Have cooked pork and cracking to eat tomorrow, how do I store it in the fridge?

DEEP FRIED Pork cracklings are best stored at moderate room temperatures away from any moisture, they tend to get soft and soggy if you donu2019t store them in a tight sealed container if hey have small pieces of the pork meat remove them from the cracklings and store them separate from the crackling. the crackling tend to absorb any moisture aroun

How do I install the Google pixel camera APK on my Android phone?

First, you must find an APK file you want. Search online for an APK file and download it to an easy-to-find location on your computer (like your desktop).,Before you can install it on your phone you will need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.,Go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow

What are the most developed countries in Asia and why?

The economy of Asia comprises more than 4.5 billion people (60% of the world population) living in 49 different nations.,Six further states lie partly in Asia, but are considered to belong to another region economically and politically. Asia is the fastest growing economic region, as well as the largest continental economy by both GDP Nominal and P

How do I make free calls via internet?

You always have the option of calling across the globe through Skype. In case you wish to call to USA or Canada you can download TextNow and make free calls. You just need to make sure you have an active Internet connection,Thanks

What is the best-priced beach resort in Cebu?

There are several beach resorts in Cebu. If you are planning to stay near the city, I suggest check out the resorts in Mactan. There are several 5 star resorts located there. A quick internet search will show you a lot of hotels to choose from.,However, if you are planning to stay outside the city. I suggest you go to Bantayan Island. Not many choo

Is GIC required for online classes held in home countries to get study permit from Canada? Mine is January 2021intake, 1 year program where I have already paid the entire tution fees and yet to apply for study permit. I have paid the fees

There is no change to SDS entry system for applying for Canadian Study Visa. In a way, it is a sound decision.,Refer Website: Student Direct Stream (SDS) CanadaApply for a study permit with the Student Direct StreamLast updated: 28 August 2020,The Student Direct Stream, or SDS, is a new program designed to make the process of applying for a Canadia

What are some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world?

Some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world are as follows,Living root bridges, IndiaLiving Root Bridges of Meghalaya which root made a bridge of Ficus Elastica that can bear the weight of 50 people at once and 30 meter long.,Lonar Crater Lake, IndiaLonar Lake is the Worldu2019s largest and only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic ro

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever found out about your spouse?

That for 5 years she charged up $70K in credit card debt, unbeknownst to me!,She had had problems with spending previously; had been in debt to the tune of $8k when we met; was even close to light embezzlement charges at one point (tho she borrowed money to pay it back before it was discovered). When I asked her to marry me, I did so knowing this a

Is the market going to crash in 2022, or is it just a prediction?

A stock market crash is coming. Let me give you very solid reasons as to why are we going to see a market crash over the next few months. I will share with you my views in points.,US 10 year treasury yields are now over 2%.,Oil is now at $93 per barrel. Just look at the speed of this rally.,Russia is within days of invading Ukraine as per the US in

What are some interview hacks? I am in a circulation job working as a sales officer. This month is the financial year end, so collection is important. I even report to my manager if a particular center is not paying its outstanding.

Note: This is purely my personal experience.,When an interviewer is asking questions keep following 3 things in mind.,Never give answer quickly thinking interviewer will be impressed. If you answer quickly he will think you knew the answer before. Take time think and give answer. He will think you have derived the answer in front of him.This will g

Whats the best motorcycle helmet camera?

The GoPro Hero 3 and above. Protune on, FPS to 24, sharpness to medium, white balance to native, spot metering off, angle to medium, max iso to 1600. Attach it to your helmet using a chin mount.,Oh, and a copy of Premier Pro with After Effects, and while youu2019re at it buy some good cinematic LUTs.,That should do it, now youu2019ll have Casey Nei

Whats the origin of cheesecake?

The oldest written recipe for cheesecake was dated 230 AD but there are records of the athletes at the original olympics being given cheesecake after the games were over.

What are John Maynard Keynes economic theories?

Thanks for your question.,Demand creates supply: before Keynes, economists believed, from the classical economists (when it was called political economy), that supply creates demand. Keynes theorised that companies will not change prices according to demand (e.g. they will not raise prices when there is high demand and people compete to offer more

What should you not put in a living trust?

==,Assets That Don't Belong in a Revocable TrustFrom the balance / wwwthebalancecom,01 Qualified Retirement AccountsQualified retirement accounts, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, and qualified annuities, shouldn't reside within your revocable living trust. The reason is the transfer would be treated as a complete withdrawal of funds from your acc

Why are American hotels so bad in general (outdated and dirty even the 4 star hotels)?

Wow. Thereu2019s a lot to this question. Iu2019ll try to be concise.,Letu2019s start with your premise. Why are American hotel so bad in general? First, this pre-supposes that American hotels in general are all bad, and I donu2019t agree with that. Does that mean there arenu2019t some damn poorly run hotels in the US? Nope. There are plenty. It dep

Why is burning biomass and biofuel better than burning fossil fuels?

In context of climate change, the theory is that burning rapid growth biomass returns to the atmosphere carbon which the biomass just took from it achieving carbon neutrality. In practice, as with most agriculture there is a very significant use of fuel to grow, water, fertilize, harvest, process and transport biofuels. In general, much of this is

What are some of the best bios for a photography page on Instagram?

Various online resources offer many excellent examples of creative and interesting bios for a photography page on Instagram. You can check out the most successful ready-made bios and use the most suitable one for your profile or create your own. Your bio is your business card, where you briefly describe yourself, your brand, the specifics of your w

What is the outlined understandingoverview of the economy of the Philippines?

In the rut as it ever is, pre and post covid. The philippins has been a third world country for the better part of the past 50 years, and will continue to be a third world country for the next 50, unless the demented rc church is excised, and apocalyptic levels of fecundity and libidinousness among filipinos is greatly tempered. For all of the comm

Where can I find a free omnigraffle template for an organizational chart?

I find some alternatives else with more free download organizational chart templates. You can find out resources like org chart with employee photos, names, titles, departments, FLSA counts, salaries etc. And all sizes of business included from small to large scale enterprises in different industries: service, technology, government, and so on.

How do you delete a Facebook profile picture?

Dont Upload one or if you have a Profile Picture and want to Delete it to have a Blank Profile Picture click on your Current Profile picture then on the Bottom under Options click on Delete Photo that should do It

Are mirrorless cameras as good as DSLRs?

In my opinion, mirrorless cameras are better than DSLRu2019s and DSLRu2019s are the technology of yesterday. Many photographers are unaware of this fact because more photographers combined, shoot Canon and Nikon, than any other brand and those two manufacturers were the laggards in adopting the mirrorless technology.,Nikon and Canonu2019s introduct

What is a comprehensive modern center table design for every house?

Waahkart presents an amazing center table that makes your home a beautiful place.,Fiber Modern Lady Round Center Table-,This is a Center table with unique design and finest quality which enhances the glory of your place. This table helps to accentuate the style of your other living room furniture. Usually placed at the Hotel and Restaurant accordin

What are the nicest hotels in Puerto Vallarta for a family with young kids?

If youu2019re truly optimizing for kid-friendly and not cost, then stick with a resort. Most resorts in PVR have:,a kidu2019s pool (but not all),a kidu2019s club of some sort,buffets for all three meals (rare, 1/3 or 2/3 is more common),Any extra kids shows or activities would be a bonus. Few will have these.,Here are the top two, according to Trip