What is the saddest scene you have ever seen in an ER?

The saddest and one of the most bizarre all at the same time.,A mother brought her 11-year-old daughter because the daughter had been sick and was complaining of severe abdominal pain.,We did the standard workup including a pregnancy test. The girl was pregnant. Needless to say her mother flipped out. The girl had no idea what pregnant even meant.

What are the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds in 2022?

TOP BEST - true wireless earbuds 2022 (TWS)1.Sony WF-1000XM4Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless (TWS) Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds with 32hr Battery Life,2.Sony WF-1000XM3Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation (TWS) Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, 32hr Battery Life, Alexa Voice Control with Mic,3.Sennhe

What are the best graphics cards for gaming in 2022?

The rtx 3080 graphics card will be powering GPUs in june 2020(approx).,A lot is actually expected from these cards,the previous launch of rtx 2080 ,rtx 2070 and rtx 2060 might be a beast when it comes to raw power but these graphics cards failed to perform well on the rtx section.,The rtx 3080 series will mainly traget to improve the overall ray tr

What is it like to live with a severe peanut allergy?

I am allergic to peanuts - but I made it past my 35th birthday before that happened. Adult-onset peanut allergy is rare, but typically severe, and unlike with children, rarely something that gets better.,Socially and nutritionally, my life can be quite neatly divided into u201cbeforeu201d and u201cafteru201d categories. Before the allergy, I was an

What are your favorite places to go every year to take advantage of free stuff on your birthday, and have you ever signed up friends and family to double-dip?

I almost always manage to get to Panera Bread, which has a little window of opportunity. I always get a dessert.,I almost never get around to using any other free stuff. It never occurred to me to do the u201cdouble-dipu201d. To me, a double dip is what you get on an ice cream cone if you eat ice cream. A triple dip, especially during chocolate fes

What things should I know about the 2015 NFL Draft to sound smart at a party?

Have to know the #1 pick overall Tampa Bay Bucs select Jameis Winston QB out of Florida State. High on talent; short on character. Accused of sexual assault, stole crab legs from supermarket, stands on table and yells profanity in FSU cafeteria.,The draft was held in Chicago. It was the 1st time the draft has been held outside of New York in 50 yea

Should I wait for the GoPro 10?

No, Wait longerin fact, for the 11 if it comes out, it seems that all the odd number gopros are actually physically better, the even numbers, are usually just software upgrades, while the odd number ones are usually hardware upgrades, for example: Hero 7 Black vs Hero 8 Black, only difference in improvability is the stabilization really. ie: Hero 5

What are some nice upscale, modern, boutique hotels in Hong Kong?

The Mira Hotel http://www.themirahotel.com/en/default.aspx,Hotel ICON http://www.hotel-icon.com/,Butterfly on Prat http://www.butterflyhk.com/butterfly-on-prat/en/index.html,Cosmo Hotel http://www.cosmohotel.com.hk/,The Luxe Manor http://www.theluxemanor.com/,Hotel LKF http://www.hotel-lkf.com.hk/

What are some good but affordable laptops for students in India?

Hi, It totally depends on your need.,If you are from a Computer Science department or IT or you need for Coding in schools, then go for HP laptop with maximum Core I3 (If you want in cheap)- Search under flipkart you can get the same under 25000 INR. It will also help for Civil Engg and Mech Engg students who uses AutoCad or similar software.,If yo

What is the most traditional soup from your country?

Portuguese eat a lot of soup. And by a lot, I mean that if you go to eat at any restaurant at Portugal youu2019ll probably be served a soup before the actual meal. Most Portuguese people eat soup several times a week.,Hell, even McDonaldu2019s sells soup in Portugal.* Nope, not joking! That said, youu2019d expect us to have 872985725 different soup

What are the top 10 home based business courses on Udemy?

The question is a bit too vague: what are your objectives ?,Learning to become an entrepreneur ? You are already entrepreneur, but you want to expand your skills ? What domain ?,Udemy provides lots of courses over a broad domain, from programming to cooking or learning to play with a music instrumentu2026

What are the 3 most significant ways you showed your leadership skills?

Lead by example - I was running a chess club on campus and as a President (leader) I learnt that the most important trait is not commanding your employees/members but rather leading by example and delegating tasks to make them feel part of the group.,Pass the ball forward - Also, it is important to step back and allow the next generation of leaders

How can I spend my $35 to get the best return on investment?

Here's my idea, and it probably won't cost you $35 to do this.,Buy a cooler with a shoulder strap and some freezer bricks (for those not familiar, these are plastic boxes filled with water or gel that you use to keep food or drink cold. You freeze them in your freezer, then put them inside a cooler you take with you.),Whenever you leave home for a

Does the name of a person have any meaning in the USA?

Some first names are also English words. Flower names used to be fairly common for girls, although theyu2019re perhaps a bit old-fashioned nowu2014names like Violet and Daisy and Rose and Hazel. Heather and Fern and Blossom are also sometimes seen. Gemstones also used to be given as girlsu2019 names, such as Pearl and Ruby. Girls also used to be na

What are some must have Android apps?

Poweramp Music Player.Trust me, for all Android users, you cannot get a music player much better than Poweramp. Poweramp has the best UI and audio quality. I'm using Poweramp for the past 1 year and I've never thought to be a waste. But the only thing I think they lack here was the choice to download thr lyrics. Poweramp has the best design and eve

How is a quantitative and qualitative data used?

My dissertation used both. You will see a generally qualitative tool (an IDef0 model) being used to characterize systems. The characterizations are then compared quantitatively so that others can respond to the findings qualitatively.,You can also look to the statistical graphs in the appendix that affords quantitative analysis of categorical (qual

What foods are bad for dogs?

Foods that Are Harmful to DogsChocolate - contains a chemical compound that is both a heart stimulant and diuretic and potentially fatal to dogs.,Onions and garlic - whether in one large dose or smaller doses, onions and garlic contain a toxin that can build up in the dog's system, damaging red blood cells.,Grapes and raisins - an unknown substance

What are your opinions on the current interior design trends in 2022?

My direct answer to your question would be that I like some of them but not all of them, I do like Le Belle & Aria Ajmera both of them are residential structures based in Pune and are mind-blowing trust me, I actually kind of like the designs of Concur Designs Pvt. Ltd. and it is the architecture whou2019s architect team has done these apartmentu20

How did you become the accidental owner of a pet?

A couple of years ago our cat, an indoor cat, got out of the house (one of the grandkids left a door open). My wife was devastated. The cat was missing for two days. Our neighbor said he thought there might be a cat under his shed because his dog kept barking at the shed so we put a u201chave-a-heartu201d trap with some cat food near the shed. A fe

What are the best smaller towns to visit in Texas?

Fredericksburg, Texas has a really awesome small town American vibe.,Itu2019s very walkable, maintain your traditional Main Street Design aesthetics, and have very tourist friendly amenities. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, itu2019s about 1.5 to 2 hour drive away from Austin, Texas.

What was the most entitled youve seen someone act?

Once worked with a woman who got 4 weeks of vacation time a year to my one, due to her seniority. I had to cover her job those 4 weeks a year and she had to cover mine one week a year. One year, she used up all her vacation by August, and I had yet to use any of mine. Then her ex-husband died in September and she wanted to travel out of state for t

Whats the meaning of undercast in accounts?

u2018undercastu2019 is a term referring to the transfer of an amount from one place to another, (whether in the same account as in balance brought forward, of between two accounts like ledger account to trading and p/l account, etc.) at an reduced value.,for example: if you sell a product at 2000 (cash sale), and make a wrong journal entry of,Cash

Does an expensive motherboard improve a computeru2019s performance?

A lot of reliability issues can be traced to the motherboard, and the right chipset can make a tangible difference. Obviously if you are using an i3 processor then a low end motherboard will suffice for the most part.,But there are differences when you start pairing higher end processors with higher end or more fully featured boards. The i5u2013114

Can you share some beautiful aerial photography of nature?

There are many urban spaces in the world that are so uniquely planned it leaves people speechless. With the help of satellites and aerial photography, we have the ability to see just how carefully buildings are laid out in the areas. One of such captivating sights is Bru00f8ndby Haveby or Bru00f8ndby Garden City. Located just outside Copenhagen, De

Would it help to replace the term "atheist" with nullifidian? Its a combination of u201cnullifyu201d and u201cobsidian,u201d leaving us with a bleak picture of black nothingness. It was once considered a good alternative.

No, it would not help to replace atheist with nullifidian.,The terms atheist and nullifidian are not synonymous.nullifidian | Definition of nullifidian in English by Oxford Dictionaries says:,A person having no faith or religious belief.,atheist | Definition of atheist in English by Oxford Dictionaries says:,A person who disbelieves or lacks belief