How are mortgage interest rates calculated?

Iu2019ll dispel a couple of myths first.,The lender does not decide what your rate will be. The odds are extremely high that they will sell your loan on the secondary mortgage market. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the best-known participants, but there are others. Fannie and Freddie buy funded loans from mortgage companies, then pool them into Mor

What is the proudest of yourself youu2019ve ever been at your father-in-lawu2019s house?

I was told by my mother-in-law I was a bad cook, she'd never tasted my cooking. I heard her tell many people how bad it was. She always demanded we bring a covered dish to every craptacular. I was usually told everyone refused to eat it.,Once she called and specifically told me to make potato salad with mayo. She looked over her list and no one was

How long do you have to be married to a veteran to get benefits?

After I retired my former wife hired an attorney to start a case for 50% of my military retirement. I did the research and came across a Regulation that stated: (Paraphrasing),for a former wife to file a claim to obtain a percentage of a retire service member they must be married for 10 consecutive years without a break to qualify.,My attorney sent

How will "Medicare-for All" be funded? The average U.S household already pays 24% in collective income taxes, increasing the tax rate wouldnt be very popular.

Yes, people are taxed a lot, but the cost of healthcare is pretty staggering too. The median family income in 2017 rose to a bit over $61,000 per year. The expected average out of pocket cost between premiums, copays and deductibles for a family of four for 2018 is about $12,300. Assuming wages went up the past two yearsu2014which they didu2014this

What are the most beautiful places in India?

This is my personal travel experience.,Also known as u2018Switzerland of India',some argue it's much better than Switzerland, this place located at about 14,000ft above sea level is a place everyone should visit. Yes! I'm talking about Leh-Ladakh.,The journey towards Leh itself is the evidence of the beauty, awe of this place.,This picture is taken

How do you make chicken piccata?

Chicken Piccata is one of the most delicious entrees mankind has ever created! Heat up a pan on medium heat and let it get right. Add the oil with 3 or 4 thinly sliced pieces of floured up boneless chicken breasts ready to be fried.,Cook the first side until golden brown and flip. Add a few large pinches of garlic with salt and pepper. Let that coo

How do I create a YouTube channel in Mobile 2021 and earn money?

How To Create A Youtube Channel In Mobile Bangla 2021 And Make Money OnlineIn this video, we will learn how to create a youtube channel in mobile Bangla 2021. I explain to youtube new updates and future videos, many people how to open a youtube channel on mobile if you want to start a youtube journey how to create a youtube channel on a Bangla andr

How can I edit raw camera images in GIMP photo editing software?

There is (or used to be) an open-source project called camera raw. That is how I used to deal with RAW images before I bought the much lamented bibble (which sadly was sold to Corel, better known as Black Dwarf). If the reason for your enquiry is that you want to process RAW images on Linux, then look at RawTherapee (I did, and stayed away, but YMM

What are some examples of the monetary policy?

Congress has directed the Fed to conduct the nation's monetary policy to support three specific goals: maximum sustainable employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates. The Fed seeks to achieve these goals by influencing interest rates and general financial conditions. Other federal reserves such as the German Bundesbank has a m

Do phone cameras distort peopleu2019s faces?

In simple consumer friendly terms, yes.,The main camera in every smartphone is using a wide-angle lens. In fact, the latest are in the 24u201326mm range, in 35mm/full frame equivalence. Very wide, if not quite in ultra-wide territory yet. Why? Because they can get away with a 4u20135mm focal length, allowing them to make an 8mm thick phone. As the

What it is like to quit your job and travel the world?

I would like to tweak the question a bit, because my travels were only within India and not the world.,So, I shall talk about my 10,000 km journey across India, which I have already written partially in the 'Insights On India' blog, here is the link - What Kind of an IAS Officer Should One Aspire to be? - Akand SitraI had quit my job in October 201

Based on my Feng Shui chart, what would be the best directions for me to move?

Hello Nikola,,Thank you for the A22.,Based on the fact you were born on December 15, 1994 in Belgrade, Serbia, your Feng Shui or Kua number is #6.,Your #6 is based on the following formula for a male born in 1994.,1+9+9+4 = 22 = 4n10u20134 = 6 = West KuaThe #6 symbolizes large metal (bridges, large metal building or similar),Best & Most Potent Ener

Can you uproot and replant a grown palm tree?

Yes, it is done all the time. That is how newly built resorts in Las Vegas, Florida, California and other subtropical to tropical locations have big palm trees right from the get go. Palms are much more resilient to being dug up when mature than other types of trees. This has to do with their fibrous root system and lack of a tap root. Their roots

What is it like to raise a kid in New York City?

My wife and I are raising 2 girls in NY. My eldest is 4. She was born at Beth Israel on the LES while we lived in Park Slope BK. My youngest is 1. She was born at Columbia Presbyterian in Washington Heights and weu2019re currently living in Riverdale, BX. Raising kids in NYC is a mixed bag. I was raised in NYC (we moved here when I was 2) - but und

What would happen if I eat a sweet potato for breakfast?

Eat the sweet potato. Savor the sweet potato. Whou2019s going to tell you that you should not eat THAT for breakfast and hold you to it?,Come to think of it, I average at least one sweet potato breakfast per week. Leftover mashed sweet potato from dinner the night before is stirred into a muffin batter. Baked with pastry whole wheat, old fashioned

How are beans on a keto diet?

I would avoid them while cutting weight. Add them back in sparingly when you want to maintain weight. They are a bit u201ccarby.u201d

Is Titanic the biggest ship ever?

u201cIs Titanic the biggest ship ever?u201dNope, not even close.,I tried to post the chart several times in different ways but it wouldnu2019t format correctly so youu2019ll have to look it up in the link below.,Giants of the Sea: How Modern Cruise Ships Size Up to the TitanicRMS u2018Titanicu2018 was 46,328 GRT (Gross Registered Tons), 882 feet lo

What are the best home designs?

u200b,Before you wonder what's so special about this house, hazard a guess as to when was this made?,1990s... No..nMaybe the 80s... Not really..,It was built in 1927. A prominent monument based on the Bauhaus school of design thinking, this is the house of Le Corbusier. ,His semi-detached house, built in 1927, is typical of the architectural style

What are some great mid-range smartphones to buy in 2021?

The best mid-range smartphones you can buyOnePlus 8T: An exceptional phone at a fantastic price.,iPhone SE (2020): Apple's best-value iPhone.,Samsung Galaxy M31: Best for battery life.,Google Pixel 4a: The best mid-range camera.,OnePlus Nord: A flawless flagship killer.

What are the best ways to make Nestle toll house cookies soft?

If you look at the Toll House recipe, you will see it calls for 2 u00bc cups of flour. Increase it to 2 u00bd cups. Then you can either make a bar cookie or drop the cookies. You make the bar cookie by spreading the dough over a greased cookie sheet and baking. When it comes out and cools, you can then cut the single piece into bars. If you make dr

Whats beyond minimalism in design?

Blivand. Blivand design, that isu2014inspired by Hectu00f3re Blivand.,Blivand is a fashion designer (not just of clothes) who passes Minimalist and keeps going. Little else is known about him; he isn't big on claiming credit for his work.,Here's a clock he designed:, I'm surprised it has hands. :) Game designer David Sirlin wrote about Blivand's de

What are the best ways to make asparagus?

Trim the ends, throw it all on a baking tray, then drizzle olive oil (lemon infused if you have it) all over them, make sure they are coated, and use some salt and pepper.,Throw them into a 350F oven.,Wait until the tips start to look crispy. Like browning crispy.,Take them out and enjoy.

What are some small things to make home a better place?

u201cMy home where currently I am living is a small 2 BHK government quarter. I did few things to make my homeu2019s look and feel better and lively.. I would like to share those u201dPlease note that this is my personal choice and people often admire the way I keep my home..I hope you all will like it,Go for vibrant color combination for walls.I c

What are three examples of renewable resources?

I think human stupidity is an unexhaustible resource, and your question makes the point again if it ever was needed.,Before asking a question on Quora, make sure it hasnu2019t already been answered :

What is accounting standard?

Accounting standards are those standards which are used for financial reporting and are authoritative in nature. They are the primary source of generally accepted accounting principles also known as GAAP.,These standards specify how transactions and other events are to be recognized, measured, presented and disclosed in financial statements.,Object