Is there really something to be proud of the Philippines?

I am not Filipino.,I am American, but I have visited Manila and other surrounding areas multiple times. In my opinion (which is outside looking in) there are a few things that would make me proud to be from the Philippines, if I were Filipino,Filipino people: I have visited a number of countries in Asia and Southeast Asia (China, Japan, Indonesia,

Where is Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park located at?

Short answer:,Pretty, beautiful landscape with diversified variation from:,Beach,Nha Trang Beach (Vietnam): Top Tips Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisorBay,Ha Long BayWaterfall,Ban Gioc Waterfall: An Illustrated GuideCave,Son Doong Cave | Oxalis Adventure ToursMountain,Tam Coc - Ninh Binh - VietnamValley,Bac Son Valley - Bac Son Tours | Best

What are the main characteristics of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

I personally think there has only been one continuous Imdustrial Revolution. I've watched UK fall behind because successive governments thought they had reached a plateau and could go back to pillaging industry and commerce through taxation. Improvement in materials, systems, and methods needs to be constant

How is a screenshot taken on a Sony Xperia acro S?

I am also using Xperia acro s,Follow these step,Simultanesly Press Power button and Volume down button for 1 or 2 seconds your phone takes screenshot and saved to Album .,For HARD RESTART OF YOUR PHONE WHEN IT STUCKS OR NOT RESPONDING (Inbuilt battery),SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESS POWER BUTTON AND VOLUME UP BUTTON FOR 5 seconds your phone automatically tur

Spain has conquered many nations, and if not for them, South America wouldnt be speaking Spanish. Why are people so sensitive about Americans slaughtering natives and colonizing North America, but Spanish folks dont get criticized nearly as much?

Look at the two maps below:,You can clearly see that there is a higher % of Native Americans in what were former Spanish Colonies, whilst outside the Arctic and some areas in Canada (which were for a long time French and not English) there are no large Native populations. This is in part due to the different colonisation processes carried out by th

If Singapore and Malaysia go to war, which country will emerge victorious?

I am a Malaysian, but my brother-in-law is a Singaporean citizen. He was born in Malaysia, studied in Singapore, married a Singaporean and had a daughter. My niece married a Singaporean who was born and raised in Muar, Johor, Malaysia. He went to Singapore for work and became a PR. There are hundreds of thousands of families in Malaysia and Singapo

Can I paint a mural on my bedroom wall if I forgot to put on primer? I have a dark grey (borderline black) wall and like an idiot, forgot to paint it first before drawing on my pencil design.

Really Iu2019d put on a primer if it needs to be a lighter color, and do the drawing again. It will be worth it. It would take a lot of coats of lighter paint to look good. If the design is complex and you would benefit from having a few key spots to mark to enable you to get the relative perspectives right again, try putting a dab of white primer

What are the best cameras for Instagram in 2022?

The best camera for great pictures for Instagram is Sony ZV-1- which is brilliant for blogging and works great to create content on social media. Another great camera is Olympus PEN E-PL10- which is a simple design camera but great for Instagram.

Why are Korean people slim despite the fact that their main dishes is rice and noodles?

Rice and noodles arenu2019t regular u201cmainu201d dishes. Theyu2019re the main carbohydrates, but in a normal Korean meal, you donu2019t load up on those.,Shane Ryoo's answer to Why are Korean people so thin?On top of that, social pressure.,If youu2019re fat, people are going to let you know. Not in a good way.,If youu2019re outside the norm for w

What are the most important soft skills to have?

The ability to understand people's motivations.,If you don't understand people, they become arbitrary. You'll live in a world where people screw you over for no reason, and you'll waste a lot of energy being angry and depressed. You might also think people's actions have something to do with you when they don't. This will mess with your self-image

What makes Leica cameras so expensive?

THIS FIRST PART IS NEW.nIn the "olden days" there were 2 cameras a photojournalist would use. When I was learning the trade, you were either a Leica guy or a Nikon guy. Leica people knew that their cameras had the very best lenses (see below) and were the simplest, toughest, cameras you could find. There was no mirror or pentafinder to screw up if

How do I search trademark names?

Well almost all countries today have virtual database which you can go through.,Here in India these are the simple steps in which you take a trademark search?,1) Visit and select Public Search,2) On the next page select Trademark,3) On the next page select class details,4) On the next page, please enter the kind of goods and s

What is a good way to give constructive feedback?

To be fair, there is no explicit instruction of how to give feedback.,After all, feedback means giving your opinion to something and as long as itu2019s reasonable and well explained, there is no such thing as a u201cgoodu201d or u201cbadu201d opinion.,The best thing you can do is trying to describe things as detailed as possible so no one has to r

How do you make homemade French fries with an air fryer?

cut the fries, spray with oil or shake in a covered bowl to coat them. 380F for 18 minutes should do fine, you might have to experiment, not all cooking devices are equal. Donu2019t overcrowd the fryer, just enough for a layer or so. As soon as done, salt them. Iu2019ve been experimenting double fry method. In a deep fryer you cook at 325F for 10 m

Why would someone prefer a sunny-side-up egg over an over-easy egg?

Sunnyside up: Bottom of egg is cooked. The white on the top is mostly set and the yolk is runny.,Over easy: Bottom of egg is cooked. The white is more set, but not necessarily completely set. Yolk is still runny.,Over medium: Bottom of egg is cooked. The white is firmly set on top. Yolk is somewhat runny.,Over hard: Bottom of egg is cooked. The whi

What are the big differences between Baton Rouge and New Orleans?

While both are very old cities with even longer histories Baton Rouge(1722) and New Orleans(1718). With settlements in both beginning u201cdiscoveredu201d in 1699. Over the years the two separated in significance as Baton Rouge was just a major strategic position on the Mississippi River. New Orleans with its easy access to the Gulf became a major

What are some cheap foods that are also healthy?

The first thing would be a vegetarian or mostly vegetarian diet. Just that alone will save you a lot of money. Buy dried beans, lentils, and chickpeas rather than canned. I have the routine down of putting my beans and chickpeas to soak when I go to bed and then pressure cooking them first thing in the morning as I get ready to leave. They're ready