Is this the right time to invest a lump sum amount in a mutual fund?

Honestly, if I were to invest Rs 100 as lumpsum (as on 05-Apr-2019), I would invest Rs 50 as lumpsum and rest as STP over the next 6 to 12 months. Also, would surely start an ongoing SIP to ensure I average out the ups and downs.,To give a perspective, lets consider the upcoming expected Indian and geopolitical situations:,Lok Sabha Elections in In

What are the best social media technology platforms?

It totally depends on your "purpose". Following is the list of major social networks with their best suited purposes: ,1. Twitter is best suited for B2B businesses and publications. 2. LinkedIn should be used by B2B service providers and recruiters. 3. Facebook can be used to promote B2C products, B2C brands and Apps. Mostly companies with visually

Why is it a good idea to invest in both bonds and stocks?

One word: Diversification,The idea is to reduce risk by spreading funds over a variety of financial vehicles, like, as you said stocks and bonds.,Bonds are regarded as a very safe investment (depending on the issuer),Stocks on the other hand are a little riskier.

What can you do with DaVinci Resolve Studio?

Well that is hard to answer, you have to specify if youu2019re asking about basic, advanced or expert features,,If youu2019re just asking about bascis, you can:,exchange audio track, add music to video, edit, delete or add parts to your video, add subtitiles in part of the clip, change colouring, filter audio noise, set higher/lower volume to audio

How can I use WhatsApp on my laptop without using my phone? I cannot verify my number.

How to Use WhatsApp From a Computer or laptop.Download Thin BlueStacks App Player. To use Whatsapp in PC or Laptop, you need to Install an Android Emulator called as BlueStacks App Player.,Install BlueStacks App Player.,(It takes time for installing so wait for 10u201315 minutes)Now open bluestack application.,Sign in using your email idI'd,Now ins

What is the best travel place for couples?

There tons of places to go. If you got some budget, Maldives is the perfect choice! An alternative is Boracay islands of the Philippines but right now Itu2019s closed. You can also go to Mooney Falls in Arizona if you are in the States. Paris, France If you like to have an exquisite date. I donu2019t know why but some of my friends are heading towa

What are the different types of social media networks?

Letu2019s clarify..,Social media: It is internet based electronic communication otherwise it is a computer based technology that is used to share Thoughts, information,ideas and images etcu2026,some examples are:,1.Social network: Includes Facebook, twitter, linkedin.,2.Media sharing networks : It includes snapchat, youtube, instagram.,3.Discussion

What are the best GoPro Hero 7 black settings for mountain biking?

Iu2019d stick with 1080p and 60 frames per second, and make sure youu2019ve enabled hypersmooth. Turn off voice command and gps to preserve the battery. Bring spare batteries if youu2019re going to shoot for more than an hour.,A bar mount or chest mount brings the viewpoint down closer to the action, but a helmet mount shows more of the surrounding

How do I decide if I should become a Psychiatrist, Psychiatric nurse Practitioner, clinical or Counseling psychologist, or therapist? I know the general difference between the careers, but not in much detail.

A psychiatrist went to medical school and specialized in psychiatry. If you have the opportunity, ability, and money to do this, this is the one you want. You would make much more money.,Nurse practitioners are like underpaid doctors, they are able to prescribe medication and have extensive schooling. Typically they start as a registered nurse, get

How fast is Hyderabad growing in terms of economy?

Hyderabad is one of the most fastest growing city in the world ,infact itu2019s ranked second only to Bangalore with 8.47%growth rate other cities include Surat,agra and Bangalore with 9.2%, 8.7%& 8.5%respectively.,ECONOMY:Recently Amazon has build the largest campus outside the U.S.(largest in entire india)and these campus can accommodate 25,000 w

How do I improve my English communication?

I can tell you what worked for me.,I was a non-english medium student throughout the school. If you know hindi, you would understand- I am one of those who have studied u2018Time period of simple pendulumu2019 as u2018u0938u0930u0932 u0932u094bu0932u0915 u0915u093e u0906u0935u0930u094du0924u0915u093eu0932u2019. ;D,College curriculum wasn't easy to

What makes a strong income statement and balance sheet?

Some of these may be slightly subjective and are my opinion and what I look for. Remember, these financial statements do have limitations as they can be a snapshot in time, there can be timing differences, and accounting rules not reflecting economic reality and value. These are indications that a company will thrive and stay in business, though th

What is the eeriest thing found on or in the ocean?

Ever heard of the Goblin Shark? They look pretty normal at first. Sharp teeth but they have a long snout and when they open their mouth to eat, the jaw protrudes out far. People think theyu2019re ugly-creepy. Itu2019s a good thing theyu2019re rare! ( I would show a picture but not working :/),Second would be a frilled shark. They look sort of like

How do you keep empanadas crispy?

Baking them helps. But dependent upon how much wet meat filling is in the center makes a difference. If fried they tend to absorb moisture from the oil in the crust a bit faster. Not much you can do but rebake them to reheat them.

Whatu2019s the best spaghetti sauce recipe that will rival all others?

My favourite is from the film u201cThe Godfatheru201d.,Francis Ford Coppola added the recipe to the sauce cooking scene because he didnu2019t know how well the movie would do and by putting in the scene, if people didnu2019t like the movie, at least theyu2019d leave knowing how to make a decent red sauce.,Itu2019s very simple, and very good.,Some a

How far is Clearwater Beach from Orlando?

You've gotten your answer several times over, but I want to add some info about traffic. During rush hour, the bridge from I4 to St Pete/Clearwater can sometimes back up, so keep that in mind. Also, mind the Disney and theme park traffic that can be quite heavy at times.,If you are coming from ocoee/winter garden or something in that vicinity you m

How do I score a 95+ in class 12 board economics?

Hey there,So economics trouble started huh?,First of all friend i would like to suggest you..not to run behind marks instead try to run behind your syllabus(try to complete it in minimum time).. marks will automatically catch your pace.,Great..well one can easily score a good percent of marks in economics it becomes more easier for the person if he

How many calories are in a Dunkinu2019 Munchkin?

Iu2019m surprised you didnu2019t do an online searchnu2018Dunkin Munchkin caloriesu2019,Hereu2019s one result,u201cOne Munchkin contain between 60 and 90 calories, on average.u201dnAnd here is a starting point to make your own healthy, no-bake, vegan, gluten-free version

What does it mean if my debit is higher than my credit?

If you look at the statement, you will see one entry, balance brought forward. Then there will be credits and debits. At the end, the balance will be shown and if needed, will be carried over to the next statement.,Individual credits and debits can vary and you may find one debit bigger than the previous credit. That does not matter if the net bala

How do you install outdoor living space?

Many times we get our home renovated so it becomes a task to sit inside the living room and that is when people relish sitting outside the home. Often people call this outdoor living space a patio and this would make your home look beautiful.,Now it is not a modern home decor addition but if you are more into industrial designs then you would love

How I can decorate a corner in the living room in a small budget?

Cheap Living Room DecorThere are ample options available in the home decor market to level up your game of home improvement. There are sophisticated options, but the cheaper options are way more easy and accessible. Let us know some of the best options available today.,Rearranging furnitureCreating focal pointArtistic wall shelfDIY wall artRepainti

What do you think of Prince Harry saying social media is creating a crisis of hate?

Deanna, anything for you!,As we already know, Prince Harry has asked social media companies to redesign digital platforms that have u201ccreated the conditions for a crisis of hate.u201d,Letu2019s go back to 2018, the year of Prince Harryu2019s wedding. During this time, Prince Harry had been chosen as the most popular member of the Royal Family, n

What are the basic aspects of Indian law that every Indian should know?

I have written what I feel are important things most people are unaware of and should know. I have tried to cover most important branches of law. n nThis is based on my experience of past two years and I am likely to edit this answer in a few days to add more points - n nFirst thing - n n1. Ignorance of law is no defence - n nIn the court of law, y

How do I read a tape measure in CM?

Only three countries in all of the world still donu2019t have metric measuring system; Liberia, Burma and USA. How about that for being equal.,Cm is ( centimetre ) one hundredth of a metre and metre is one thousand mm (millimetres) so one Cm is ten mm,1mm x 10 = cm 1cm x10= dm 1dm x 10= 1m