When is the right time to apply for off campus placements for economics (hons.) students in Delhi University? Also which are the companies one should definitely try for?

Depends on the interest of the candidate. If one gets a good opportunity right after graduation, one should grab it or can wait to complete masters .nThere are people who have made good careers with graduation degree as well. It's all a function of luck, interest and good opportunity.,As regards the companies, one could go in for research, consulti

To what extent is it a myth that social media manages to manipulate elections? What is the evidence that a majority of people are influenced by social media to make a decision about who to vote for or not?

Graham C Lindsay,What would be doing if you were not here on social media now?,Your question could be put another way, u201cHave you noticed a new keyboard in your hand recently?u201d,People are u201cinfluenced by social media to make a decision aboutu201d ALL things these days. One doesnu2019t need citations to u201cproveu201d that. The evidence i

What are typical management information systems?

Not sure where you want to go with this question, but I'll give you a partial list to get you to be thinking about the range of systems. ,An MIS is intended to help managers (and executives) make better decisions about allocation of resources and the effectiveness of past decisions. The more comprehensive MIS might be considered an ERP system, an /

How is 10th ICSE board percentage calculated?

The procedure for calculating 10th I.C.SE. board examination percentage is pretty simple.,You might be shocked to know that physics, chemistry and biology have the least weightage in percentage.So, I should first tell you that you all are studying only 6 subjects and they are u2014,MathematicsComputer/ P.ed. ( Optinal subject )Hindi ( Regional lang

Does NVIDIA Titan V support G-Sync?

Looking at their official site the cheaper Titan Xp has the G-SYCH-Ready support but itu2019s not listed in the much more expensive Titan V I think this is just a poorly set up site with an oversite since they have lumped the Xp with the V as offshoots of each other in the same generation,Here is the Titan Xp specs:,NVIDIA TITAN Xp Graphics Card wi

What is the height of the Eiffel Tower?

The tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building, and the tallest structure in Paris. Its base is square, measuring 125 metres (410 ft) on each side.

How did you foil or dodge someone elses attempt to cheat or deceive you?

By being cautious and common sense. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.Here in the Philippines, most telecoms have a u201cShare a Loadu201d feature. If you have family or friend who needs to make an important text or call, but is unable to go load up now, you can share some of your credits.,For Globe (the network I use), you simply

Is Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal healthy?

It is 20% sugar ( about 2 + 1/3 Tablespoons per serving), low protein & fat, & contains 1/4 of amount of salt that is considered healthy, per day, in a 3/4C serving. Itu2019s probably not unhealthy as an occasional breakfast, or as dessert. Its product marketing *nutritional value* is based on added vitamins. If you want to see the ratio of sugar t

Why is the Cebu Pacific check-in at the airport so slow?

Why is the Cebu Pacific check-in at the airport so slow?Yes, they're bloody slow.,One of the reasons, I've found, is that they're spending an enormous amount of time trying to find something wrong with your booking in order to squeeze an extra charge from you.,A personal example:,On a long weekend trip to Hong Kong with friends q couple of years ag

What is the latest Photoshop version?

Adobe calls Photoshop 2021, also known as version 22.0, the 'world's most advanced AI application for creatives,' so let's see what's new. The primary new features are Neural Filters, Sky Replacement, improved Refine Edge Selections and the all-new Discover panel.,In addition to making AI-powered adjustments to portraits, Neural Filters also includ

How is the life in Gold Coast, Australia?

Great!,It's a pretty good city to live in.,I grew up here and I love the weather, the beaches, and the simplicity of how the city is built with mostly straight roads and not many hills.,It's fantastic for students, the wealthy, business owners, or retirees but for some of the other people there isn't as many job opportunities like the bigger cities

What are some low calorie Indian dishes?

alright, I m writing this answer keeping practicality in the mind.Potatobefore you raise your eyebrows, let me tell you that It's a myth that you cant eat potatoes in weight loss.,1 kg of raw white potato has only 800 calories.,also, potato is a very high satiety indexx,which means that it's a very good hunger suppressive food.,watermelon1 kg of wa

How can I find a pro bono lawyer?

I am based in the UK, so I will answer this question from that perspective.,There isnu2019t a single source for pro bono help online, so you may have to search a few places. First ports of call, however, should probably be the Bar Pro Bono unit and the Law Society. Another great resource is to pop by or call your local Citizenu2019s advice bureau.

Whats the secret to good line art when drawing digitally?

There are many secrets, depending on oneu2019s style and the tools that he has available.,This are only my takes on it.,One great help is to have one of the various digitizer-screens available - that makes drawing digitally almost the same as inking on paper.,On a paper with an u201cUndou201d button!,Even if the best ones are the - very expensive -

What happens if income statement accounts are not closed by year-end?

They almost certainly wonu2019t be. It takes time to compute the appropriate year-end accruals. You have to check your bills that came in near year-end to make sure you have allocated each one to the proper period. You have to finish your end-of-year inventory counts, appropriately value all of the items, and then add everything up so you can compu

How do you make double-stuffed Oreo cookies with cream cheese?

With cream cheese, itu2019s easy, buy regular Oreos and then take of the top off an Oreo!(gently)(Note: 2 oreo tops for 1 cream cheese double-stuffed oreo) Then, Buy cream cheese and slather a lot of cream cheese on one Oreo top and then put another Oreo top on! Boom, Your done!

How do I upload high quality videos on Instagram in 2022?

Hi there! Letu2019s stop our Instagram from losing quality! We know how important it is for you to post material of the best quality to your socials u2013 but sometimes the video of best quality is ruined for no reason. There is a range of cases why video or photou2019s quality gets ruined after you already posted it to Instagram: It can be caused

What is it like living in Marseille, France?

QUALITY OF LIFE IN MARSEILLEMarseille, France, is among the top cities with a free business environment. Our data reflects that this city has a good ranking in housing and healthcare.,COST OF LIVINGCosts of living in Marseille are in the 112th place of all 248 Teleport cities Sign up to get access to our cost of living index and use our internation

What are the best settings for picture control in the Nikon D7200?

I use u201cStandardu201d with sharpening set to 7 for pretty much all of my shooting. I shoot exclusively in RAW (NEF) and therefore if needed picture control settings can be easily changed later in software during my RAW conversion.,If you decide you want to create your own favorite picture control setting I suggest you shoot a number of test pict

What is the best colour to paint my livingroom?

A living room is a place where celebrations take place, laughter and tears are shared where stories are told, thrillers are watched. Thatu2019s why we feel itu2019s best to know your living room and pick the right colour combination for your space. Here are some fun combinations to try out:,1. Shades Of Green: For someone who loves a good naturesca

How is marriage and the wife if Rahu is in the 7th house (Aquarius), 7th lord Saturn is in the 5th house (Sagittarius), and Venus is in the 11th house (Gemini)?

For Leo Ascendant Venus is good in 11th,12th, 3rd, 6th and 8th houses. He is bad in Kendra HousesSince 7th lord is in 5th house and Rahu is receiving aspect from his ruler there could be delay in marriage as Saturn from 5th house aspects 7th, 11th and 2nd houses i.e., all the houses that deal with marriage,the spouse of the native will be tall, bol

How do I do technical analysis of stocks of share market?

Hereu2019s a primer below on Technical Analysis.,n,Technical analysis in laymanu2019s terms is when you look at a chart, add some lines and calculations to it and try to project the future direction of the price, it is what retail brokers are promoting in their marketing techniques. It assumes that all you need for the future is historical data. Am

Is President Trumps USMCA agreement with Canada and Mexico a major accomplishment?

u201cIs President Trump's USMCA agreement with Canada and Mexico a major accomplishment?u201dWellu2026I have to say Iu2019m divided on this, because trade deals like this are far, far more complicated than the vast majority of us on Quora can understand. This is the arena of high-level economists and trade lawyers, who have the skill and knowledge

What are ethical dilemmas in business?

Business ethics issues may have to do with the following:,Equity or fairness: e.g., executive compensation, pricing of ethical drugs,Honesty and the avoidance of disception: e.g., employee conflict of interests, advertising content,Rights of employees, shareholders and others: e.g., employee health screening, sexual harassment,The exercise of corpo