Why is the Philippines lagging behind its Asean neighbors, particularly Thailand, in tourist arrivals, despite the Filipinos being well known for their hospitality?

A2A, thank you.,Why is the Philippines lagging behind its Asean neighbors, particularly Thailand, in tourist arrivals, despite the Filipinos being well known for their hospitality?Having lived in the Philippines for several years now, I have travelled to many provinces, and have seen and experienced most extremes of the country.,The Philippines has

Is it normal for a high schooler or a college student to bring a lunch box to school?

It always bothers me that so many people ask if something is u201cnormal".,I brought a lunch box to high school almost every day. The school lunches were not very healthy or good. When I didn't bring a lunch box it usually meant I'd be going off campus to purchase lunch.,At university my lunch box use went down but I still had one with me often tha

What are good drawing tablets for a tight budget?

Like I said here, my current tablet, the Wacom Bamboo CTL-460, sells for really cheap if you get it used. Looking around, I found some that looked to have all the pieces in good condition selling around $20. Buying used is risky with electronics, sometimes, but the CTL is so hardy that I don't think you'd have many problems.,The CTL was my first dr

Which plants generate the most oxygen?

Top 10 Highest Oxygen Producing Indoor PlantsAreca Palm. Buy Areca Palm. Golden palms, butterfly palms, and yellow palms are all names for Areca palms. ...,Snake Plant. Buy Snake Plant. ...,Spider Plant. Buy Spider Plants. ...,Peace Lily. Buy Peace Lily. ...,Aloe vera. Buy Aloe Vera. ...,Gerbera Daisy. Buy Gerbera Daisy. ...,Tulsi. Buy Tulsi.

What does the symbol of infinity signify?

Oddly, the first week he and I met, I would use the infinity emoji on many of my messages. I even had his text notification as an infinity symbol.,I knew nothing about tfs then. I just felt in my heart like he and I were forever, despite his noncommittal attitude.

What are the top recommended gadgets?

It's hard to stay up to date with the ever-growing, forever-changing tech space. But luckily for you, that's where we come in. We're constantly researching, scrutinizing, and testing new products, and we frequently update this list of cool tech gadgets with new releases and reviewer favorites.,The top electronic gadgets are,Zyllion ZMA-13-BK FDA Li

Why do premium airlines sometimes use buses instead of aerobridges, when there seem to be a lot of free aerobridges at the airport (i.e., Lufthansa at Frankfurt, Thai Airways at Bangkok)?

I was travelling from to US on Emirates. My first flight on the trip (an Airbus A380) was from Mumbai to Dubai.,When we reached Dubai, our flight was parked in a remote bay and not taken to an aerobridge. When I asked an air hostess she told me that this aircraft will be flying out only after couple of hours and not immediately. As there will be no

What are the advantages of globalisation, if any?

Globalisation lowers the cost of products and increases the profits to capitalists:n,It opens up a larger pool of unskilled and desperate work force willing to work for less, adjusting the supply and demand curve. Countries compete with each other on whose people will work for less (accept a lower standard of living and less safe working conditions

What is IPO LIC?

Efforts to contain the spread of the virus, such as through stringent lockdowns, created a significant budget deficit and pushed millions into joblessness and poverty. The IPO of LIC will give a boost to the government's efforts to raise much-needed cash through privatisations, which are running badly behind schedule.

What is the best furniture layout in small living room?

Small Living Room!Small living rooms always needs special attention while planning. Dediner simply cannot eliminate anything even if it is a small living room. Every furniture should be poaitioned well for better movement and usability.,What are basic furnitures kept in living room?A) Sofa (3 seater, 6 seater, 8 seater, X seater depending upon requ

Using only pictures, how would you describe your MBTI type?

Hmmu2026this question is pretty hard for me (a female INFP-A), since I haven't fully figured myself out yet, but I will still try my very best. :>,We are like warm sunsets, great for cuddles and hugs,but if needed we'll swoosh you with our double edged sword.,We are dreamers, well, u2018aurora-kindau2019 dreamers.,but we never forget to observe

How would 2 gallons 3 cups 8 tbsp be represented in hexadecimal notation? Im in the US.

A common question in computer science training is to use fractional hexadecimal to do something, and US gallons seems to work.,1 US gallon breaks down into 2 half gallons, 4 quarts, 8 pints, 16 cups, 128 fluid ounces, or 256 tablespoons. Iu2019m sure you recognize all these as powers of 2.,See this example:,Bill Spencer's answer to How many cups an

What is the best place to convert dollars to euros in the Bay Area?

Use credit cards instead of cash whenever possible.nIf you must pay in Euro currency in larger amounts over time, say u20ac5000 in 10 withdrawals of u20ac500 each. Then it makes sense to plan ahead.nOpen or maintain a checking or savings account nin a major bank with correspondence European bank in the destination country.nWithdraw from ATM of the

What are the most beautiful sarees of India?

The Paithani saree from Maharashtra. It is a fine silk saree made in Paithan village. The Paithanis have a specially designed pallu with typical parrot and peacock symbols. The sarees are very colourful and bright with atypical combination of bold colours.,Paithanis are specially worn during weddings and festivals. The brides wear yellow or green c

What are some of the good jobs in the biotechnology industry in India?

What is Biotechnology all about?Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advances healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and environment control. Biotechnology can be classified in

How do I fit a whole picture on Instagram without a white background?

I use an app called u201cNo Crop.u201d You can add different backgrounds or blur the background as opposed to it just being plain white.,The max size for a post is 1080 x 1350 length-wise & 1080 x 1080 for square.,Not sure if tried tapping the 2 arrows pointing diagonally towards the bottom left & top right but that also resizes the pic to fit bett

What are the longest flights from the United States?

Wikipedia already answers this question.,Hereu2019s a list of the longest currently-operating non-stop flights (as of 22 September 2017). Flights to/from the USA in bold:,Auckland-Doha Qatar AirwaysAuckland-Dubai EmiratesDallas-Sydney QantasJohannesburg-Atlanta Delta Air LinesSan Francisco-Singapore Singapore Airlines, United AirlinesLos Angeles-Ab

Why is Korean food not as good as Chinese and Japanese?

Garlic sold in American grocery stores look like this.,Garlic sold in Korea look like this.,Maybe itu2019s an exaggeration but Koreans love their garlic and garlic makes food that much better. However I think garlic makes Korean food what it is to our kimchi down to our side dishes. Italian food also has a love affair with garlic and itu2019s consi

Where can I find the best social media statistics by country?

You didn't indicate what statistics you were looking for. What do you want to know about social media by country? n nAssuming you're trying to gauge use, if you want to look at the use of social networks, you can use Alexa.com (you'll need to create an account and install the toolbar to be allowed to drill down to geographic data--it's free, though

What accent colours go with silvergrey?

With silver, red and black are amazing. If you're going with a light grey, think a nice maroon or deep purple or darker gold. If it's a darker gray, closer to black than to grey, but still visibly grey or black, go with a lighter gold, or pastels, or pure white. Hope this helped. Would have to see the original color to be able to tell.

What is the most traditional soup from your country?

Portuguese eat a lot of soup. And by a lot, I mean that if you go to eat at any restaurant at Portugal youu2019ll probably be served a soup before the actual meal. Most Portuguese people eat soup several times a week.,Hell, even McDonaldu2019s sells soup in Portugal.* Nope, not joking! That said, youu2019d expect us to have 872985725 different soup

What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty?

OK this was not so much weird as much as it was absolutely totally freaking awesome! Not something I would have wanted to experience had it not been for the amazing passengers we had on board that day. ,On a flight from somewhere in Germany to somewhere in Alaska, we were transporting USAF personnel back home from a long deployment somewhere in the

What kind of insurance do I actually need?

Iu2019ll start the answer to this question with a question: what is insurance?,Insurance is the pooling of risk. People enter into a pool. Each person pays the expected cost of the risk being insured against. The insurance pays out each personu2019s actual cost, should they befall said risk. By doing so, they pay an amount they can afford (a premiu