What would happen if I eat a sweet potato for breakfast?

Eat the sweet potato. Savor the sweet potato. Whou2019s going to tell you that you should not eat THAT for breakfast and hold you to it?,Come to think of it, I average at least one sweet potato breakfast per week. Leftover mashed sweet potato from dinner the night before is stirred into a muffin batter. Baked with pastry whole wheat, old fashioned

What is the best beach for swimming in Texas?

We love Schlitterbahn South Padre because you float everywhere-you are in lines in the water!nLanda park spring fed pools in New Braunfuls is so much fun!nRoaring Springs Ranch also has a spring fed pool and beautiful scenery and camping

How do you track a Western Union money order online?

goto www.WesternUnion.com. DONu2019T SIGN-IN, but go to the menu, which is in the top right. ONCE YOU CLICK ON THAT A DROP DOWN MENU SHOULD APPEAR, with the 2nd option as, track transfer. Select that. A new page will open asking for the MCTN = tracking number ( should be in the email you received or on the receipt)(10 digits)

What is a disturbing fact most people are unaware of?

Death by Fashion: How Victorian Mourning Veils Could Kill YouWho knew that grieving for a loved one could lead to oneu2019s own demise.,In 19th-century America, mourning the death of a family member or friend was a highly structured ritual. Following strict rules of mourning dress and etiquette supposedly demonstrated oneu2019s sincerity and Christ

What does too much baking soda do to cookies?

One -too much soda makes cookies puff quickly then immediately deflate into cow pie looking cookies. They spread out thinly. Too much makes them taste terrible, like metal and leaves a weird semi sour taste in the mouth. This also happens if too much baking powder or other leavening is used, flat and bitter.

Which countries can a UK passport holder travel to visa free?

Complete List of UK Passport Visa Free Countries to Visit 2019P,Complete List of UK Passport Visa Free Countries to Visit 2019,This blog post contains affiliate links and ads. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The words and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. Read more info on our Disclosure policy.,E

What is your definition of the consultant toolkit?

Hereu2019s a consultant toolkit that I rely on:,Microsoft Office (particularly Word, Powerpoint, and Excel),Pitch deck,Consultant CVs,Discussion letter template,Proposal template,Costing worksheets,Master professional services agreement template,Management services agreement template (for interim management arrangements),Kickoff deck template,Works

What are your tips for mountain hiking beginner?

Youu2019ll find coming down much harder on the upper thighs and knees than going up. Enjoy going up. Pack properly, keep the weight on your hip belt and the weight close to your body (tight-ish shoulder straps)

If youre retired (60+), how would you design or fix your home to meet your needs?

I just did this and I am hoping my answer, with pictures, may be of use to others faced with my situation.,In the United States better than 1/2 the population will soon be at retirement age; yet, most of our homes are NOT suitable for older people, especially those with disabilities.I am a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair. My old house was a raised

Whats the difference between Grand Central Station and Grand Central Terminal?

It's worth noting that the word "terminal" is related to "terminus," meaning "at the end" - it's the end of the line. Trains cannot pass through Grand Central, they can only go out the same way they came in. They can reverse direction through what's called a "balloon" loop, but they cannot continue to any locations past Grand Central Terminal.,Tech

How do people view Asian countries?

A Pakistani here. This is how I look at Asian countries (in alphabetical order).,Afghanistan: A country severely affected due to Afghan wars and terrorism. Afghanistan is known for Mazar Sharif and Buddha statue in Bamiyan.,Armenia: Genocide of Amenians by Ottomans still one of the most discussed topic of modern time. Armenia has disputes with Azer

What are your views on light rail in Denver?

Whatu2019s Google Images best SEO ranking factor?,Ready to work in BoulderA few months back RTD opened up one of the routes and the local news (Channel 9?) aired day after day, after day, after day of coverage about the Lightrail running a little late the first week they opened the new route. That entire week they did nothing but cover the RTD sche

I just purchased a gift online from the Walmart wedding registry. However, the registry isnt updating to show that the item is no longer available. What can I do to make sure someone else doesnt buy this same gift from Walmart?

If you cannot remove the gift from the registry manually, maybe refresh the page and see if that updates the list. If all else fails, send out an email to the other guests and let them know that item has been bought.,Then I'd contact Walmart and let them know there's a glitch in the wedding registry they need to take a look at.

What are the ingredients of McDonalds Sausage McMuffin?

English McMuffin:CONTAINS WHEATEnriched Flour ( Wheat Flour , Malted Barley Flour , Niacin , Iron , Thiamine , Riboflavin , Folic Acid ) , Water , Yeast , Yellow Corn Meal ( Degermed Yellow Corn Meal and Corn Flour ) , Contains 2 % or Less : Sugar , Soybean Oil , Salt , Dough Conditioners ( Mono- , Di- and Tricalcium Phosphate , DATEM , Ascorbic Ac

How would 2 gallons 3 cups 8 tbsp be represented in hexadecimal notation? Im in the US.

A common question in computer science training is to use fractional hexadecimal to do something, and US gallons seems to work.,1 US gallon breaks down into 2 half gallons, 4 quarts, 8 pints, 16 cups, 128 fluid ounces, or 256 tablespoons. Iu2019m sure you recognize all these as powers of 2.,See this example:,Bill Spencer's answer to How many cups an

What are the best architecture designs?

This is one of my ongoing projects. The site is 40x45 feet. I must say this is one of my best designs considering the size of plot and the budget.,we have worked out with the best of natural ventilation and spacious rooms.,What makes it a good design?,,01. The design made an impact in clientu2019s life/thinking positively.,02. Client and Visitors a

Mrs goh baked 15 as many chocolate muffins as walnut muffins. She also baked 23 as many chocolate chip muffins as banana muffins. If she baked a total of 120 muffins, how many chocolate chip muffins did she bake?

total of 120 muffins,c + w + b = 120,Express everything as c,1/5 as many chocolate muffins as walnut muffins,c = w/5,w = 5c u2026substitute into c + w + b = 120,2/3 as many chocolate chip muffins as banana muffins,c = 2b/3,2b = 3c,b = 3c/2 u2026substitute into c + w + b = 120,_______,c + 5c + 3c/2 = 120,2c + 10c + 3c = 240,15c = 240,c = 16,Ans 16 c

How do I get paid while on FMLA?

If youu2019re a rich democrat govt employee you can get FMLAnIf not you probably wont get FMLA UNLESS YOU LIVE INnPaid Family Leave: 10 statesu2014California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washingtonu2014and the District of Columbia currently offer paid family and medical leave. All

What do pre-colonial Philippine cities look like?

u201cLittle organic houses.u201d,In 2018, I did a walking tour of the old Spanish settlement of Intramuros, Manila. The tour guide, Carlos Celdran (RIP) said that this is what the Spanish saw when they first set foot in the islands. Apparently there is not much in the way of natural sources of rocks for buildings in these parts. So houses were made

What equipment is needed for micro-photography?

I am assuming you mean u201cmicrou201d photographyu201d and not u201cmacrou201d photography. They are two different types of photography. Micro photography refers to anything that is generally larger than 20:1. Yes, thatu2019s it. The subject looks at least twenty times bigger on your camera's sensor than it does in real life.,To start with, you ne

My mother had a dream where there was a big fish on the dining table. Taking into account that we are currently going through a rough time financially, what is the interpretation of this dream in IslamSufism?

Big fish on the dininig table with its food ready to serve in a dream means blessings, accepting an invitation to dinner or lunch, financial comfort, status and winning victory over one's enemy. In this case, one's enemy is hunger. The food placed on the table represents a booty. Clearing the dinner table in a dream means cessation of comfort and b

What is the difference between accounts payable and notes payable?

An account in the popular ledger, which is mainly used to record purchases of goods and services on credit, is called account payable.,In the companyu2019s ledger, notes payable are a liability. When a company lacks cash, it may issue a bank draft note to a commercial institution or a vendor to borrow funds.,A note payable account is credited in th

What happens when you eat expired food?

Well, in the worst-case scenario, you can get food poisoning. And that's no fun. ,Having said that, most food lasts a bit after the date printed on it - particularly if you store it well. But you want to be careful and use common sense, and possibly give your food a smell test.,There's also a difference between food labeled "best by", "sell by", or

What are some great recipes for Italian chicken?

Not your typical Italian.,Tuscan Thighs6 chicken thighs,6 cloves garlic, minced,2 shallots, minced,2 t dry rosemary,4 T olive oil,2 T Dijon mustard,2 T lemon juice,2 t lemon zest,Place thighs in a baking dish. Mix the remaining ingredients and spread over the thighs. Marinate for several hours. Bake uncovered at 350u00b0 for about 40 min.

Is Portugal a Mediterranean country?

Overall I would say that portugal cannot be defined as a mediterranean Country or at least as exclusively mediterranean. The Atlantic has always exerted some kind of magnetism in the country and explained many of itu2019s strategic options throughout history.,The Craddle of the Country, the Minho and Douro Regions, are geographically and culturally