Which countries are located in South America?

From North To South and main national languages spoken:Spanish Speaking:1. Venezuela,2. Colombia,3. Ecuador,4. Peru,5. Bolivia,6. Paraguay,7. Chile,8. Argentina,9. Uruguay,Portuguese Speaking:10. Brazil,English Speaking:11. Guyana,Dutch Speaking:12. Suriname,French Speaking:13. French Guiana (Dependent territory of France, not a free country),

Why was the Great Wall of China built?

Letu2019s look at maps first.,1. 400 mm rain drop line,The border between light green and pale yellow is 400 mm rain drop line.,2. How Great Wall goes,A sharp eyed reader would easily discover that the Great Wall goes on the 400 mm line! Ok, roughly, but generally the same. We learned from middle school that 400mm is the minimum for crops growing i

What is the mythology of the crossroads demon?

In folk magic and mythology, crossroads may represent a location "between the worlds" and, as such, a site where supernatural spirits can be contacted and paranormal events can take place. Symbolically, it can mean a locality where two realms touch and therefore represents the stepping off place, the crossing out of your lands and into the unknown,

Whats the best way to clean up computers? Mine is running really slow.

1. Prevent programs from automatically running when you start up your computer.This is one of the main reasons computers can run slowly. Many computers automatically run programs in the background, which uses your computeru2019s memory and slows your computer down. While some programs, such as antivirus and firewall software, should be allowed to r

What are the strangest and funniest misconceptions about your country?

[Authoru2019s note: I originally submitted this as a reply to Collin Spearu2019s entry a year ago as of 2020, regarding food in the USA. I have only recently had the time to submit it as an answer and also make a few updates as I was encouraged to add it as a full post by others.]THE FOOD. WE ACTUALLY DO HAVE OUR OWN CUISINE AND IT IS STILL EVOLVIN

Why do Chinese people wear red things during their zodiac year?

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, every year corresponds to one of twelve animals (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig). Different animal signs are believed to carry different meanings by the Chinese just as similar as the Western horoscope. One undergoes a 12-year cycle to reach his or her Zodiac Y

What are some careers in biomedical science?

Biomedical Science is one of the rare degrees that literally allows you to go into anything that you could think of. Obviously, there are some limitations to this depending on the time or money side of things but if you take funding and personal time restrictions out of the equation, it is really one of the most flexible degrees into terms of caree

How come everything in the US is referenced with either EST or PST time zone-wise?

How come everything in the US is referenced with either EST or PST time zone-wise?,I donu2019t think it is. I see many references to things happening on Central time. Less often I see Mountain time referenced.,It depends on where you live, and where the activity is taking place. There is a large population on the coasts, so thereu2019s a good chanc

What is the concept of modern kitchen cabinet design?

Modern kitchen design incorporates a variety of materials. While conventional kitchen cabinets are often built entirely of one type of wood, modern kitchen cabinets can incorporate a variety of materials such as wood, laminates, glass, and metal to create a more unique look. Another distinguishing element of modern kitchen cabinets is their colour.

What are the main reasons why people dont switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

We do not have incentive or any benefit for switching. I have both, but I turn on my MacPro only for one specific program (The same program exist on Windows but I got a license for OS X version only),ChoiceI do not want to limit my future choices. If you are Windows user you have unlimited choices now and tomorrow. I have thousands of different mod

What is the best place to convert dollars to euros in the Bay Area?

Use credit cards instead of cash whenever possible.nIf you must pay in Euro currency in larger amounts over time, say u20ac5000 in 10 withdrawals of u20ac500 each. Then it makes sense to plan ahead.nOpen or maintain a checking or savings account nin a major bank with correspondence European bank in the destination country.nWithdraw from ATM of the

Which is the best baby name that starts with S ends with S?

The S ending is commonly found in Roman names such as Atticus and Linus, stylish now for boys, as well as other fresh, cool choices. Along with James, boy names ending in S in the US Top 100 includes Lucas, Thomas, Charles, Elias, Nicholas, and Miles. Atticus and Silas are the most popular boy names with an S ending on Nameberry.,Boy Names That Sta

What is the best way to bake pork chops?

Personally, Iu2019d brine the pork chops in advance. Just search for u201cbrining porku201d. This recipe is similar to what I do at home (I canu2019t share my recipe because itu2019s in my head and Iu2019m too lazy to write it down).,My understanding is that brining the chops is like a marinade in that it allows the meat to soak up extra moisture,

What are some exciting things to do in Tuscany, Italy?

When people think of rolling Italian hillsides, Tuscany is often what they are picturing. I had many great experiences while living in Tuscany and I would like to share some with you:ntake a private wine tour of one or several vineyards/wine citiesntake a boat to the small island of Elba where Napoleon was exilednclimb the leaning tower of Pisanif

What are the 22 countries that criticized China and the 37 countries that defended China on mass detention and reeducation of Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities in Xinjiang?

Here are the 2 lists (both in alphabetical order):,22 countries in criticism:,Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.,37 countries in defence:,Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Belaru

How do I adjust settings in a DSLR camera to cover the wide range pictures?

OP: How do I adjust settings in a DSLR camera to cover the wide range pictures?Set your camera to Auto.,You really have no other option. Photography is about controlling light. In any other mode you will be required to adjust at least one of your camerau2019s three primary settings. Which you adjust will depend on whether your goal is to control de

How do I print 4x6 photos on an HP printer?

Printing photos is very simple. You simply open the photos you want to print, click on print and in the page orientation, choose portrait or landscape. Next, choose the paper size and hit the print button. You can customise print quality as well, by clicking on u2018more settingsu2019 and then selecting the u2018output qualityu2019, as normal or hi

What do you want to do with your future?

The answer is quite similar in nature as written by Pratush. I started writing on the Quora and sharing views on three topics- Bollywood, movies, and the politics. With passage of time, I realized that there is so much distortion, deviation spread by the conspirators of the Hindu religion. The Hindu religion is under attack and people are not reali

How can you upload pictures on Instagram from your GoPro?

How to Share GoPro Video to Social Sharing AppsWhat are you trying to do?Share GoPro App video to various social media apps.,Where does it apply?GoPro App,How to do itThis article describes processes to share video to Instagram or other social sharing sites.,Share from the AppShare to InstagramShare from GoPro StudioIf you want to share a file from

What is the most important invention in human history?

I can't give you a list, but one important invention was the rocket. Robert Goddard was nicknamed u201cLooneyu201d because people said man could never go to the moon. Hitler advanced Goddard's work with the V-2. With that, the US and Soviet Union began the space race.