What are some ideas for making built in shelves in a dining room wall?

Hi Minnie,Thank you for your request, (again).,u201cideas for makingu201d,I guess, you are looking for ideas on final designs. It is better you go to Pinterest or Google images. You can get plenty of great ideas there.,Sorry design is not my forte.,Best,Matt,(My Latest wall to ceiling fitted bookcases, dark one for the dining room Light one for the

What was wrong with Duryodhana?

i canu2019t believe people are still asking this question. there are so many things that are wrong with Duryodhan.,he was easily swayed by evil. people keep blaming his uncle for poisoning his mind but instead of ignoring him and listening to the voice of reason, he agrees with him completely. He IS completely to blame. every person is the sole res

How are Indians treated in the Philippines?

This is from a person who has had first hand experience in Philippines:(Its in general about the whole Philippines),Itu2019s been a little less than 2 years that I have been in Philippines. Often my counterparts, friends, colleagues, acquaintances in India ask me what makes Philippines one of the most preferred outsourcing locations. One of my frie

What are the most iconic movie lines, and what are some of the stories behind them?

There are SO many to choose from. But here are some stories Iu2019ve collected behind 29 of them.,1. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."This line from Gone with the Wind was declared the number one movie quote by the American Film Institute in 2005. Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) uttered the words to Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leah) in response to he

Is there any way to eat an unripe avocado?

Chuck it in the food processor (minus skin and stone), add garlic, onion and tomato and chilli or cream cheese and you have a version of guacamole or smashed avocado.

What are some Christmas keto potluck dishes I can make?

I made some mushrooms stuffed with a cream cheese, crab, and parmesan cheese mix for a potluck yesterday. I also made a spinach dip with sour cream and mayonnaise (that iu2019d made), and spices. It was meant to go in a bread bowl, and i did buy bread, but i didnu2019t eat any. You could serve it with keto cheese crackers and/or celery and carrot s

Why is "New Math" so confusing?

Because of these.,Thirty years ago computers and calculators were brand new. When we were introduced to math, we werenu2019t actually learning math. We were learning the most efficient algorithms to manually compute the results of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We were learning how to be human calculators without under

What is your biggest regret in life?

I have already written a similar answer so i am going to copy and paste that.,I have many regrets. Sorry for the long post.,I am 22 year old male was born in a lower middle class family in India. I have sweet parents. They have always provided me with the best they can. I donu2019t regret being born to them in fact that is one of my greatest gifts.

What screams "I cant cook even if my life depended on it!"?

Traditional marriage here. As the wife I did the cooking, kept the hubby fed, raised 2 healthy kids. Then I had a stroke a few years ago. Couldnu2019t cook. Had to teach hubby. Oh lord!,Had u201cmeatloafu201d one fine evening.,u201cUmmm, honey, how did you make this?u201d,u201cOh I put a pound of ground beef in the pan and baked it for 45 minutesu2

What is the meaning of economics?

How do we decrease the unemployment rate?,Should we increase rates in 2015 due to QE3 in 2014?,How much should I charge rent this month to the tenant?,What is the opportunity cost of drinking way too much the night before?,Should I have majored in economics? (You should, it's an awesome field),These questions above may have different priorities and

Why do some people not want children?

Iu2019m 25 years old. My boyfriend, Parker, is 26.,Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go on a 10 mile hike. It was an arduous hike with sheer rock walls with little ledges that we had to traverse for a good portion. Halfway through the hike we looked at each other and said u201chow the fuck are we going to get down from here?u201d.,Next wee

What does the Year of the Tiger symbolize?

Just as we here in the West have our Zodiac or Star signs the Eastern culture also has a system of star signs, each with specific and individual strengths and weaknesses attached. The only difference is that the animals and symbols attached vary. So you instead, for instance, Aquarius they would have the Dragon, Ox, Cockrell and so forth, each with

What are the worst travel experiences you have ever encountered?

I was in Bermuda at the end of 2016. Itu2019s one of the most beautiful places on Earth, in my opinion at least. On my last day there, I woke up extra early and went exploring. I stumbled upon a beautiful cove, where I sat and read a book for an hour. No one else was there, and it was so peaceful.,On my way out, I snapped the picturesque photo belo

What are some shocking secrets of Ramayana?

Note: On many of my answers regarding various stories of Mythology, people commented as u201cwhich scriptureu201d and u201cit's not authenticu201d and u201cthese are stories for entertainment with no knowledgeu201d. So before I start writing this one, I am sharing you the source as well as my reasons for selecting those. I learnt these from the fol

How can I stop being so addicted to my phone?

1. Track Your UsageAddicted to your smartphone? There's an app for that.,Ironically, you can try to stave off addicting smartphone apps with another app. While not ideal, there are apps like SPACE and Moment helps you find your personal phone-life balance by monitoring your smartphone use and setting limits.,2. Stop ScrollingMany of the most popula

What do Quoras offices look like in 2017?

Quora recently took two floors in downtown Mountain View and transformed the space from a traditional hard-walled office plan to a new open ceiling design with polished concrete floors. Industrial ... Read full description,Break out space.,Open area.,Break out space.,Work area.,Reception,Breakout space,Phone Room,Reception,Board room.,Breakout spac

How do I change pic background in Photoshop 7?

It is advised to leave the first layer of your work for background and do the remaining process in the other layers, so it will be easy to change the background whenever necessary.,Otherwise, create a layer at the base of all the layers and do the background (also deleting the previous set background).

Are there good references for understanding PE ratios and other financial measures?

I must admit I feel your pain, having recently gone through a mountain of research to find an easier way to remember and understand the why and how of financial ratio analysis. I don't have a numbers background, therefore I prefer a more layman's term approach to the subject.,One key factor in establishing a better understanding of these ratios is

How to make spaghetti sauce with prego?

I would get about,Step 1: 1/2 pound of ground beef and 1/2 pound ground Italian sausage, season it with salt, pepper, cumin and set aside.,Step 2: Take a medium (or half of large one) onion, dice and set aside.,Step 3. Take a large pan and use 1/4 stick of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil to grease the bottom of the pan, use medium to medium-hi

What are some of the best places in the world to travel to?

What are the top three places in the world to visit, and why?For anyone who has traveled the world extensively, it is excruciatingly difficult to eliminate all the scenic beauty, fascinating culture, and stunning cuisine weu2019ve enjoyed, narrowing down a lifetime of adventures to only three recommendations.,Sorting through my memories around the

What is a very "Germanu201d problem?

Banning hyphenated last names.A child having the hyphenated last name of both mother and father?,Nein! Nein!!!I donu2019t know whether it is still illegal but it was apparently at least until the end of the last decade. And I remember thinking that it is so typically German to over analyze this thing.,What do I mean by that?,In banning hyphenated l

Are they going to switch the summer time in Poland?

Short answer is - yes, like the whole EU and most western European but non-EU countries Poland observes DST with a transition to the summer time on the last weekend of March (two weeks after e.g. USA).,As Aleksander Korecki wrote in his answer, most people think it is redundant. And actually these days it is - the alleged savings are far less than

Is your tax bracket determined before or after deductions?

The progressive brackets are applied to your taxable income, that is, to the amount of your gross income, minus deductions and adjustments. u201cAfteru201d deductions.You didnu2019t ask this, but remember that all the lower tax brackets are applied to your income before the highest one applies. Which means you donu2019t need to stress too much abou

How rich is the Philippines?

Nope. Far from it. In Southeast Asia alone, the Philippines is currently in the Top 3-5 strongest economy & currently ranks in the Top 39th strongest economy in the world out of the 195 countries & Top 29 for GDP PPP. Nothing to brag about compared to the others but at least weu2019re doing fine than the rest. The vast & rich natural resources we h

What lives in the Mariana Trench?

The area has been explored and quite a lot of life has been found.,See What does it take to live at the bottom of the ocean? for details.,and articles like Watch: World's Deepest Fish Lurks 5 Miles Down in Mariana Trench for some of the individual creatures

What is a simple interior design for a hall?

Hall is an integral part of your home. It creates the first impression of your home interiors and sets the tone of your entire home. So here we bring you some simple yet unique ways of decking up your hall to match your home interiors.,A Comfortable Sofa UnitA sofa unit lends a luxurious vibe to your room and provides a comfortable seating option f

What is so special about Blackpink Jennies fashion?

Itu2019s simple. Her outfits are well-coordinated, and therefore, pleasing to look at. Now, Iu2019m no fashion expert, but I know a thing or two. Her outfits are good because:,they fit her. and i mean, theyu2019re not oversized or too tight. if ever they look that way, itu2019s intentional.,she never goes over the top with the colors. from her bags

What are the most important facts about the statue of Christ The Protector in Brazils Encantado thatll be taller than the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro?

The facts:,Encantado is a small town in southern Brazil.,The statue is being built in donated real state by families that idealized it 10 years ago.. Itu2019s cost is quite lowu2026 R$2 million. Again, from donations to an organization responsible for building it.,Rio de Janeiro mayor responded that u201cbuilding a big Christ statue was easy, he wa

What are your favorite before and after photos?

I absolutely love before and after pics of any kind! This post is about my little journey of finding myself and becoming a lot happier and more confident in my own skin!,This is me at 17. Honestly, I remember being very insecure back then. I had no confidence, and I vividly remember looking at myself in the mirror and panicking because I thought I