How to write reply to email for interview?

Ideally, by saying something like u201cOK, thanks, just what I was hoping for. Iu2019ll be there, at [place] at [time] on [date]u201d.,The interview request is exactly what you have been looking for. What i your hesitation about giving an immediate agreement?

What does it mean when Facebook Messenger says "if you reply, the person will be able to call you and see information like your active status and when youve read messages"? How do I remove this notice?

This is simply a warning from Facebook about what will happen if you choose to reply to this personu2019s message.,You only receive this warning when someone you arenu2019t friends with ( a u201cstrangeru201d) sends you a message. When you see this warning you have two choices:,1 - Simply ignore the message,If you choose to ignore this message the

What are some lasagna recipes without ricotta cheese?

Just donu2019t use it. Apart from Neapolitan lasagne di carnevale I donu2019t remember any other lasagne that use ricotta (but I may be wrong). This said, most usually I make lasagne alla bolognese: egg dough lasagne, ragu00f9 alla bolognese, bechamel sauce, freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano, all layered until you run out of ingredients.,But you c

How can I get started in astrophotography with a DSLR mounted to my telescope?

This is one of those things that's hard to answer without more details... and when you first start out, there's a lot you don't know and a lot you don't know that you don't know.,First off, it takes more than just a camera and a telescope to to AP. IN fact, the single most important piece of equipment is your mount. You can have a million dollar ca

How do I get more views on a YouTube cheat?

You canu2019t just cheat your way in youtube, getting views, can sometimes be done using clickbaiting but to get the long term views and get that audience that will actually get you money. you need quality content and that is how top youtubers do it

Which is the best food in the world?

The best food is u2018Indian Food' u2026 in Malaysia!!!The culinary tradition of the ethnic Indian communities in Malaysia gave rise to the Malaysian-Indian cuisine. Makeovers of authentic dishes from India, as well as original food inspired by the cultural diversity of Malaysia, this is the best kind of food to enjoy in Malaysia. For a non Indian

Can you use a regular printer to print on a photo paper?

Thank you for the A2A.,It depends if the photo paper is a laser photo paper or an inkjet photo paper. A photo paper must be used with its respective printer. If a laser photo paper is used on an inkjet printer, the print quality would be poor as it is not designed to hold ink well. There is a chance for an inkjet photo paper to burn in a laser prin

Who is the best photographer of all time?

My favourite photographer is Steve McCurry.,His oeuvres have set the benchmark for photojournalism. He earned his recognition when his photograph u201c The Afghan Girl u201c got published in the National Geographic magazine. It created a worldwide outrage and became the face of Amnesty International.People started refering it to as the modern Monal

What is the best type of government?

In my opinion:,Benevolent Dictatorship/Authoritarian: and the leader takes ideas from expert people of their field before taking any final decision in any major issue

My cellphone seems to be overheating, why is that?

Based on my experience ,,I have an iphone 5 which I already jailbroke. It was fine when I installed a few tweaks , but as i add more tweaks, my phone got hotter. I did put a tweak to monitor my phone temperature ( it was like above 40C when i'm using it ) . My battery also started to drain very quickly .,After uninstalling some tweaks, my phone was

Whats the coolest thing you saw in the Galapagos?

The coolest thing I saw, by far, was Diego.,Diego has almost single-handedly saved his species from extinction. 50 years ago, there were just 15 of chelonoidis hoodensis left. Diego has since fathered 800 offsprings. 800!,I also captured him in action, with the photo above, as well as this one:,(What is this, foreplay?),The second coolest thing was

What is your favorite cocktail recipe?

So many classics. Hereu2019s a few from my own shaker, so to speak.,Cafe IbicencoOne for a morning after after a long night on the white isle.,3 measures of freshly made cafetiere coffee, strained rapidly through ice, to cool it down.,2 measures of good sherry brandy,1 measure of Patron XO Cafe,Put all in shaker, stir over ice, serve in a chilled e

Do home security video cameras record?

Yes or no.,Yes, if the video cameras are connected either to your computer, FTP server, cloud, SD card or NVR/DVR, you can configure the cameras (mostly IP cameras) to record motion or continuously to your computer, FTP server, cloud, SD card or NVR/DVR.,How Can you Store Footage and Video RecordingsGenerally speaking, you can store footage and rec

What is your most effective method for getting a cheap flight?

Iu2019ve taken u201cquite a fewu201d (300+) flights, 90% of them with low-cost airlines. I wasnu2019t given free drinks and food, but I paid for flights $10 instead of $1000. How?,First of all, I always used some special search engines. My favourite one, that works well with low-cost airlines mainly in Europe, is Azair. You can make several set-ups

What is the location of Palawan, and how does this Island compare to Hawaii?

Palawan is a long narrow island in the southeast of the Philippines.,The good: Some nice restaurants in Puerto Princessa and in El Nido. Beautiful mountains coming out of the ocean in El Nido. Very fun to rent a kayak and kayak around El Nido. They provide tours to see some beautiful (but very crowded) locations. The Underground River outside of Pu

What is the most epic thing anyone has ever done?

Greed for saving 700 per year cost 19 lacs :,This is a real-time learning from an incident happened with a man who is a real estate businessman., * A sales guy pretending to be a sales manager of leading newspaper came to his house.n * Offered him a free subscription to HT newspaper for 1 year, saying that this house number is selected from the lis

What is a good Italian spaghetti recipe?

Boil a large pot of salted water to a boil (or boil and then add salt, it doesnu2019t matter, although there are people who will say it does. Adam Ragusea recently did a test and found it makes no difference),Add the spaghetti.,Cook until al dente (see the package, time will vary) or, if you are going to finish cooking it in the sauce, a little les

How do I prepare financial statements of a company from an excel exported trial balance?

Having done this recently, the conceptual summary of the process is below. Your circumstances are individual so it can be simpler or much more complex, there is no way for me to know.,Make sure accounts are locked and will not change, as the trial balance becomes the foundation on which all the accounts are prepared.,Make sure that your trial balan

What is the importance of quantitative research?

The only worthwhile research is quantitative research. While some research may have to do with qualitative subjects, if it is not done in an organized way its results will be less trustworthy. We are in the modern world increasingly demanding that our daily information be based on some approach with scientific accuracy. Our weather reports are esse

What is the most diverse country in nature in the world?

This place stretches for 3000 km in length and width.,7th largest, but nothing compares what it contains.,This is India.,India speaks about 800 languages, about which 20 are major, and each differs from the other. Apart from Hindi,,You have Kashmiri, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri, Pahari, Rajasthani, Sindhi in the North.,Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, in the t