Can a USB cable be used to charge the Canon 450D cameras battery?

No. As of now, the only Canon cameras that support USB charge are G9X, G7X Mark II and G5X. They all use 3.7 volt battery and have microUSB port.,There are Chinese third-party chargers for Canon batteries with USB power support, but I wouldnu2019t trust them. So, your only way is wall power or car 12V to 100/110/220/240V inverter, which effectively

Can you use a regular printer to print on a photo paper?

Thank you for the A2A.,It depends if the photo paper is a laser photo paper or an inkjet photo paper. A photo paper must be used with its respective printer. If a laser photo paper is used on an inkjet printer, the print quality would be poor as it is not designed to hold ink well. There is a chance for an inkjet photo paper to burn in a laser prin

Where did solar energy originate?

History of solar energy dates back to the history of human being coming into existence, however it was in 1839 when it was found that certain materials produced little electric current on being exposed to light and,In 1839, Alexandre Edmond Becquerel (pictured on the right) discovered that certain materials produced small amounts of electric curren

What are some good ideas for throwing a Platform 9 and 34-themed birthday party?

This one is not easy to answer, and I am assuming the birthday kid in question is of age old enough to still enjoy it thoroughly.,You could actually expand the theme a bit to be a journey from finding out youu2019re witch/wizard (wizard from hereon for simplicity) to boarding the train.,Have invitation cards sent out which are in the fashion of the

How can I improve a images resolution online?

How to use the picture resizer.Select. Upload your JPG or PNG to our image resize tool.,Resize. Choose a size template based on the social platform or add your own.,Download. Instantly download your resized image.

What sucks about AI?

What is horrible with today's AI, it makes a sort of AI alchemy mixed with pseudoscience having dangerous effects as the pseudoscientific theories about racial and ethnic classifications.,Instead of being a leading science and engineering, the mainstream, big tech AI/ML/DL is selling some math-techniques, statistic models, algorithms and black-box

How much money does an Internet startup need to get off the ground?

My partner and I incorporated in Delaware, had cheap hosting for a Wordpress template (to start), spent money on legal fees for our employment contracts, guidance on setting up our company, etc., and then miscellaneous things like postage, gas, lunch with potential developers, etc. In 4 or so months we spent about $3,000, most of it on incorporatin

Which is Europes most beautiful country?

There are various beautiful countries in Europe like Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, France, Italy etc. But in my point of view the most beautiful among them is Greece, because of its antique history. Greece, is believed to be the originator of human civilization, democracy and Olympic games.,Greece is full of rich culture, Acropolis

How do VCs make money?

By investing their capital in ventures. Hence the term VC. High risk equals high return (eventually).

What screams "I cant cook even if my life depended on it!"?

Traditional marriage here. As the wife I did the cooking, kept the hubby fed, raised 2 healthy kids. Then I had a stroke a few years ago. Couldnu2019t cook. Had to teach hubby. Oh lord!,Had u201cmeatloafu201d one fine evening.,u201cUmmm, honey, how did you make this?u201d,u201cOh I put a pound of ground beef in the pan and baked it for 45 minutesu2

What are some breakfast nook ideas?

Breakfast Nook Ideas to Light Up Your Mornings:Breakfast nooks as dedicated spaces were prevalent in the 1920s as houses became more modest and bungalows became common. Breakfast nook ideas revolved around making spaces as a great family spot for the morning meal with their built-in seating and table. Since then, breakfast nooks have continued to h

I use green pepper in my spaghetti sauce recipe. Itu2019s a very old recipe from when my family owned an Italian restaurant. Why are people so offended that I use green pepper when everyone loves the sauce?

Green bell peppers have a strong vegetal flavor that some people don't enjoy.,Evidently, your spaghetti sauce with green peppers is delicious, which isnu2019t surprising. Green peppers and tomatoes have complimentary flavors.,My guess is that people are just bigots by nature. No matter how wonderful green peppers are in your sauce, theyu2019ll neve

How do I get a copy of my 1099-G?

Dave,,I Googled it: u201cWhat do I do if I didn't receive my 1099-G?If you did not report your new address by December 15 and you did not receive your Form 1099G by the end of February, contact the EDD and follow the instructions to request a duplicate Form 1099G using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 1-866-333-4606. ... A copy of your Form

Is it right to cut someones hands off for stealing?

No.,As someone who fixes hands for a living and is sensitive to their wondersu2026Iu2019d say that it's an extreme and excessive form of retribution that leaves no room for amnesty.,What's done is done. There's no walking it back.,Even a life sentence could be commuted. There's no commutation for absent hands.,The same hands that will never again s

Can a Gemini be a soulmate for a Virgo?

Virgo man soulmates:,Aquarius woman,Gemini woman,Scorpio woman,Cancer woman,Aries woman,Virgo woman,Virgo woman soulmates:,Leo man,Libra man,Sagittarius man,Taurus man,Capricorn man,Virgo man

What are the most overrated travel destinations?

For me, I think the one of the most overrated tourist attractions here in the Philippines is Boracay . Look how crowded it is.,Yes, it is a beauty, but I think it is hindering other beautiful tourist spots here in the Philippines to be discovered or exposed.

How do you cook rice without a rice cooker?

The best way to cook rice:,First secret: Always wash your rice! Rinse in cold water 3 times (this gets the dirt/impurities and additional starch off the rice grains, which will let your rice be fluffy instead of sticky),(Optional) Ingredients: green onion, chopped garlic, grated ginger, salt, 1tbsp oil into the pot (or whatever oil you have). Saute

Is Western media biased against China and India?

It is somewhat true that India related news suffer a poor portrayal. Surprisingly, some xenophobic western media houses show Indiau2019s successes but also add a bit of spices. These spices include listing a lot of India's weaknesses and then mocking them, thus effectively undermining the achievements.,Let me share some examples:,New York Times had

What is so great about Leonardo da Vinci?

Even if Leonardo Da Vinci had just been an artist and painter, he would still have been a great, just for the Last Supper and Mona Lisa.But Leonardo Da Vinci was not just a painter and artist. He was also an engineer, architect, scientist, inventor, cartographer, anatomist, botanist and writer. He was not what you call a "Jack of all Trades", he wa

Which is the best Italian dish? Why?

Letu2019s put in some less obvious choices with some of my favorites.,Vitello tonnatoThis is a traditional Piedmontese dish. Lean veal meat is braised with vegetables (carrots and onion), tuna, anchovies, oil, vinegar; after marinading overnight in the ingredients, the meat is thinly sliced and topped with a sauce made by processing most of the res

What is some recommended free software for creating organizational charts?

Edraw Org Chart SoftwareYou can try:,Built-in Card Shapes: The software has many pre-defined symbols with different styles and usage.,Edit Vector Based Elements: All the symbols, shapes and lines in the document are in vector format and thus editable.,Automatic Formatting Tool: You can add shapes, aligning shapes and connecting shapes.,Input Data F

Can I use agar-agar instead of gelatin while making non-bake cheesecake? If yes, how?

I believe agar-agar turns out to be runnier than gelatinu2026so I donu2019t think that will help you unless you want to add starch as wellu2026.But you shouldnu2019t even need gelatin or agar-agar for a no-bake recipe, even if you are vegan.,Normal no-bake:,No-Bake CheesecakeBest No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe | An Easy No-Bake Dessert!No-Bake Cheesecak

Does Geisinger accept UnitedHealthcare insurance?

Like most health care providers, Geisinger lists accepted insurance plans on its website. You can find the page at this link: $nameThe only "United" plans I see on that page are United Behavioral Health and United Concordia Companies, which may or may not be related to United Healthcare. There's also a phone number you can call to make sure: 800-64

What is the Philippine time?

The Philippine Standard Time (PST) is based on UTC +8. For example, when itu2019s 8pm in the Philippines, it is exactly 12pm in the UK.

Have you ever caught your child doing something that shocked you?

Thanks for the A2A Ricardo!,A day before Christmas eve, I stepped out to run errands, do grocery, last run to the bank.,I came back, tired and exhausted.,We emptied the car and got inside.,I was extremely tired and did not even have the energy to ask them to put things in place.,And I did not.,I went upstairs, offered my prayers and somehow just cr

How can I improve my instant ramen?

Use chicken/vegetable broth rather than water;,When I lived in Kazakhstan I got this cheap carrot salad dressed in vinegar and oil which was excellent in it;,Basically any kind of green thing that would go into a soup would work here. Bok choy/broccoli/broccolini/endive/arugula/spinach/peas/whatever.,Saute mushrooms in the pan before making the ram