How do I file for a divorce in CA? My wife is a Filipino and I do not like to migrate in the US (Im also a Filipino, Green Card holderpermanent resident in America). We got married in Philippines in 1982 and was living separately since 2004.

What you said didnu2019t make sense to me. You are in Philippines, living separated from your wife since 2004. Unless you left the US within the past year, you have already forfeited your green card/US permanent residency. Also you did not say anything about your wifeu2019s residency situation. Unless you and your soon to be ex wife have registered

How can I make a collage dubsmash video?

I just found out a way.nPicPlayPost - Video Collage - Android Apps on Google PlayThis app is really cool Here's a collage me n my brother Mandar Thakur created using this app.

What are some of the best destinations in the world for a honeymoon in December?

Top 5 Honeymoon Place in Philippines.,El Nido Resorts Lagen Island :-,Address: Lagen Island El Nido, Palawan, Philippines,Phone: +63 2 902 5980,Amarela Resort :-,Address: Lourdes-Libaong Brgy. road, Bayan ng Panglao, 6340 Lalawigan ng Bohol, Philippines,Phone: +63 38 502 9497,The Peacock Garden :-,Address: Upper Laya, Baclayon, 6301 Bohol, Philippi

How can I buy products from Alibaba in India? Help me?

8 Steps for buying Products from Alibaba to sell in India :Table of ContentsHow to buy products from Alibaba in India?8 steps for buying Products from Alibaba to sell in India are as follows,Be Prepared with the Important Documents,Getting Familiar with Alibabau2019s E-commerce store,How do we find a genuine supplier?Few steps to consider are as fo

What are some good designs for bedrooms of small size?

Small bedrooms are a blessing to have a baby-like sleep time. You canu2019t deny that. You have been missing sleeping like a baby for a very long time.,Now the problem is small bedrooms can feel claustrophobic if not appropriately designed. Always remember the utilization of every corner can save up as well create as much space you want. And for th

How do the wealthy stay wealthy?

Next time you board an airplane, I want you to check this outu2026If youu2019ve ever flown before, think about what you first see when you start boarding. You have to walk down the aisle through business class to get to the main cabin of the plane.,Itu2019s an interesting walk. You can check out who is sitting in business class, while you drag your

What is there to do in Seattle?

I posted this answer in a previous response, but think it's still apropos here. (Original post: Christie Fox's answer to What are the best things to do and see in Seattle? I've lived in Seattle for several years but I'm always curious what I'm missing out on.),While this is a pretty wide open question, my answer narrows it down to my personal fav t

Which is considered as the oldest stock exchange in the world?

Yes, you will definitely make money with cryptocurrencies if you take into consideration of our tips:,Find reputable/profitable news sources: High risk - high return. So, before purchasing any coins, you should check the status of the company and understand the cycle of industry and market.,Be prepared for volatility: Know your risk tolerance to ta

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Not a professional statistician, but if I read the stats correctly, the chances of getting killed on vacation in Mexico as a whole arenu2019t as high as your chances of dying in a car accident in the peaceful state of Rhode Island.,Forbes Magazine reported in February 2018 that Mexico is Where More Americans Are Murdered Than In All Other Foreign C

Which countries have the best education system and why?

It depends on how you count. By standardized test scores, the two best countries are South Korea and Finland. What's interesting, according to those who've studied it is that they take kind of opposite approaches. South Korea's primary education is highly structured, emphasizing memorization, long hours and lots of homework. Finland, on the other h

Is it a bad idea to have a kitchen island in a small kitchen?

You need 36u201d minimum space between the counter and an island. If there are any appliances across from or in the island, the minimum aisle is 42u201d. If that minimum can't be accommodated, yes, it is a bad idea. One solution would be an island on wheels that you could move.

How do I connect an HP LaserJet 1300 printer to WiFi to print to both a Mac Air running Catalina 10.15 and Surface Tablet running Windows 10? What is the correct driver to use?

You cannotu2026,Well, let me be a bit more specific. I've dealt with HP printers extensively in the past, and to my recollection, the LaserJet 1300 was not WiFi enabled. A check of the HP specifications shows only Parallel and USB connectivity.,OKu2026 if you MUST access the printer wirelessly, the most efficient way to do that would be to connect

Why does Lebanon let Hezbollah operate? Do they have common interests?

You speak as though they are separate entities: Hezbollah is one of the main political parties in Lebanon. That's almost like asking "why does America let the Democratic Party operate?",Now, here's the difference, Hezbollah has a major military force. It is unlikely that the US government would allow the Democratic Party to maintain an independent

What is normal in the United States that British find weird?

That you don't simply include VAT/sales tax on the price by the product. Why is it listed separately?,The idea that, following a clearance check, you can legally own a gun and - in some states - carry it around in clear view.,Jaywalking: in the UK, if the road is clear, who cares if youu2019ve got the green man, just cross. Heck, who cares if youu2

What are the best retirement speeches by a sportsperson?

Rahul Dravid's retirement from test cricket on March 9, 2012,nTranscript :n'I have never stopped trying'Signing off in the same way he has played the game - with dignity and disciplinen"I would like to announce my retirement from international and domestic first-class cricket. It is 16 years since I played my first Test match for India and today I

In what ways is Linux superior to Windows and OS X?

Lets consider some use cases.,Desktop,Server,Embedded device/kiosk/other,Desktop generally depends, but often no.,As a desktop, it depends on your use. If you just surf the internet, you'll be fine with a chromebook which actually runs on the Linux kernel. Even if it's just Ubuntu or Mint, you'll at the very least be safer from most attacks. Now th

Who are the original Gods of the Atlantis story? As the story was told to Solon, he translated the names of the gods into their Greek equivalents. Sobek is Egyptian name for Poseidon, did he have any kids? Did one rule over an empire?

What do you want to say through the phrase u201ctranslated to Greeku201d?,The reality extracted from the ancient Greek mythology is that the Aegyptians many thousand years after translated the word Poseidon to Sobek!!!,Read :,So, Sobek is the Greek Poseidon that was transformed to a crocodile(Greek word) just to escape the defeat by the Titans. u20

What is the role of inflation in economy in simplest terms?

The increase in the general price level of an essential commodity or service is known as inflation . We buy products from market at a price . This price is normally consists of cost of production , cost of transportation , cost of advertising etc . When this price becomes high as compared to the expected level , this is known as inflation .,However

What Mac-friendly printerscanner is the best to buy these days (2017)?

This past weekend, at the S.F. Apple Storeu2019s recommendation, my wife bought an HP ENVY 5664 printer / scanner / copier (B&W and color) - only $129.95.,Arrived yesterday, so we havenu2019t set it up yet; apparently takes just a few minutes.,Supports wireless printing from Mac, iPad and iPhone, which is precisely what my wife wanted.

Can you share some garden art?

20 Beautiful Garden Decorations, Sculptures to Accentuate Garden Design. A beautiful camera roll just bursting with ideas, one or two or ten of which might give you inspiration for your very own garden. Do enjoy ud83dudc9au2018Garden decorations can beautifully accentuate landscaping ideas and garden design. Ceramic and metal sculptures, wind chime

Why are most of the airplanes painted white?

Interesting question. Nearly half of the passenger airplanes flying today are leased by the airlines from big plane leasing companies. It is easier and cheaper to lease a standard white airplane and then just change its logos than repainting the entire plane (which some leasing companies may not even allow).,,u200bnu200bnDecorative painting are exp

Which is the best printer with scanner for home use?

in india it is hp m1005-laser psc printer(black only),print.scan .copy-it yields more copys per refilling.and good quality printing.easy maintaince-economical-,and in color-inkjet,epson L220-print scan copy,it yields more & economial

How do I steam chicken without a steamer?

Put about 2 quarts of water in a large pot, float a stainless steel bowl in the water with your chicken inside. Cover the pot, bring the water to a boil.,Make sure you cook the bird until the temperature in the thickest part of the breast is at least 165 deg F.

What personality characteristic screams "loser" to you?

NONE. Absolutely none. Every personality characteristic exists for a reason. Even combinations that seem totally unredeemable have their advantages (at least for the person who has them).,There was an episode of Brain Games (a TV program on the National Geographic channel while I was living in the US), which talked about sociopaths. A set of person