSIVE. It can take you a couple of hours to drive from one edge to the other.,,nSydney even has different climates within it's borders. It's fringed on the east by beaches, where the ocean tends to dampen temperature extremes. As you head west, the ocean has less of an effect, and

What Ketogenic food can I have in India?

Hi,,Some vegetables, fruits and other products you can use on Keto which are available in India:,Cauliflower.,Amul Cheese,Amul Butter,Broccoli,Spinach,Cucumber(in moderation),Watermelon(in moderation),Panner(Cottage Cheese),Chicken,Mutton,Fish,Prawns(in moderation),Strawberries(difficult to find though),Mushrooms,Lemon,Onion(in moderation),Tomatoes