Is salary expense Debit or credit?

As I would explain to students in my accounting classes, expenses take equity away. And thatu2019s why you debit them. So although expenses are equity accounts, which is on the right side of the accounting equation, they do not increase equity. Those equity accounts that add to equity get credited, while those that lower equity get debited.

What is the best way to learn Photoshop online?

Hi! I learnt Photoshop entirely via YouTube tutorials! There are many videos which tell you how to get started and teach you the purpose of all the tools available.,A great beginner video will be:,Once you get to know how all the tools work and how to use them, these are the channels I would recommend you to try multiple projects:,Photoshop Tutoria

How can I get sponsored on Instagram for free?

There is no rocket science process for creating Instagram ads. it follows a similar process the way you create Facebook ads. You just need to ensure while selecting the placement you only choose Instagram as placement.,The second thing you really need to be careful about image/video aspect. Instagram has different image aspect so do ensure you have

How do you make a great cake with cheap cake mixes?

There are only 3 cakes that I really like enough to make regularly. German Chocolate, Pineapple upside down, and my momu2019s pound cake. The first two, I can get away with making the cake with a standard mix. The German chocolate cake relies heavily on the icing for a lot of flavor, so I ALWAYS make the icing from scratch, and it is easy. Same goe

What are some great Chicken Tikka Masala recipes?

Chicken tikka masala is the authentic and delicious dish.And it is so simple to make.,Prepration time : 1:30 hour,Servings : 4,INGREDIENTS FOR CHICKEN TIKKA MARINATION :,Boneless chicken 500gm,Curd/yogurt - 1tbsp,Roasted gram flour/besan - 2tsp,Lime juice - 1tsp,Salt as per taste,Red chilli po. 1tsp,Turmeric po. 1,Coriander po. 1,Chicken tikka /tan

Can I upgrade my laptop graphics card?

No, unless you have one of those high end/workstation 2000+ USD laptops which use MXM slots.,Example below, both CPU and GPU in this Eurocom laptop can be replaced:

Who controls the Saudi royal family?

Itu2019s more of a question of u201cWho doesnu2019t the Saudi royal family control??u201d.,Because they have SCADS of money - money that can be used to pay off anyone (except maybe Putin, whom they hateu2026), or buy advertising. Even the US President is a little deferential to them - and HE controls 4000 nuclear weapons!!,Make no mistake - the Sau

What are the negatives of globalization?

Alongside the obvious positives, globalization does have some powerful negatives and most of us will be touched by them:,,Wage race to the bottom due to global overcapacity in the production of commodity products like steel or paper or agricultural products like cotton. This means that production shifts to places with the lowest wages and domestic

As a software engineer, I find a lot of the projects in Silicon Valley frivolous (e.g. Pintrest, in my opinion). Where can I do meaningful work (e.g. Uber and Hotel Tonight)?

Sometimes it's the "frivolous" companies that are doing the most meaningful work because they have the resources and the scale; you just have to look harder. ,Take Facebook, Twitter, YouTube -- agreed, people are very good at wasting time when given the opportunity to, but these platforms are also incredibly powerful tools for coordinating people,

What should I do when I travel to Japan?

A friend recently told me sheu2019s going to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and is open to some other places. This post is for her, but otheru2019s may find it valuable. (also, others have great answers here!),First thing to do: make sure to get a JR Rail Pass that lets you ride the shinkansen. Treat yourself and get the first class ticket. Itu2019ll be a

Which should I buy, a Ford Endeavour or a Toyota Fortuner?

Both are amazing choice.,Ford Endeavour 3.2 litre engine comes only with automatic transmission, engine is refined, it also has automatic terrain control. If you are an off-road enthusiast, then you will miss the manual torque selector which is available in toyota Fortuner which gives a feel of control.,I understand there is a sunroof in endeavour,

When mixed, what color do yellow and green make?

Thanks for A2A Ravi,A shade in between green, and yellow, what I would describe as an artichoke green. Green is comprised of blue, and yellow, so you will just be increasing the percentage of yellow to blue. It will be a green closer to yellow, a warm green, as opposed to a cool green that is closer to blue, like a jade, or petrol green.

What does the Bible say about divorce and remarry?

God will not recognize the second marriage because the first is still valid in his eyes. If a man or woman scheme to get out of a marriage and divorce their innocent mate to marry another, that is treachery and will be viewed as adultery and not be valid before God

What is the best lens to buy for an A6000 camera?

If you like wide, get the Sigma 16mm F1.4. It is likely the best wide-angle lens for APS-C E-mount, unless you want to use a full-frame Zeiss Batis or Loxia ultra-wide. A wide-angle will give you adequate depth-of-field even at F1.4. You will not miss stabilization that much.,If you prefer the u201cnormalu201d perspective, there is the Sigma 30mm F

How do the new iPhones (66 Plus) compare to current, top-of-the-line Android phones?

I'm going to compare this to unlocked, stock Android installs, because once bloatware is introduced, Android tends to be much more disappointing. But in short, the iPhone 6 is not as strong a competitor but still has superior processing performance and formidable capabilities that were found in the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 Plus, however, adds a top

Should I buy an iPhone 11 in 2022?

Every year, Apple unveiled a new iteration of its iPhone.,In September 2019, it was the iPhone 11, which was launched with the release of the Pro and Pro Max versions.,The iPhone 11 was the successor to the iPhone XR, the cheapest model in the phone lineup that was made official in 2018.,The iPhone 11 is technically less capable than the iPhone 11

Why are fingerprints different for everyone?

There is a substantial degree of genetic influence on oneu2019s fingerprints, particularly whether a given finger has which of the three basic pattersu2014loop, arch, or whorl. One can have all three of these types among the ten fingers. The Scientific American article cited at bottom describes what determines which of these three basic patterns a

What is the best colour to paint my livingroom?

A living room is a place where celebrations take place, laughter and tears are shared where stories are told, thrillers are watched. Thatu2019s why we feel itu2019s best to know your living room and pick the right colour combination for your space. Here are some fun combinations to try out:,1. Shades Of Green: For someone who loves a good naturesca

Where should I put my sofa in the living room?

Place your Sofa on where you can get a Clean Corner;i.e. two adjacent walls . Place it against the longer wall and make it as the Accent wall of your living room. Your TV would be placed opposite to this wall and the rest of the Furniture like the Ottoman or the sofa chairs and the centre table would be placed around your Sofa.

Does an app need a business plan or just a pitch deck?

Thereu2019s a big difference between a business plan and a pitch deck. If you want to show the information to investors, and you donu2019t know how the information should look, then we need to figure out what business plan and pitch deck do.,Pitch deck is a presentation in PDF that is shown to investors and help entrepreneurs get funding for their

What can you cook?

I can assure you these images belong to me, I have cooked them myself with no help whatsoever despite what people close to me might sayu2026,BreakfastA simple Sunny Side up & Toasted Bread with more butter than I should probably have put considering i want to lose some weightu2026,LunchHoney and garlic Shrimp along with some Asian Sriracha Chicken,

How do you cook cheap steak?

Depends what you mean by u201ccheapu201d. If you mean poor quality, I canu2019t help you. If you mean a leaner, tougher cut, ideally on sale, check out my homemade beef jerky:,Freshly cut. Five pounds, all cleaved by me.,Seasoned and ready to hit the oven.,Dehydrating.,I use a marinade I make of soy sauce, pineapple juice, Worcestershire sauce, liq

What is a taste of home for you?

A big turkey dinner with all the trimmings, especially homemade stuffing with lots of sage, onion and celery. Thanksgiving and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without them.

What type of telescope is best for viewing distant planets?

Here are 2 of 5 Telescopes of 2022 for the BEST Viewing Experience1. Celestron AstroMaster 102AZIf youu2019re new to stargazing and planet viewing, the Celestron AstroMaster 102AZ is one of the best telescopes in 2022. Many experts recommend this telescope for beginner and experienced stargazers. Itu2019s easy to set up because of the tripod and us