What could attract a Scorpio man to a Capricorn woman (me)?

Iu2019m a Capricorn woman and most of my exu2019s were u2026. You guessed it, Scorpio men. Iu2019ve learned that the Scorpio men Iu2019ve come to attract always run to me because I donu2019t come off as cold immediately. They love that I donu2019t judge them and can keep a secret. Scorpio men are very sensitive but NEED to feel like a man. So if on

How do people relax in Manila, Philippines?

As someone who worked in Manila for almost 3 years, I could say life there isnu2019t easy. Itu2019s sad and poor. The noise, traffic jam, pollution, poverty is saddening and stressing.,But situation now in Manila under Pres. Duterte is getting better especially under Mayor Isko governance. You can visit a lot of good places in Manila to unwind.,Lun

What tools are necessary for social media marketing in 2022?

Statistics have shown that to be a successful marketer, your strategy should include social media marketing. Thatu2019s why itu2019s crucial to have your hand on the pulse when it comes to the latest and greatest technology designed for social media management.,Your goal is to stand out among your competitors. But with so many social media tools av

Are there angels that are gods?

Yes. Remember, David said that God Almighty isnu2019t the only god; itu2019s just that all other gods are His children. u201cI have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.u201d (Psalms 82:6). God is the God of Gods (Psalms 95:3, Deuteronomy 10:17, 1 Corinthians 8:5u20136).

What is the difference between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Britain, Great Britain, United Kingdom, the British Islands, and the British Isles?

Here's a Venn diagram from a class I teach, that explains the meaning of the British terms.,Here are the areas we are concerned with. England is a country, like Scotland and Wales.,,nGreat Britain is the combination of England, Scotland, and Wales.,,nIreland is the island that contains Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.,,nThe United King

Can you go inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Yes you can. But only climb the stairs upwards. You cannot enter the hollow core. That area is restricted to maintenance.,It is a weird experience. As you climb up you are, at times, moving down as well. Quite disorienting but fun.,Enjoy

What are the most beautiful sarees of India?

The Paithani saree from Maharashtra. It is a fine silk saree made in Paithan village. The Paithanis have a specially designed pallu with typical parrot and peacock symbols. The sarees are very colourful and bright with atypical combination of bold colours.,Paithanis are specially worn during weddings and festivals. The brides wear yellow or green c

What is business administrative management?

If you just Google, you will get the answer.,In simple and in my own words, management is just like having things under control under your supervision.,Management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling all activities of organisation/business/school/hospital or whatever it is. It could be your home also.,Safety m

How do I start investing in the stock market as a beginner?

To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a high IQ, top notch education in Finance or inside information.nWhatu2019s needed is a basic understanding of how the stock market works, a strategy to find good companies to invest in and the ability to keep emotions from ruining your strategy.nSince Iu2019m going to write a lot, I want to p

How do you order food in Italy?

Some hints for foreigners about u201cusingu201d a generic restaurant in Italy:,Reservation is 80% of the time required or suggested,Always wait to be seated,Do not bring your bottle of wine or water,As soon as you are seated you are given the menu and you may be asked which water you want for drink (still or sparkling). Some restaurants use tap wat

To anyone who has caught COVID-19, or knows someone who has, how bad are the symptoms?

Source attribution: Originally published in Home : qpeace.net: My Battle With Covid-19 : qpeace.netThe full article was published in Quora in the past: As a physician, how did you deal with your personal battle with Covid-19?A physicianu2019s battle with Covid-19Loss of smell, fever and headacheI came home from the hospital that day with severe bod

Is it okay for a bedroom to be larger than a living room? Im an architecture student and was asked to design a house (for 1 person) on a 50 square meter space. Im receiving a lot of criticism because the bedroom is larger than the living room.

Is it okay for a bedroom to be larger than a living room? I'm an architecture student and was asked to design a house (for 1 person) on a 50 square meter space. I'm receiving a lot of criticism because the bedroom is larger than the living room.Well, letu2019s take this question apart.,Is it ever okay for the bedroom to be larger than the living ro

Whats something commonly eaten in America that British people find strange or disgusting? Im looking for foods that are viewed as normal in America that British people cant understand.

Being raised as a Briton with an American mother has allowed me to experience a decent amount of American foods- both within the home, and in the country itself.,Since a lot of the foods that come forefront to the mind have been mentioned already, I will just briefly summarise my own perspective on them.,Pancakes and Bacon: not really found in Brit

Is Britain behind the 2022 Bucha massacre?

Yes.,And the earth is flat.,The moon landings never happened.,CoVid is a hoax.,Russians donu2019t drink.,Putin is an honorable man.,Troll pay in rubles - pay peanuts, get monkeys. Bad ones at that.

What is the most popular fast food restaurant in the world in 2022?

What's the number one fast food in the United States?Sorry folks, itu2019s not McDu2019s. Nor is it KFC.,I will argue the number one fast food is pizza and it doesnu2019t show up on the charts because itu2019s not a single franchise but rather many thousands of sources, from school cafeterias, to frozen pizzas in supermarkets, to local pizza shops,

Why doesnt Google Maps provide HD view, 3D view, and Street View in India?

You can see from here where the street view is available till now: Where is Street View (even for India). It started from Bangalore but was stopped soon due to security concerns: Google Street View halts in India . ,It does exists for following Indian universities:n,Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad : Google MapsNIIT Warangal: G

What SD card is best for a 4k video?

Itu2019s 4k, so find the largest capacity you can afford that uses the right size interface.,To give you some idea:,u201cHow much space does 4K take up?Any iPhone after the iPhone SE and 6s offer the option to shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second. It's a huge boon for budding filmmakers, but it does take up storage space u2014 even with the new H

Which is the best printer with scanner for home use?

in india it is hp m1005-laser psc printer(black only),print.scan .copy-it yields more copys per refilling.and good quality printing.easy maintaince-economical-,and in color-inkjet,epson L220-print scan copy,it yields more & economial

What is a lucky color for a business?

Hey there,You should check out Feng Shui colors for business.,Red, for example, connotes energy and creativity. It also stimulates appetite, which is why itu2019s so often used in restaurant logos and decor. Blue connotes trustworthiness and reliability, while green is calming and promotes relaxation.,Hope this helps.,Yours,Smart Business Tipz,PS:,

What is the way to measure 34th of a cup?

There are a few ways to measure 3/4th of a cup.,One way is to use a measuring spoon and fill it up three times and then divide that by four.,Another way is to use a measuring cup and fill it up until it reaches the 3/4th line.

In what areas is Europe better than the US?

I'm answering this question because all the other answers I've seen here are woefully incorrect as they amount to cherrypicking.,There is no way to answer this question. There are 51 countries in Europe ranging from the very poor (Moldova, basically almost a 3rd world country) to the extremely rich (Luxembourg), from right-leaning (Ireland, Poland)

What does this Chinese picture mean?

It's a picture of the Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac.,The Chinese animal zodiac, or shengxiao (/shnng-sshyaoww/ u2018born resemblingu2019), is a repeating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal and its reputed attributes. Traditionally these zodiac animals were used to date the years.,The 12 Animals of the Chinese Zo