Can one be healthy just by eating healthy food and not getting any Physical exercise?

Yes! What you had eaten you make to digest it. If you are eating a lot if even it is heathy diet plan but not doing anything whole day rest on bed, then there is a probability that you become sick, laziness, fat, feeling uncomfortable, etc. So, you must have to do exercise daily. If you don't like to do then you can walk little daily.,you can follo

How can I edit a photo taken from a DSLR camera?

For Editing Your Photos on Phones/Mobile:-,Lightroom Mobile (Good for Colour grading and light fixing),Snapseed (Good for Light Fixing and adding filters),PicsArt (Advanced from both above. change background, Fix light, add filters /stocks),For editing on PC/Laptop,Lightroom (Same as Mobile Lightroom),Photoshop (one of the most advance photo editor

What camera can I use to record YouTube videos if I only have a budget of $200?

Youu2019ve actually got hundreds of choices. Go to ebay. Theyu2019ve got DV and even full HD camcorders for way under $100. Youu2019ll need accessories, but I see no reason why crude YouTube videos canu2019t be shot with $200 of equipment. Donu2019t spend over half on the camera itself. Try to spend closer to $50. Youu2019ll need the rest for tripo

Do most people in Switzerland speak all three languages: French, German and Italian?

No, most people in Switzerland donu2019t speak all three of these languages, unless you were to count knowing only a very small bit of some of them.,Mastery of German is more common than of French, and Italian is even less so. Then there are other languages, the official language Romansh, and a number of other minority languages. Serbo-croatian, Al

What are the 22 countries that criticized China and the 37 countries that defended China on mass detention and reeducation of Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities in Xinjiang?

Here are the 2 lists (both in alphabetical order):,22 countries in criticism:,Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.,37 countries in defence:,Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Belaru

How does Google interview candidates for Engineering Director-level positions?

I was interviewed and hired as a Director at Google in 2012. I don't know how typical my experience was. But here's what happened:,First interview was on the phone with a recruiter. The questions were typical recruiter screening. Nothing hard or detailed. Questions about background and feeling out my interest.,First round of on-campus interviews wa

Whats inside Sleeping Beautys Castle in Disneyland?

Inside Sleeping beautyu2019s castle is a walk through attraction with stained glass windows and other displays telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. It is narrow and has a lot of stairs, you climb upstairs on one side, walk over where the drawbridge area is and down the other side. Itu2019s cute and was cutting edge when it was first installed in t

What are the different types of distribution channel in marketing?

Types of Distribution ChannelsBefore we talk about the various types of distribution channels, it is important to know the distribution channels definition. u201cThe route or the path through which product is transferred from the place of the production the final consumers is known as distribution channels.u201d You may transferred goods through bo

What are the differences and similarities between organic and inorganic compounds?

There are no differences.,u2018Organicu2019 and u2018Inorganicu2019 is a human made distinction with no real correspondence in the natural world.,As an example, carbon disulfide, CSu2082 and silicon disulfide, SiSu2082 , have differences from being different substances, not from the fact that the first is considered organic while the second is not.

Why does spaghetti carbonara taste like eggs?

Duh, because it has eggs in it.,Essentially itu2019s egg and bacon pasta with added Parmesan cheese. Thatu2019s the only ingredients - spaghetti, egg, chopped bacon and grated Parmesan. Put the spaghetti on to boil, meanwhile fry the bacon and make a sauce by combining the egg and cheese in a bowl. Add pepper to the sauce to taste. When itu2019s re

How bad are frozen foods? Does every gourmet chef despise them like Gordon Ramsay does?

Mr Ramsay (is he your friend that you call him so nonchalantly Gordon?) doesnu2019t despise frozen foods, he despises frozen ready dishes, and rightfully so. Most frozen ready dishes are just vile, and you can see that just looking at ingredients. How actually gross they are is evident just by the ingredients.,I have randomly picked this product, w

Where is Babylon of today?

Original Question: Where exactly is the ancient Babylon located?Itu2019s some 85 km (c. 55 mi) to the south of the modern Iraqi city of Baghdad.,Babylon was last inhabited about 1,000 years ago, and today lies in ruins.,Thanks for the A2A.

Is there a way to video screen capture from iPhone?

There are two ways you can video screen capture from your iPhone. However, you have to know that Apple introduces the screen recording option on their phones from iOS 11. In this thread, many have answered how you can use the default screen recorder of your iPhone if it is updated to the latest version.,I will suggest to you a third-party app that

What does "R" stand for in an iPhone XR?

Itu2019s not been officially announced by Apple what exactly it means and they probably wonu2019t come out and say. It most likely it doesnu2019t really stand for anything or stands for lots of things or just they liked the name.,XR has been used a lot in the Virtual and Augmented Industry to cover all the `Realities` which may be a clue with Apple

Why do companies like Nikon sell cameras that around 16 megapixels but phone companies like Sony and Nokia sell phones that have 20 to 40-megapixel cameras?

Simply put, camera markers and phone makers are trying to solve different problems in photography. The camera maker is mostly targeting enthusiast and professional photographers trying to capture the best image possible. For consumer models, these days, theyu2019re trying to offer customers a thing they canu2019t get in a phone, because right now,

What is the easiest bread recipe?

Iu2019m a hosteller and the mess food in hostel is nightmarish most of the times. Bread is my go-to food in all those times. Here are my favourite bread recipes which are yummy yet easy to make.,Bread Upma,2. Bread pizza,3. Sandwich,4. Bread Roll,5. French Toast,6. Bread Toast,And if youu2019ve a sweet tooth, savour into the amazing Shahi Tukda,Als

How do I make solar eclipse glasses?

Understanding why you need goes a long way in making safe solar eclipse glasses. You may already know this, if so you can skip to the next paragraph. Normally the Sunu2019s radiation is so intense that you do not look at it directly. However the solar eclipse gives you a reason to look at it for a prolonged period and it even facilitates you lookin

Did you hear about Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridgeu2019s 40th birthday pictures?n

Well theres a lot of news Magazines and News on TV and online, She is trending every whereu2026. and 97 % or more is all Great storiesu2026.. Shes what you call trending every whereu2026. in just about every countryu2026.,if you have time read the stories, they are lovely, why her pictures will be on tour in a few locations and how the entire famil

What are social media marketing statistics?

37.2% of people are expected to interact with AR on social media in 2021. According to eMarketer, 30% of users had interactions with AR on social media each month in 2020. This is expected to grow to 37.2% this year. Brands, make sure you're ready to capitalize on this new content trend.nAs of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media

Why do you have to list social media accounts on a US visa application?

Whenever anybody applied for a U.S. Visa they are vetted for potential security risk, potential Visa violation (immigration issues). Before you come in for an interview they already looked into your Social Media account through reverse check using your email or your phone number. Now they are being honest about it and asking your Social Media accou

If youre retired (60+), how would you design or fix your home to meet your needs?

I just did this and I am hoping my answer, with pictures, may be of use to others faced with my situation.,In the United States better than 1/2 the population will soon be at retirement age; yet, most of our homes are NOT suitable for older people, especially those with disabilities.I am a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair. My old house was a raised

How do you prepare lemon curd?

3/4 cup fresh lemon juice,1 tablespoon grated lemon zest,3/4 cup sugar,3 eggs,1/2 cup unsalted butter, cubed,Add all ingredients to list,DirectionsIn a 2 quart saucepan, combine lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, eggs, and butter. Cook over medium-low heat until thick enough to hold marks from whisk, and first bubble appears on surface, about 6 minute

Do any of the shapes of ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "x^x+y^y=a", "modifiers": {"math": true}}, {"text": " have names? If not, what names would you give them?

I have NEVER even considered a graph like this before and I found it very interesting!,Perhaps I should put an u201copen circleu201d at (0, 2) and (2, 0),___________________________________________________________________________,______________________________________________________________,_________________________________________________________

How can I get credit card companies to lower my interest rate?

Simple enough.,Stop using credit cards to live beyond your means. If you donu2019t have the money in the bank to pay for something you want but donu2019t really need, donu2019t buy it.,Apply one or more credit cards that offer flat fees on balance transfers. The interest rate the banks offer on these cards is irrelevant because they arenu2019t goin

What is the brutal truth about owning a Rolls Royce car?

I write as an owner of a brand new 2018 RR Phantom. The brutal truths areu2026,I also own a couple of Japanese made SUVs. The Japanese cars are a better car. The electronics work better. They have cup holders in all the correct spots. The leather is probably more durable but not nearly so soft.,My car gets 9 miles per gallon. When it is u201cbroken