How do you spot a beginner Linux user?

Thanks for the A2A.,Great answers so far. Wowu2026 hard question. I barely knowu2026 where to start!,Linux beginners:,Calling it GNU/Linux, just because everyone else does, not understanding what it means and whatu2019s it all about (or even worse, praising GNU for things they didnu2019t even do!),Calling it Linux OS,u201cWhat is the best laptop fo

How were people so thin in the 70s and 80s?

When people discuss the u201cwhysu201d of our current obesity rate, they tend to glom onto the low-hanging fruit. Smaller portions! Less fast food! More GMOS and HFCS, less C17H21NO4!,They donu2019t take into account the myriad micro-factors, that in aggregate, contributed to our collective thinness back then.,If you were magically transported back

What happened to Abigail Elphick, the Victorias Secret "Karen"?

Abigail Elphick..Not the proudest moment in human achievement,Karen of Victoria SecretSince the video was posted and the incident Millburn police told New Jersey 101.5 that an internal investigation is ongoing into the officers' actions. No charges have been filed and neither woman filed a complaint about police or the other.,I hope that clears up

What are some examples of cultural appropriation of food?

Is this something like when white people get dreadlocks and go surfing?,Please folks, stop this crap. Wake up from woke.,Iu2019m currently looking at a menu of a chain pub in the UK. Letu2019s start the list; cheesy ciabatta, haloumi sticks, Southern fried goujons, nachos, katsu chicken, cheeseburger, chicken tikka masala and dirty chips (fries) wi

What are best app for photo editing?

there are some best editing app,pics art::this is best app for android it is one of the best app for editor. because of this app you can change background there are lots of effect you can change colours of t shirt there are many thing you can do can download this app from playstore,lr:lr is another high quality app in this app you can make y

What is the best USB microphone for conference calls?

This is difficult to answer. Quality is subjective (somewhat) if you are talking most accurate and most detail capturedu2026 that is probably a scientific microphoneu2026 but they usually do not work well in music studios for many reasonsu2026 they will pick up any and every flaw imaginable. It is better to think in terms of what is the MOST import

What is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra price in India?

The Galaxy S21 is a smartphone that stands out in the market for its cameras. The primary sensor has 108MPs, and itu2019s accompanied by an ultra-wide camera with 12MPs resolution to capture as much of your surroundings as possible.,But what sets this phone apart is two things: It comes equipped with laser autofocus technology. So you never have an

Is Robinhood Crypto worth the hype?

Crypto is worth the hype, but Robinhood's Crypto platform most certainly is not.,Instead of using Robinhood, please consider signing up at a crypto trading platform like Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini that allows you to withdraw your crypto to a private wallet. For several years Robinhood has claimed to be "working on" adding deposits/withdraws. Howev

Are there castles in Canada?

Casa Loma was and still is the largest private residence in Canadian history.,In fact, it was once the biggest private residence in all of North America.,Until the creation of Casa Loma, the biggest residence around was Boldt Castle u2014 a 60,000 square-foot palace that was built as a Valentineu2019s Day present on an island by George Boldt out of

What is non-renewable energy?

This statement is what we call a u201cnon sequituru201d.,To be correct you should talk only about u201cfossil fuelsu201d and u201csolar poweru201d since only sunshine WAS responsible for u201cfossil fuelsu201d and IS responsible for u201calternate sourcesu201d!,The ultimate u201cfossil fuelu201d is readily available NUCLEAR power.,Unfortunately man

What are the different types of propaganda?

From the top of my head, one very effective trick from my day in propaganda.,Topic: How was life in the USSR after WWII, compared to the life in the US?,Context: Devastations after WWII in Europe. The USSR lost at least 20 million people, 31,850 industrial objects, 1.5 million buildings were ruined, which left 20 million people homeless. In the mea

What are the modern ways of decorating living rooms in India?

The living room is the most u2018happeningu2019 space in your home. It is where you entertain guests, spend quality time with family, enjoy cosy me-time with books and coffee, and host movie nights and house parties. So, create more opportunities for memorable bonding with our family-friendly living room ideas for your home. These designs are thoug

What is the best all around motorcycle? Why?

This was my first new motorcycle ! 1962,The Honda C100 is a 50cc, single cylinder, four stroke, street motorcycle manufactured by Hondabeginning in 1958 through today and more commonly known as the Honda Supercub.,I can think of a number of brands and models of bikes that might compete for the best ever Title . But upon reflection there can be only

Whats the biggest difference that better interior lightning has made in your life?

My husband and I have been renovating our 1920s bungalow. It's my childhood home. My husband is very clever with lighting design and we have spent a small fortune on interior and exterior lighting. Throughout our home the lighting is subtle but so adjustable and can be very moody or brightly lit. We have gone to effort to have modern conveniences i

How do I change clothes in Photoshop?

You need to learn good amount of manipulation skill using Photoshop and human body postures.,Or you can hire someone skilled to do this (easy way),:)

What is an example of population distribution?

There are three types of population : 1. Dense / More population . 2. Stable / Medium population. 3. Rare / less population . 1. Dense population : Dense populated countries are India , China & Africa in which countries has more population . 2. Stable population : Stable population is a population in which countries provide every need & standard li

What is the best mashed potato recipe?

Mashed potatoes are a carrying mechanism for butter and milk. Let that sink in. If youu2019re making mashed potatoes with u201chealthyu201d alternatives, youu2019re making them wrong. Fine, if you like them then thatu2019s all the matters. But mashed potatoes are best made with a metric shit ton of butter and milk.,I use a potato ricer (Iu2019m out

Is Hygge really a thing in Denmark or is it just a hype?

u201cHyggeu201d is a very real concept to Danes, but not in the way that American articles make it out to be. The writers have all made a fundamental mistake in thinking of u201chyggeu201d only in its most deliberate and formal shape.,u201cHyggeu201d doesnu2019t mean cozy, but itu2019s the closest word I can think of in English. Imagine coziness as

Does an iPhone 12 even need a screen protector if the glass is so strong?

Q: Does an iPhone 12 even need a screen protector if the glass is so strong?,A: The iPhone 12 has an all new ceramic display that Apple is advertising as being 4 times stronger in impacts than previous glass displays,No one knows how this new display will work, but we believe Apple so we are not putting anything on our displays,If you are concerned

What are some unique things to do at home to cure your boredom?

Learn a new recipe,Organize drawers with little plastic trays,Rearrange the furniture,Cut the insides of the pages out of an old hardcover book and use it as a secret hiding place for money or spare keys,Build something, even something basic, like shelves or a giant jenga set for the backyard,Offer to walk a neighbors dog, or walk/train your own do

How do you make scrambled eggs without milk?

If Scrambled eggs means eggs that are just stirred around on a hot pan till it gets cooked, then I shall give the Indian take on Scrambled eggs aka Egg bhurji.,,,It is a pretty simple dish to make. When compared with the usual scrambled eggs recipe, here we remove the milk and add veggies like tomatoes, onions, capsicum (bell pepper) , mushrooms et

What are the best budget camera phones in 2022?

i suggest the poco m3 it has 48mp back camera which can take hdr photos and you can do basic editing on it for social media,also it is only 10000rs or arounf 145 dollars,hope this helped if it did please upvote ;)

Where should I invest money?

Last week I bought the Barclays Bank Short Term Volatility Futures (VXX) at around $27.00, and itu2019s now at approximately $56.50. Sou2026. my portfolio is up nearly 81% today when the market was down 5% today. I also bought the June 15 2018 Put for the SPY with $250 Strike Price at $277.00 a week ago, and itu2019s now a $1,300 contract, so made