Why is congenital lactose intolerance an extremely rare genetic disorder?

It isnu2019t, and it isnu2019t a disorder. Most non-whites, and a significant minority of whites, cannot digest milk sugars as adults. This is partly because drinking milk is mainly a European thing and weu2019ve adapted to it, and partly because the lactose content of the milk of modern breeds of cattle is different from that of their ancestors, a

Is there any reason to be concerned about employers reading your emails?

The fact that you characterize people who avoid sending sensitive stuff through their corporate accounts as "smart" already speaks volumes.,As Doug Dressler hinted, your employment contract probably contains a clause to the effect that "all communications via corporate means are the property of the company", so they can do whatever they like with i

How do I make chicken lo mein sauce?

Typically Chicken lo mein sauce is (Hoisin sauce). Here's the ingredients you'll need to make a quick homemade hoisin sauce in 10 minutes.,4,tablespoons soy sauce,2,tablespoons peanut butter,1,tablespoon molasses or 1 tablespoon honey,2,teaspoons seasoned rice vinegar,1,garlic clove, finely minced,2,teaspoons sesame seed oil,1,teaspoon chinese hot

What is a resignation letter format like?

I hereby tender my resignation from my position as a (title) with the company. This decision is entirely of my own volition and made because of philosophical differences concerning our business practices. I wish you all well in your future endeavors and thank you for the invaluable experience you have given me at this time. You can learn more about

How do you get white paint off of light brown pine wood furniture?

Many years ago while I was attending university, I took a class in the history of the Third Reich.,It was quite informative, and the Professor had been able to secure several guest lecturers who made the class absolutely riveting. We were lectured by a woman who had been in charge of a Lebensborn facility, a retired Army Colonel who had been one of

How do you calculate Karl Pearsons correlation coefficient?

Step 1: Make a chart. Use the data, and add three more columns: xy, x^2, and y^2,Step 2: Multiply x and y together to fill the xy column.,Step 3: Take the square of the numbers in the x column, and put the result in the x2 column.,Step 4: Take the square of the numbers in the y column, and put the result in the y2 column.,Step 5: Add up all of the

Why is my computer running slow and freezing up?

There are many reason that can lead to this problem.,Software- format your system and reinstall windows or any other operating system. Most of the problem will be solved,If you are giving extra load to the system then try to upgrade with ram or SSD.,Hardware- if there is no software issue, then you should check for hardware, show your computer to e

In an effort to address the widening political divide in the United States, what do you think of the idea of a 2-party Presidential ticket in 2020, made up of a moderate Democrat and a moderate Republican vowing to work together to unify the country?

I think you are asking too much.,Let me explain, I am 60 years old and as far as I can see there are no moderate democrats.,The democrats of my childhood would be considered right wing nut jobs today!,JFK asked a really relevant question; ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. This is totally alien to the de

How is the life of a UPSC aspirant?

I know this is not the right time to divert mind somewhere else but still I am writing this answer every day by taking a little time because in the end these memories will be remembered the most, then it doesn't matter whether I will win or lose.,2021 prelims is less than 40 days away , i found this question on quora on sept 1 and i decide to share

How do the wealthy stay wealthy?

Next time you board an airplane, I want you to check this outu2026If youu2019ve ever flown before, think about what you first see when you start boarding. You have to walk down the aisle through business class to get to the main cabin of the plane.,Itu2019s an interesting walk. You can check out who is sitting in business class, while you drag your

Why did you give up on Facebook?

I didn't get a Facebook as soon as friends and family did. I wasn't so sure about social media and I had only recently discovered video games! I was a new mom though and I worked full time while my (now ex) husband took a break from the Army and tried to heal. I was busy! I also sew and knit a LOT and was a horrible cook trying to learn to make thi

Can you make American-style pancakes without baking powder?

You can, but you do need some kind of leavener so that you get thick, fluffy pancakes rather than thin crepes. Youu2019ll typically need baking soda for that. Folding in beaten egg whites at the last minute can also help, but I donu2019t think thatu2019ll be sufficient by itself.

Where is the cheapest country to visit?

1. Vietnam.,Daily Room Cost - Rs 1,000,Daily Food Cost - Rs 800,Average Transportation Cost: Rs 35 for 1 kilometer.,2. Nepal.,Daily Room Cost - Rs 1,000 - Rs 2,000,Daily Food Cost - Rs 500,Average Transportation Cost: Rs 500,3. Bhutan. (Only for Indians),Daily Room Cost - Rs 1,500 - Rs 2,000,Daily Food Cost - Rs 100 - Rs 400,Average Transportation

Is there a way to make calls from the Philippines to the US for free?

Hello,,You can use Magic Jack. But you will need a fast internet connection and low latency for this. As Magic Jack Gateway servers to the local US phone networks are based in United States and they don't use a CDN, your ping (latency) will probably be 250 and higher and you will break up badly. ,You could get a Skype-In/Skype-out telecom number, b

Why is the Statue of Liberty green?

Itu2019s u2018skinu2019 is made up of copper. So it was supposed to be the color of an American Penny.,However, exposure to the element, the sea, and pollution in New York harbor turned it green.,Also, there was a mistake and one of the points of her crown inserted into her torch arm.,Because even in the 1880u2019s, Americans refused to read the in

How do you develop a preparedness plan to guide you on what to do before, during, and after a sizable hydrometeorological hazard, specifically typhoon?

In general, there are two responses to an emergency - bug out or hunker down. So it doesnu2019t really matter whether weu2019re talking about a typhoon or an earthquake, what matters is coming up with a plan to do those two things, and putting more effort into the more likely option.,Since your interest is in a typhoon, it depends on where you are.

What are some trends in contemporary home architecture?

Few of them off my head:,Energy efficient climate appropriate buildings,Open planning, spaces which flow into each other,Renewed interest in Vernacular architecture. Re-interpretations of vernacular architecture in a modern way ,In terms of Aesthetics, global architecture with local touch. Reinforcing and embracing local identity,Alternate experime

Do you think doing an MBA in HR will be beneficial?

After deciding to pursue an MBA the most difficult part is to decide which stream should I take. When I was in MBA I have faced the same situation. So there is nothing about to worry. In my opinion, every specialization is good and having a lot of scope or it depends on your area of interest. HR is a great option one can have as a career. HR develo

What are some simple and cheap keto meals?

Cheap Keto Dinner RecipesKeto Taco Salad. With ground beef and tons of veggies, this cheap keto dinner recipe should be on your regular rotation.,Keto Egg Roll In A Bowl.,Easy Chicken Fajitas.,Cheeseburger Casserole.,Crock Pot Whole Chicken.,Keto Chaffles.,Fried Cabbage And Sausage.,Keto Egg Salad.

Is there a good vlogging camera under $100 with a flip screen?

Nope your asking for a modern DSLR/Camcorder video capable with decent bitrate at a minimum 1080p 50 mbps that's gonna be 200USD+ for anything usable/practical,Best your gonna get for entry level is a YI 4k+ for Video quality and the features required to do vlogging keep in mind you'll have to drop 150+ in SD cards batteries and a proper mic in the

What are the components of entrepreneurship?

Thou shall not fear failure,Thou must turn a profit,Thou shall stay true to thy self,Thou shall not think short term (only),Thou shall delegate when needed,Thou shall never stop learning,Thou shall implement and execute,Thou shall strive for excellence and think big,Thou shall not measure yourself by the success of others,Thou shall not forget abou

What are the best websites for creative advertising examples?

There are a lot of websites featuring great creative work. Most of them are either connected to the awards shows, or connected to some advertising editorial provider. Here are a few to try:,Awards show archives:,Cannes Lions: Cannes Lions | Festival of CreativityLondon International Awards: https://www.liaawards.comThe Clio Awards: CliosThe One Sho

Why does Lebanon let Hezbollah operate? Do they have common interests?

You speak as though they are separate entities: Hezbollah is one of the main political parties in Lebanon. That's almost like asking "why does America let the Democratic Party operate?",Now, here's the difference, Hezbollah has a major military force. It is unlikely that the US government would allow the Democratic Party to maintain an independent

Should I let my child have a lock on their bedroom door?

Should I let my child have a lock on their bedroom door?Children need to feel that there is a place where they can go to be alone and not be intruded upon. It is a human need we have for privacy and to express or feel our deepest personal feelings and thoughts unobserved. This is part of a healthy mind. Think about itu2014how would you feel if when

How do you make garlic bread without butter or butter substitutes?

For regular garlic bread, you can just substitute the butter with olive oil, or really any cooking oil. Use a pastry brush to paint one side of the sliced (Italian) bread with oil, then sprinkle with a mixture of granulated or powder garlic and a little paprika and crushed, dried parsley flakes. Toast in hot oven until warmed through.,If you really