What is the difference between atomic mass and molar mass?

The molar mass of a compound tells you the mass of 1 mole of that substance. In other words, it tells you the number of grams per mole of a compound. The units for molar mass are, therefore, grams/mole. An atomic mass is unit less and defined as precisely 1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon-12 not in motion.

What time is it in Los Angeles?

Current time in India,12:20 PM Wednesday December 3, 2020.,Current time in Los Angeles is,10:50 PM Tuesday December 2, 2020,It means Los Angeles time lagging by 14:30 hours.

What are the different types of propaganda?

From the top of my head, one very effective trick from my day in propaganda.,Topic: How was life in the USSR after WWII, compared to the life in the US?,Context: Devastations after WWII in Europe. The USSR lost at least 20 million people, 31,850 industrial objects, 1.5 million buildings were ruined, which left 20 million people homeless. In the mea

How much influence does your birth month or birth year have on your personality? (Exp: zodiac horoscope and Chinese zodiac. My say I am a Leo born in the year of the snake.)

Robertu2019s bluntness in responding saves me a part of what I wanted to sayu2026,Systems of AstrologyThere are various systems of Astrology, you mention two more well known, and within each of those, thanks to the influence of pop-media and the commercialism of most things, the general public (to which I include you) know little of the u2018realu2

How do you convert standard deviation to variance?

Hi there,,If you use the following notation,,sigma = standard: deviationsigma ^2 = varianceThen it follows that if you take the standard deviation you have and square it, then you have your variance.,Hope it helps

What does it mean to have multiple dreams of a dog about to attack? The first dream had a black dog that bit my hand when I swung on it. The other one, that I can remember, was a brown and white dog, but did not bite me.

Meaning of Dog Attacking and Biting You In Dream If you see you are being attacked and bitten by a dog in your dream then it may indicate betrayal or deception. Someone around you is being nice to you or may be faking or is an enemy in disguise. ... Such a dream may also indicate your wrong actions and their repercussions. Dog dreams often have to

How can I charge my camcorder battery without a charger?

Very difficult and best not tried. Chargers are designed to carefully regulate the charging current and monitor the battery voltage at the same time to avoid damage to the battery.,The best thing to do is to look carefully at the battery to read its model number, which will usually be a combination of one or two letters and some numbers. Then searc

Why is the Philippines a disaster?

Philippines being a disaster goes back from a long, long time of historical foul-ups that help shape the psyche of its people. Many events from the past to present shaped Philippines into what it is today. It didnu2019t help that it had a very different history compared to its other Southeast Asian counterparts, in fact probably pariah different fr

Why does Flipkart say that seller doesnt deliver to 676523?

Pincode- 676523 belongs to Malappuram District in Kerala.,There are few reasons because of which the sellers or the marketplace are unable to deliver the product to your pin-code: 676523The delivery of a product to your pin-code location depends on:,The availability of reliable courier partners in your location: Every logistic partner has a list of

What was the strangest or most disturbing thing you personally found on Google Earth?

JThis will be the first posting for this find on Google Earth. Iu2019m not sure if anyone else has discovered this previously, but my research has come up with nothing.,My oldest son, Evan, sent me this link one evening.,I understand it wonu2019t be easy to access this link, thereforeu2026.I BROUGHT PICTURES!,What my son discovered was on a remote

Which are the best countries to visit?

Sorry for long post, I just keep uploading more images since there are more viewer and more places I visited.Thailand,1..The cost of living is low. You can survive here with only 200 US dollars a month( 100 for a nice guesthouse and 100 for food).,Edit: 100 $ a month for a nice guesthouse house seem to be arguable, but let me explain. Two years ago

A friend says all Mexican food is the same, made with the same few ingredients, like a sampler platter in some Mexican restaurants in the US. I want to fix some unique Mexican dishes for her from different areas of the country. What do you suggest?

First off, not to put too fine a point on it, but your friend sounds close-minded, ignorant, and possibly racist. Iu2019d consider hanging out with a better class of people. You are exhibiting an important quality thatu2019s missing in a lot of humans (and at least one current president), and that quality is curiosity! I truly hope you can help awa

How do you make good bloom and glossy effect in Photoshop?

To brighten using levels, move the right most triangle (under the graph) to the left. To change contrast move the middle triangle (move left=less contrast). The key to the bloom effect lays in the blending mode of the layer. You can use Screen, Overlay, Soft Light or Hard Light. Glow effect in photo Just add your photo in tool, set amount of Glow r

What beaches stand out because they are extremely dangerous?

I once visited Kenya with my girlfriend who was a deep sea diver at the time.,Our hotel was marvellous, and the food was great.,We also went on several trips to see wildlife, and I must admit that the experience was fantastic u2014 just like in Attenboroughu2019s documentaries.,We saw lions, elephants, zebras, hippos and even one jaguar.,Truly amaz

What color goes with both navy blue and green?

Hello,,If you are looking for a color which complements both navy blue and green, then you should opt for pink or red. A bright pink can be worn with booth navy blue and green shade. Red is also perfect if you are looking for something bright.,Hope this helps!

Why is the entropy change positive in the dehydration of ethane?

u201cWhy is the entropy change positive in the [dehydrogenation] of ethane?u201d*,The balanced equation is C2H6 u2192 C2H4 + H2. There are more molecules in the products than in the reactants, and all reactants and products are in the gas phase. (It doesnu2019t matter that the catalyst and any surface species on it are not gases, since entropy is a

What is the difference between electron transfer in respiration and photosynthesis?

General differences between oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria and photophosphorylation in chloroplasts are listed below for comparison. Of course there are many detailed differences too numerous to list. These are very different processes as one can see from the diagrams. I think a list of the similarities might actually be more interesting

Which is the best color inside the house?

Color experts predict a move from balanced, neutral undertones to warmer neutrals. We have to explore best paint colors for your bedroom, living room, kitchen and more. Choosing paint colors depends a lot on the lighting in the room. You can change the feel of any room in your house with a little planning and some color, varying the shades for a ce

What is mobile phone?

Mobile Phone:Mobile Phone is a device which help two or more than two users to conduct a conversation they are too far apart from each other.,OR,A telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network.,History of mobile phones:Mobile Phones were invented as early as the 1940s

What are the best DSLR cameras in 2022 for photography and video?

None. Those considering buying a new DSLR today will be paying too much for an obsolete product.,I question anybodyu2019s need for a pentaprism viewfinder system today unless youu2019ve relied on one for years in a professional capacity. Instead look at mirrorless cameras by Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Fujifilm and more.

What places can be explored in Dubai in February with our 4 month old baby?

A melting pot of global culture, Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and one of the most visited cities in the world. Nestled on the Persian Gulf coast; Dubai is known for its record-breaking architectural feats, numerous shopping destinations, exciting theme parks and water parks, desert safaris and extreme adventure sports. All

How do I pose for pictures to look thinner?

Hi.,Shortly after taking the stand and bravely describing the abuse she and her fellow athletes suffered at the hands of Larry Nassar, Aly Raisman was featured in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue entitled u2018In Her Own Words', where she laid bare with words written on her body. Along with other women featured in the photoshoot, she chose the p

Judging from sitcoms Ive seen from the 1950s and 60s, was roast beef and potatoes a very popular main dish for middle class families back in those times?

Ha!,Just like, middle class families never used a toilet.,Following are some typical middle-class north-american dinners from the late 60s and early 70s (so, probably close enough):,Breaded pork chops with applesauce, canned corn, green beans.,Tuna-noodle casserole: (canned tuna, noodles or sometimes rice, celery, canned cream of mushroom soup). Ma

How can I use WhatsApp on my laptop without using my phone? I cannot verify my number.

How to Use WhatsApp From a Computer or laptop.Download Thin BlueStacks App Player. To use Whatsapp in PC or Laptop, you need to Install an Android Emulator called as BlueStacks App Player.,Install BlueStacks App Player.,(It takes time for installing so wait for 10u201315 minutes)Now open bluestack application.,Sign in using your email idI'd,Now ins

What are some cheap and easy smoothie recipes?

Strawberry SwingHow to: Place 8 frozen strawberries, u00bd cup plain kefir or pourable plain yogurt, and u00bd cup shredded, unsweetened coconut into a blender. Blend until smooth. Serves 1.,Extras: Spark it up with 2 tablespoons rolled oats, pinch ground cinnamon, 2 tablespoons flax meal, or protein powder.

What is the best way to cook monkfish?

In Portugal you basically have 2 recipes for monkfish, called tamboril in Portuguese language. Both very popular and liked by most of the people.,First we have arroz de tamboril that is monkfish cubes and rice in a stewy tomatoey sauce, garnished with coriander greens.,Second dish, noodles with tamboril or massinha/massada de tamboril, is not that

How does one soft boil an egg from cold water?

Put the egg into the cold water and turn on the heat, bring the water to the boil and the moment the water is boiling start a four minute timer, after the four minutes lift the egg out and cool it in some cold water. If the egg is too soft try another with 5 or 6 minutes.

What are the best boat cruises for single people?

From what I've personally cruised I still say Norwegian. The solo travelers have a dedicated crew member to facilitate the meet and greet and nightly get togethers where they coordinate excursion participation. Solos get their own personal 100 sq. ft. cabins, their own lounge inside their own private area spanning an interior hallway on 2 decks. Th