What are the English words that are curses in other languages and vice versa?

Oh! This can be embarrassing!,Donu2019t read if you are offended by stuff like this.,I am answering with stress on Indian languages as I donu2019t know much about Western languages.,I have got into terribly embarrassing situations while dealing with 5 different languages.,It all started with u201cfakharu201d u092bu093cu0916u093cu0930 which means gl

What is your salary? Are you happy with it?

Hello world !,In 2014 I completed my civil engineering from a below average collage in Bangalore , Without any hope of any campus placement or outside.,But with some help and luck I got my first job as civil site engineer on contract basis in one of the most prestigious MNC company L& T building and constructions. Which was a journey of it own and

Whats the worst tasting thing you have ever actually eaten?

DISCLAIMER. Some viewers may find these disturbing or gross, please do not continue reading if you have food sensitivity or whatever. Read at your own risk!,I am from Philippines and here are the list of food I find disgusting!,Balut. Youu2019ll find several types of balut. Depending on the incubation time (18 to 21 days) and on the way the embryo

Is there a real Hawkins, Indiana like in Stranger Things?

The town of Hawkins, Indiana from the television show Stranger Things is completely fictional. There is no real town in Indiana called u201cHawkins.u201d Roane County, in which the town of Hawkins is supposed to be located, is also completely fictional. It is also worth noting that, despite being ostensibly set in Indiana, the show Stranger Things

How do I keep bananas from spoiling?

Bananas must be kept at room temperature (65 - 75u00b0F) until they are as ripe as you like them. At that point, you can put them into the refrigerator. They will stop ripening. Even after taking them out of the fridge they will not continue ripening. You can store them in the fridge for much longer than they would have lasted out on the counter. H

Is water a compound or a molecule?

The difference between a molecule and a compound is this:,A molecule consists of two or more atoms joined by a chemical bond.,A compound consists of two or more different atoms joined by chemical bonds.,Water (H2O) is both a molecule and a compound.,Hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2) are molecules but because the atoms of which they are made are

What settings should our screen be while editing pictures?

The only way to properly adjust your screen so it will accurately represent the sublets of your photographs and allow accurate reproduction is to periodically properly calibrate your monitor. Furthermore, if you print your own photographs, you need to also calibrate your printer to your monitor. The links below will explain the process. I have also

What are the ways to make chicken breast taste good?

Whenever I am cooking chicken breasts I can boost their flavor in four ways: brining, marinating, seasoning and through the cooking technique.,Brining is simple. Just dissolve salt in water and let the chicken soak for about half a day. A ratio of 2 tablespoons of salt to 3 cups of water is ideal in my opinion. Seasonings such as dried herbs, a lit

Why did Germany ask the USA to stop using trench guns in WWI?

The trench guns the Germans asked the Americans to discontinue using was a shotgun known as the Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, and remanufactured in 1917. This shotgun was only 40 inches long, with a 20 inch barrel, and could hold one round in the chamber and five in the tube. It was pump action, and fired a cartridge of ni

How can I find Quoras Blogs on a specific topic?

You're totally right that there should be a better way to find blogs on specific topics directly from topic pages. That's an important feature request, and I'll post that to Feature Requests Notepad.,I can, however, recommend this great page that list the most popular blogs on Quora and for many of these blogs, it's clear what topics they pertain t

Can a new property owner evict the tenants without cause and no lease if they havenu2019t established or given notice of new owneeship under the pretense of no reason? The owner was also a tenant.

Your tenancy transfers to the new ownership. I take it from your poorly worded question that you are a month to month tenant, also called a tenant at will.,Your poorly worded question continues with you twice stating they are trying to terminate your tenancy u201cwithout causeu201d and u201cno reasonu201d. In most states , no reason or cause is req

What are some high-margin agricultural products?

Herbs (especially when grown vertically), mushrooms (especially oyster and shitake which are both relatively easy to grow), and lavender are among the most profitable crops in the US.,Goji berries and Ginseng, too.,Some farmers are very successful with microgreens: they grow fast, need little space and donu2019t depend on weather conditions.,Urban

Russias war against Ukraine is not going as they thought. Putin appears to be looking for an "exit strategy" where he can leave the country. If he does, will the world just go back to normal with Russia or will the world demand reparations?

The Russians are winning. I want you to screenshot this answer. We can come back to it in 6 months. Go ahead.,The Russians have voluntarily moved their forces to Donbass. They havenu2019t u201cretreatedu201d because they were losing in battle. The Western media and Zelensky know that Westerners are so zonked out they would interpret this to mean th

What are your thoughts on wine aged in bourbon, whiskey, and rye barrels?

Thank you for asking me a question in which I can deliver a passionately-complaining answer!,To me, my thoughts are that this is both absolute heresy, downright sheer destruction of perfectly good wine, AND an absolutely ingenious idea for making money. (That does not make it right, in my books. Please allow me to quote Sandor Glegane, The Hound, f

What can I do to fight social engineering?

This question was asked elsewhere, but here you go:,According to Silent Breach, the top 5 ways to stay protected from social engineering attacks in 2020 is,,Training & Shared Responsibility,Invest in a Continuous Monitoring product (like Quantum Armor),USB Locks,Multi-Factor Authentication,Implement DMARC,Hope that helps!

How do you order food in Italy?

Some hints for foreigners about u201cusingu201d a generic restaurant in Italy:,Reservation is 80% of the time required or suggested,Always wait to be seated,Do not bring your bottle of wine or water,As soon as you are seated you are given the menu and you may be asked which water you want for drink (still or sparkling). Some restaurants use tap wat

How cold does it get in the Philippines?

This is one thing you shouldnu2019t really worry about when youu2019re in the Philippines unless you plan to stay in Baguio. The weather there could drop to 14 degrees Celsius during the rainy months, January till February.,We only have the dry and rainy seasons. Summers are hot and humid, temperatures could reach 92u201394 degrees Fahrenheit or ro

What are the advantages of MS Dhonis Nissan Jonga? Where did he assembled this vehicle?

Our former Captain Cool Dhoni was recently spotted driving a modified Nissan Jonga.,Nissan Jonga has been modified according to Dhoni style at SD Offroaders in Nakodar, Punjab.,While Dhoni's love for cars and bikes isn't new and many may consider Jonga as just another car in his garage, this SUV is a special one.,To start with, the Nissan Jonga Dho

Is a southwest facing house (in the USA) not good as per Vastu Shastra?

In term of traditional Vastu Shastra, a house is considered good if it only faces north, east or northeast. It symbolise the u201carchway to victory and progress in lifeu201d.,Similar to Chinese traditional Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra wisdom is derived from the past where the surrounding environment and house structure are different.,Coming back to mo

How do professional photographers retouch their photos using Photoshop and Lightroom? How did they learn to retouch and edit, especially in portraits and landscapes?

Photoshop Clone StampBefore Lightroom existed, I used Photoshop's clone stamp tool to remove dust spots from scanned film. You select the tool, click an area similar to the affected place that's dust-free, and stamp it over the spot.,Lightroom De-SpottingLightroom's de-spotting tool is even easier to use. You paint over the spot or hair, and the pr

How do I remove a paid IRS tax lien from my credit report?

How to Get Rid of a LiennPaying your tax debt - in full - is the best way to get rid of a federal tax lien. The IRS releases your lien within 30 days after you have paid your tax debt.nWhen conditions are in the best interest of both the government and the taxpayer, other options for reducing the impact of a lien exist.nDischarge of propertynA "dis

What countries in Africa should I avoid during travels?

As of November 2018, I would be very careful of the following.,Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, RCA ( Republic Central Africa), some selected parts of Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. My criteria are very simple.,Any place where there is a war or some sort of extremism going on ( Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, and parts of Nigeria).,Any place where foreign troo

What color makes you anxious?

You may be susceptible to low light levels as in SAD or seasonal affective disorder. The white paint would have reflected light around your room better, but replacing it with pink at this time of year (autumn) has probably lowered the light dramatically thus activating your anxiety. Pink has red in it and it will absorb more light, so you have a co

Why does my Google camera not work?

If your camera on some unknown Google phone is not working I suggest that you find a repair shop that specializes in Google phones and get an estimate for the repair. If it is one of the older Google phones you might consider getting a new phone.

Can you sue an employer to get back the costs you had to pay a lawyer to write a letter demanding your correct wages be paid? Were being charged 5k to get a lawyer to write a letter in regards to sham contracting, 25k+ in stolen wages.

In the United States, the answer would almost certainly be u201cno.u201d There could be different answers in other countries. The United States follows what is called the u201cAmerican Rule,u201d which is a reference to the fact that each person pays their own attorneys fees in the United States. Other countries have a u201closer paysu201d rule, wh

What does a repeated dream about watching a plane crash mean?

It's your unconcious fear of change or happening creating dreams.,Spiritual science says negative dream are always sign of good things to happen.,Have you ever traveled through plane,get one experience & your fear will run away.,Do pray to God before going to bad.,If you see anything in dream of closed eyes ,just enjoy the dream.,Dreams of open eye

How do you say "and you" in Japanese? How is it used?

The simplest way that applies to the most situations would be:,(personu2019s name)u3055u3093u306fuff1f- (personu2019s name)san wa?,For example, you and your coworker Ms. Tanaka are in line at Starbucks, talking about what youu2019re going to have. You decide on an iced coffee and want to ask your coworker what sheu2019s going to have. You say:,u79c

Can teachers take pictures of students?

With their consent, sure.,Actually, last year, the academic year 2017/18, I did take photos of some of my students so let me explain.,These were students Iu2019d never be teaching again for the foreseeable future. Ones were in a town 160 km away from the capital city where I live and the others were in a town some 30 km away from the capital city i