How do you make caramel popcorn at home?

Sure. Itu2019s not difficult, if you know how to make caramel. The recipe I use starts by popping 1/2 cup of popcorn in two tablespoons of vegetable oil.,Make the caramel by combining 1/4 cup of water, 1 cup of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter and 1.4 cup of corn syrup in a pan, heating it on medium high heat, stirring until the sgar disso

Who were some punk rock musicians who didnt have a punk rock appearance?

There were a lot of punk bands who werenu2019t mainstream and/or never expected to be mainstream. A lot of those musicians never had the typical punk rock appearance.,,The Minutemen were low-key dudes with day jobs when punk rock couldnu2019t pay the bills.,The frontman D. Boon had a tremendous amount of energy onstage, far more than youu2019d expe

What is the exchange rate for 500 pesos to dollars?

What country pesos? A number of countries around the world use pesos as their national currency. Each has a different exchange rate with the U.S. dollar. Or were you referring to the Canadian or Australian dollars? Be clear with your question.

How long should I marinate chicken breast with butter milk to make it tender?

I donu2019t like to brine or marinate chicken for more than about 90 minutes, because it changes the texture of the meat. Modern chickens are so tender that a longer marinade isnu2019t necessary. I do like to do a dry rub on chickens when roasting them, and I will do that for 24 hours, uncovered in the fridge, so the skin dries out while the meat a

Is the iPhone 13 an unlucky phone?

[Note: This answer is free content, and should not be behind a subscription paywall. Do report any of such violations to Quora.]Is the iPhone 13 an unlucky phone?,Well, itu2019s not like this will happen to people that buy an iPhone 13 specifically:,(Totally NOT based on a true personal story last month.),If you think that iPhone 13 is unlucky beca

What are the most important camera angles for making movies?

This isn't spiritual or artistic advice with pretty pictures this is essential practical information.,As a filmmaker your priority is to make a comprehensible story that flows smoothly. To that end there are three basic shots you need to achieve before you start getting poetic with your framing. What's more these shots should be acquired in the ord

Where should I put my sofa in the living room?

Place your Sofa on where you can get a Clean Corner;i.e. two adjacent walls . Place it against the longer wall and make it as the Accent wall of your living room. Your TV would be placed opposite to this wall and the rest of the Furniture like the Ottoman or the sofa chairs and the centre table would be placed around your Sofa.

What was the most surprising ingredient in a delicious recipe?

Itu2019s probably not surprising now but when I was a kid my mother u2013 who was a wonderful baker u2013 made us the most delicious and moist chocolate cake I had ever tasted. The entire time weu2019re devouring the cake and throwing compliments her way she had this sly grin on her face. According to her it was all due to a u201csecret ingredient.

What questions should you ask at the end of an interview?

I use 3 questions which always establish rapport and grant me favor with interviewers. The 3 questions are:,If you could design the ideal candidate for this position from the ground up, what skills and traits would they contain?,In the next 6 months in the company and industry, what are you most excited about,In the next 6 months, whatu2019s the bi

When you were in the Army or Navy boot camp, were you given a ton of items to store in your locker? How was it confusing (because it sure was in the Marines)?

When I was in army boot camp in 1969, we were given a very limited number of items, and there was a required place for each of them in our foot lockers. All items had to be stored not only in a specified place, but in a specified way, for instance, socks, tee-shirts, and undershorts were to be rolled very tightly. There was only a small space alloc

What are some ideas for making built in shelves in a dining room wall?

Hi Minnie,Thank you for your request, (again).,u201cideas for makingu201d,I guess, you are looking for ideas on final designs. It is better you go to Pinterest or Google images. You can get plenty of great ideas there.,Sorry design is not my forte.,Best,Matt,(My Latest wall to ceiling fitted bookcases, dark one for the dining room Light one for the

What are the best places to travel to in Turkey, aside from Istanbul?

Turkey is much More than Istanbul. Below are the destinations which you would not like to miss while traveling to turkey.,Antique Pool, Pamukkale ,,Maiden's Tower, Kiz Kulesi Gito YaylasiMardan Palace, Antalya UrlaButterfly Valley, Fethiye Camlica HillAnd how can we forget this :Hot Air Balloon, Cappadocia Looking for a Turkey Deal ? Write me at bo

Is Apple Inc. iPhone going to loose market in India?

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook sales in many developing countries including in India is decreasing because of three main reasonsu2026,First of all people having iPhones are not upgrading to the latest versions of the iPhones which is affecting its sells in developing countries.,Second is the foreign exchange value which has increased too much whic

What purpose does audio equipment that alters the sound of music, such as headphones, earbuds, or car systems that add bass for example, serve if audio engineers tune music in the studio to sound its best?

Production engineers mix the music to sound best in a variety of situations, but mostly in their spaces and with their equipment.,The engineeru2019s space and ears are not your space and ears. So you might want something different so you can hear what is in the recording.,The art in this is producing a recording that will take the alterations and s

What are some good reasons to leave the US for Australia?

Anonymity.,Also ,Enjoy Australia's Medicare, gun-control, compulsory voting, left hand driving, chicken parmigianas, mates, weather. Probably better availability of jobs too tho not for long. Better public holidays. Summer Christmas. ,Don't look forward to the cost of rent, petrol prices (although admittedly a lot better since Christmas) in fact th

What color should I paint my living room with grey furniture?

Yellow and Gray Living Room Color Scheme,Brighten a cool gray space by bringing in bright yellow accents. Start with a foundation of gray furniture and yellow accessories, then add navy blue accents for a dynamic decorating scheme. Limit the amount of sunny yellow you add to keep the scheme fresh and bold.

How do you keep homemade burgers from falling apart?

Let me guess, you grab a pack of ground beef and you split it apart and make some really awesome burger patties. And then you put it on the grill and you see the little cracks on the sides get wider and wider. and the burger breaks up into large chunks. You end up eating something that looks closer to a Sloppy Joe than a huge burger.,(from Tasting

What is the best recipe to make Velveeta cheese for nachos?

I like a chili and salsa or chili and rotel style nachos cheese the best.,Here are a few recipes I have tried and really liked:,Recipe 1, Burrito Style:Brick of Velveetacan of rotelcan of drained and rinsed black, pinto, or kidney beansMelt these 3 together, then serve over chips with a bit of added shredded cheese, warmed up spanish rice, and sour

What is the best HSBC savings account?

Currently, in the U.K., none of them are even remotely competitive for personal customers. You would be better served looking at other institutions covered by the Depositor Protection scheme.nFrankly, HSBC doesn't currently need deposits due to its strength, hence has no need to compete on savings rates.

How Mathematics and programming(Computer Science) are related to each other?

It took me a very long time to understand why Mathematics is the u201cMother of all Sciencesu201d.,If anyone really wants to dive deep into the advanced fields of Computer Science then one has to deal with the Ocean of Mathematics.,Specifically the fields like Theoretical Computer Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,Artificial Intelligence, Co

What is an example of due process of law?

Due process of law means exactly what its name suggests, i.e., you are given the process due to you under the laws of your jurisdiction. Broadly speaking, this means you are treated fairly in an impartial judicial system that functions as promised. Often, due process of law is defined by what it is not, and there are many cases in which a court con

What are the pros and cons of buying property in India via General Power of Attorney?

Property in India can only be validly transferred through a duly registered Conveyance Deed/Sale Deed after paying the requisite Stamp Duty.,The GPA route is taken only with the purpose of avoiding payment of Stamp Duty , Capital Gains etc and hence is illegal , fraught with risks and should be avoided at all costs.,Therefore there are only cons an

What are the best titles for a thesis on Philippine tourism?

This is going to echo a lot of advice I have given on on computer hardware servicing and food technology. Philippine tourism encompasses a LOT of territory. Are you specializing? Is your thesis written? If your thesis isnu2019t completely written yet, Iu2019d just slap on a working title and change it later. Iu2019ve always found titles to be one o

When you are stuck in a cooking rut, what 3 meals do you end up falling back on?

I make some things more often than others, but I generally shop for new ideas while at the store or even while visiting restaurants. Itu2019s pretty rare for me to have the same cooked meal more than once a month, the only meals I eat on the regular is PBJ or Tuna Sandwiches.,For my flatmates, and this drives me completely insane because they will

What are the best mobile under 20000rs?

In India, a smartphone is measured by the price to performance before making a decision on purchasing it. And the Rs 20,000 price segment is the most competitive segment. Realme X, Vivo V15, Vivo S1 and Poco F1 are some of the best mobiles under Rs 20,000.,If you are planning to buy a budget smartphone under Rs 20,000, we have got you covered. Here

What screams u201cIu2019m Asianu201d?

How to look like an Asian and be Proud of it!#1- The u201cI bring rice and pork ribs to school in those Japanese Bento box (No but seriously bento boxes arenu2019t even good just get those thermos)Ex:,u201cYo Kirei! What do you have today?u201d,u201cI have this rice and pork ribs that my mom packed (shows bento box).u201d,Takes out chopsticks#2- Al