What camera can I use to record YouTube videos if I only have a budget of $200?

Youu2019ve actually got hundreds of choices. Go to ebay. Theyu2019ve got DV and even full HD camcorders for way under $100. Youu2019ll need accessories, but I see no reason why crude YouTube videos canu2019t be shot with $200 of equipment. Donu2019t spend over half on the camera itself. Try to spend closer to $50. Youu2019ll need the rest for tripo

Does the US really need 11 aircraft carriers if no other country has more than two?

Hereu2019s some circular reasoning that feeds on itself to make the point that the USA must have a large fleet of the worldu2019s largest super-carriers due to simple geographic and economic reasonsu2014it has nothing to do with American arrogance. There is nothing especially nuts or arrogant about Americansu2014any other culture with our geographi

What are healthy carbohydrates, foods, and fruits?

Vegetables. All of them. ...,Whole fruits. Apples, bananas, strawberries, etc.,Legumes. Lentils, kidney beans, peas, etc.,Nuts. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, etc.,Seeds. Chia seeds and pumpkin seeds.,Whole grains. ...,Tubers.

What are some rare photos that cant be explained?

Photographs of the gaping hole in the North Tower taken on 9/11 show a woman, identified as Edna Cintron, at the edge of the building waving for help. You can spot her on the right side of the image.,How Cintron managed to survive the initial impact of the plane into the building has never been explained.,Crazy enough there's a shirtless guy on the

How will life be in Dubai for an Indian?

I am Indian and have been staying in Dubai for over 2 years now. I moved here after I got married. I find that life is very fast here as compared to India but overall it has been a great experience. When I first moved here, I was amazed to see so many Indians here. The place is mostly dominated by Malayalis. I will try to explain few points for Ind

What is half of a 14 cup in tablespoons?

From another question;,Think of tablespoon to cup measurements like this:,A quarter is four,Half is eight,Full is sixteen,A third is five and a third (can round up or down),So half of 1/4 is 1/8 so 2 tbsp,However if you want to be exact stop using cups and go by real measurements :)

How do I find the correlation coefficient on a TI 84?

In order to find the correlation coefficient, you have to make sure that the u201cSTATDIAGNOSTICSu201d field is turned ON. Below in the second figure, I have turned on this field.,.,Of course, you have to enter data into the lists and then run a linear regression.,.,Now after you have run the linear regression, the correlation coefficient will appe

What are some good examples of "How is this legal?" Not just things that you do not like, but things that really should be against the law but that are not, at least in certain places.

Patent TrollingI knew shell companies existed, but I didnu2019t know often times they serve multiple purposes than just holding assets. Some keep cash to avoid paying taxes, and some, well some outright sue people over a u201cpatentu201d they have the rights to.,u201cIn pejorative usage, a patent troll is a person or company that attempts to enforc

What are the latest kitchen interior design trends in 2021?

The kitchen is one of the most used space in my home and other homes too. So, every homeowner like me aspires to have a trendy kitchen. The kitchen trends keep changing with time. Some of the major kitchen interior design trends of 2021 that I have been following are indicated here for your information.,u00b7,Kitchen colors u2013 The red, emerald g

How many grams is a teaspoon of sugar?

According to webmd,,One teaspoon of granulated sugar equals 4 grams of sugar. To put it another way, 16 grams of sugar in a product is equal to about 4 teaspoons of granulated sugar.

What travel destination is not worth the money?

Meteor Crater.All throughout my childhood, I was led to believe that this place was an amazing, must-see attraction that would blow your mind! I was enthralled! I begged my parents to go to Meteor Crater.,Then, my parents announced that we were taking a trip around northern Arizona, and they asked me what I wanted to see.,u201cMETEOR CRATER!u201d I

What do you enjoy most about Halloween?

Halloween has always been in my top three favorite Holidays.,Women Dressed Up As Witches On Halloween - Image Courtesy Of Hairboutique - All Rights ReservedWhat I enjoy most about Halloween includes, but isnu2019t limited to, the following:,Anyone from infants to adults of any age, race, ethnic background or culture can dress up in any costume whic

Why doesnt Dunkinu2019 Donuts make Boston cream munchkins?

That would be super tedious. See, Boston Creme donuts aren't shipped out to the stores with the cream in themu2014they just give you the donut part, and people behind the counter ice the donut and fill it with the cream.,Imagine standing around filling hundreds and hundreds of tiny little donut balls with creme. That would take forever.,Though I wi

What exactly is Shutterfly photo book?

A Shutterfly photo book is a customized book made from photos, personalized text, graphics, and backgrounds. It is printed on a modern digital press, and bound with a hard or soft cover. Book sizes at Shutterfly range from 6x6 inches to 11x14 inches. Most Shutterfly photo books are printed on HP Indigo digital presses, which use liquid electrophoto

What surprised Americans the most about European food culture?

Oh dear.,My dad (American) always complains about food in Europe when he goes there. I donu2019t know about other countries, but in Belgium and Netherlands, dinner is usually, if not always, u201cpotatoes, meat and veggies.u201d He always complains about lack of variety in Europe, which is something he never expected. And if he wanted u201cto get s

What time is it in Los Angeles?

Current time in India,12:20 PM Wednesday December 3, 2020.,Current time in Los Angeles is,10:50 PM Tuesday December 2, 2020,It means Los Angeles time lagging by 14:30 hours.

How difficult is it to get to Challenger Deep?

The Challenger Deep is the deepest known point in the Earth's seabed hydrosphere, with a depth of 10,902 to 10,929 m by direct measurement from deep-diving submersibles, remotely operated vehicles and benthic landers and slightly more by sonar bathymetry.Challenger Deep takes its name from the H.M.S. Challenger, a 19th century Royal Navy ship that

What is the most disturbing thing youve seen while camping?

Undoubtedly, that would be the time a bear tried to rape and probably kill me.,In the Spring of 1971, when I was just turning 16, my mother began badgering me about my Summer plans, and soon we had me signed up for a 7 week bicycle trip through the Canadian Rockies.,Iu2019d been on a shorter and far less rugged bicycle trip the previous Summer, dur

Can pre-sliced pieces of pecan pie be frozen in freezer bags? If so, for how long?

It really depends on how well you sealed the bag. Just putting it in a freezer bag would add a little bit more time, but the most you can expect is about TWO MONTHS and still keep most of itu2019s quality.,(from Stetted),But if you want to be sure that itu2019s at the same quality more or less after two months, the only way to be absolutely sure ab

How is the hierarchy level designed from entry level to MD level in any organization?

Thank you for A2A!,The hierarchy levels of the employeesu2019 designation vary from industry to industry, below I have described in brief u201cThe hierarchy of an Investment Bank.u201dThe specific order or titles might vary a little from firm to firm, but the standard investment banking career order includes:,u00b7 Investment Banking Analyst,u00b7

What is the current time in Japan?

What is the current time in Japan? Eye-widenening time. JAPAN SANK. Eyes of Japanese widened in awe. Japanese move to the Far East of Russia. Info according to saint Elder Antoniy from Russia; forgive me.

What can you cook?

I can assure you these images belong to me, I have cooked them myself with no help whatsoever despite what people close to me might sayu2026,BreakfastA simple Sunny Side up & Toasted Bread with more butter than I should probably have put considering i want to lose some weightu2026,LunchHoney and garlic Shrimp along with some Asian Sriracha Chicken,

Why dont we have mandatory military service in the United States?

Let's be blunt. The majority of males can't serve. The Pentagon says 71 percent of Americau2019s 34 million 17-24 year old population would fail to qualify for enlistment. The military doesn't accept you if you don't meet the height and weight requirements. It's a no go if you are a felon. ADHD medications during the last year? You are a no go. Can

How much math do you need for a PhD in economics? Is calc 1-3, discrete math, linear algebra, differential equations, real analysis, and 2 courses in probability & statistics enough? Will I struggle without a full BS in math as some have suggested?

This is a digest of an ongoing conversation I have been having with Stuart Baran in various posts and comments. I may be the economist but Stuart knows how to draw it out of me, thank you Stuart.,Economic Mathematics needed to be successful in an Economics PhD program; not only do you need to know this for a test, you need to know it so well that y

What creates market segmentation?

There are mainly Internal & External Factors that Affect Market Segmentation:,Internal Factors includes:-Strengths & Philosophies,Organizational Culture,Operational Issues,Human Resource,Organizational objectives,2. External Factors includes:-Competition,Economic Culture,Market Dynamics,Changing technology,New Trend, fashion, Preference