Can you share some underwater photography?

Here are pictures of the most amazing underwater place on Earth. It is the great barrier reef. It is off the coast of Queensland Australia. It has gorgeous underwater scenery. It has beautiful coral. The great barrier reef has beautiful fish. I'm fascinated with this reef. I hope we can save it. Global warming is destroying it. I want to go go to A

What is the best studio lighting for photography?

What is the best studio lighting for photography?,Everyoneu2019s going to answer this basically the same way.,What are you needs and budget? Do you want a pack/head system, monolights, flashes, or continuous lights?,Do you need the shortest flash duration, best color temperature consistency, or portability? Do you have your own studio or will you b

Why did the Tamizh (Tamil) rulers build Angkor Wat in Cambodia?

Tamil rulers did not build Angkor Wat. However, it was built under Tamil (Chola) rule. Suryavarman II built the Angkor Wat. Like many other expeditions, Rajendra Chola decimated Sri Vijaya empire (modern day Indonesia) at the request of Sailendra . Sri Vijaya was a mightly empire controlling the Strait of Malacca (present day Chinese nightmare, Lol

Can two waves have the same frequency but different periods?

Yes!u2026 and nou2026 and yes and no at the same time.,Frequency is the measure of how many times in a second something exhibits periodic behavior.,Period is the amount of time that the something takes to get from one recognizable point in one repetition to the next identical point in the next repetion.,Velocity describes both the speed and directi

Should I learn to sew my own clothes or is sewing too expensive?

Thatu2019s really two different questions. Should you learn to sew? If you have the desire, of course you should. You can use sewing skills to make much more than clothes - quilts, bags, curtains/drapes, table and bed linens u2026 anything made from fabric can be sewn. Knowing how to sew can bring you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. It also en

Are plant-based burgers healthier than meat?

Ah, a question that is too vague to have any meaningful definitive answer.,You see, it depends on the plant-based burger, AND on the meat.,If you were to specify a brand of plant-based burger, and then specify the species of the meat (and how it was raised), then we could answer this question.,Letu2019s assume youu2019re comparing a plant-based bur

What are some traditional desserts eaten in Denmark for Christmas time?

Recipe for Buttermilk Apple Dumplings u00c6bleskiver med ku00e6rnemu00e6lk ,5 dl flour ,u00bd tsp salt ,2 tsp sugar ,1 tsp cardamom ,1 tsp baking soda ,grated peel of 1 unsprayed lemon ,3 eggs ,approx. 4 dl buttermilk ,oil or butter for baking,Recipe for Rice u00e0 lu2019Impu00e9ratrice Ris a lu2019amande ,Serves 4,1 plateful of cold rice pudding (

What are some healthy Thanksgiving side dishes?

While I generally agree that Craig Good is doing God's work dispelling nutrition myths on Quora, I'm not going to echo u201cNo Food Is Healthy!u201d or u201cAll Food Is Healthy!u201d as though I don't know what you mean by your question.,When people ask for u201chealthyu201d dishes, they typically mean dishes with low to moderate calories, low to m

What are the details of the so called Reliance gas scam?

A detailed history of this issue was posted by Mahesh Murthy on facebook recently, and I found it pretty illuminating. Posting it verbatim here. Link to original article on facebook is at the bottom.,n,What's the big noise on Mukesh Ambani, gas pricing, Rs. 25,000 crores loss and Gujarat all about? ,Let me take a little time to set down the facts.

What are some lesser-known sights to see when visiting Davao City, Philippines?

Interesting! I have to share some of my exciting experiences in Davao City. Alright! If you love beaches, I would recommend to visit Samal Island the Paradise beach resort. . Thatu2019s one of the safest beach to visit for if you really in to outdoors, everything is there.,However, if you like quite and peaceful environment, try to check Alorro bea

How long can l live in the Philippines on 100 thousand Australian dollars?

Letu2019s see!,AUD$100,000 as of today is roughly P3.7 million pesos.,Consider that most of the country subsists on less than P500 a day (thatu2019s our minimum wage) you could theoretically live in the Philippines almost indefinitely. Theoretically.,The government pegs the average middle class householdu2019s income at around P100k-P150k a month.

What are some little-known facts about the business world?

Because of polluted air in china, millionaire Chen Guangbiao start selling fresh air in a can, And he sells about 8 million can in 10 days and earned around $6 million within a yearcoca-cola logo is recognized by 94% of the world's population.,Every employee spend 2 days of the year to working at the customer service desk even the CEO je

What are some endangered species people dont know?

Hereu2019s a few of my favorites:,Saiga antelope:,A unique bovid that is a true ice age relict, saiga had a broad expanse across the Northern Hemisphere during the Pleistocene epoch, roaming the vast Mammoth Steppe alongside the ecosystemu2019s namesake shaggy elephants as well as woolly rhinos, cave lions, and cave hyenas. In modern times, theyu20

What is a good Italian spaghetti recipe?

Boil a large pot of salted water to a boil (or boil and then add salt, it doesnu2019t matter, although there are people who will say it does. Adam Ragusea recently did a test and found it makes no difference),Add the spaghetti.,Cook until al dente (see the package, time will vary) or, if you are going to finish cooking it in the sauce, a little les

What are some useful Photoshop tips and tricks?

When it comes to designing in Photoshop, there is a myriad of ways one could use to achieve a certain result, especially when it comes to photo retouching. Designers use technique they are most confident as well as comfortable with, which is great because itu2019s always useful to peek into the workflow of our colleagues and learn new design approa

How do you lose belly fat?

I am so excited to write this answer. I was never really concerned about my health until it showed me some symptoms.,Two months back I was weighing around 102.7 kg with my routine job as a maintenance engineer in a PSU. A picture is given below. being not able to walk properly and always feeling lethargic and most importantly being a laughing stock

How do I quickly and efficiently learn a new language?

Lots of people start with Duolingo. I find it super frustrating myself, but it did help me to learn the basics of German. It's only useful for the very beginning though. Once you're speaking slightly better than a 1-year-old, try this path:,,An audio course, if you can get your hands on it. Pimsleur is my top choice. FSI courses are a good second,

What are the social classes in the U.K. like?

No, not really. Itu2019s far too complex and fluid for that.,Once upon a time, as it says in childrenu2019s fairy stories, there was a country called England, and it had three social classes: Working Class, Middle Class and Upper Class. It was all a bit like this:,But that was a long time ago, over fifty years now, I think, and it really is not any

Which brand of lens generally has better quality, Tokina, Tamron, or Sigma?

Itu2019s hard, a bit unfair and often uninformative to make a generalisation as they all make some good quality aftermarket lenses .. as we really need to compare specific examples of a particular lens/es of similar focal length zoom type etc in order to make a meaningful comparison ..,Iu2019d suggest we use a slightly more technical means of compa

How many calories are in a glazed munchkin?

According to Dunkinu2019s website (source for quote), a single old fashioned (which I take to be glazed) Munchkin is 60 calories:,Nutrition Facts Per Serving,1 Donut Hole,Calories,60,% Daily Value*,Total Fat,3.5g,4%,Saturated Fat,1.5g,8%,Trans Fat,0g,Cholesterol,5mg,2%,Sodium,70mg,3%,Total Carbohydrate,6g,2%,Dietary Fiber,0g,0%,Total Sugars,2g,Incl

What color should I paint my living room with grey furniture?

Yellow and Gray Living Room Color Scheme,Brighten a cool gray space by bringing in bright yellow accents. Start with a foundation of gray furniture and yellow accessories, then add navy blue accents for a dynamic decorating scheme. Limit the amount of sunny yellow you add to keep the scheme fresh and bold.

Are any celebrities banned in different countries? If yes, why?

List of celebrities/ bands that are banned from countries:,JUSTIN BIEBERJustin Bieber is banned from China Since 2017. The reason behind it is Chinese government which stated the following.,"Justin Bieber is a gifted singer," the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture said in a statement. "But in order to maintain order in the Chinese market and purif

What happened to the murderers of Junko Furuta?

Honestly, If somebody were to hurt my loved ones like this, I would take the matter in my own hands. I`m sorry, but I would`t wait for justice to come. The anger and the fury inside me when somebody would harm my family, were enough to kill them back, of course giving them the same slowly death. Quick death is never an option. I`m really sorry, but

Is it necessary to have a filming camera and a vlogging camera? (for a YouTube beginner)

No, you donu2019t need necessarily need a DSLR camera to start vlogging. If you are a beginner, I would highly suggest using your mobile phone for vlogging.,Most of the beginner YouTubers are using the mobile phone to make professional videos. All you need is to learn the proper editing skills to make your videos look professional.,Once you start e

Is man the most dangerous animal?

Yes, no doubt,An innocent life taken by evil humans , what more sad can we see today . An elephant named Jumbo died after suffering burn injuries due to a burning tyre thrown on him . Another human u2014 animal encounter another life lostI don't know why we forget that's it's us who are taking their home away .They just want a piece of land to stay

If I were to start a small business, what kind of accounting and finance skills would I need to understand my balance sheet and to make decisions accordingly?

Finance skillnThe most important finance skill to master when starting a small business is cash flow management. That is, knowing 'what's in the bank' adding what can we reasonably expect to receive in cash in the coming weeks less what are we 'locked-in' to paying over the same time period and items would we like to purchase in this period. A Cash

How does Gopal Kavalireddi calculate the target price of a stock?

Calculation of the price target of any stock is the final part or conclusion, after completion of the fundamental analysis. I have given in my earlier answers on how to do fundamental analysis. Hence I will not cover it again, but proceed further with arriving at the price target.,Loosely used term, u2018Intrinsic valueu2019 is defined as the fair