What is a good keto meal plan?

You must include 1.5 times, the body weight of protein everyday. Eg: 50 kgs bodyweight requires 75 grams of protein. Try including good fats like butter, ghee and cold pressed oils in your diet. You must also include fibers in your diet for digestion, Also include a lot of water, 3,4 liters in a day.

What is an income statement?

The Income Statement:The two ways in which a company normally obtains the economic resources necessary to operate its business: incurring debt and seeking new investors. A third way in which a company can obtain resources is through its own operations.,The Income Statement presents the results of operations of a business over a specified period of

What are the biggest airlines in Southeast Asia?

There a lot of definitions of u201cbiggestu201d.,In terms of Passengers Carried and destinations served:,Air Asia (Budget)( 60.1 Million-2016) In terms of fleet size:,Lion Air Group(Budget)( 262 airframes).,In terms of Revenue:

How long does the coronavirus live?

The last pandemic, swine flu, was officially declared as one in January 2009, and officially declared over in August 2010. So thatu2019s 20 months in total, give or take.,Before you start thinking that there are only so many things to watch on Netflix, itu2019s worthwhile remembering that there was a considerable drop-off in the number of new cases

How much money does a lawyer make on average?

Last year, Forbes magazine ran a deeply researched article on this topic. I recommend it if you want hard statistics and detailed background on the subject. My recollection, however, is that the US average national annual income for a lawyer is around $145,000 (approximately three times the national average income of $52,000 for all other occupatio

What is the most gorgeous place you have ever been?

SC is great! There are beautiful beaches one way while you have gorgeous mountains in another! Itu2019s rich in history and diverse in cultures. You could live in a small town where itu2019s quiet and hidden away or a bigger city where thereu2019s always something to do and places to go. The weather is nice overall. Sometimes we get snow :D especia

How can I make my SD card as a default storage for the WhatsApp media?

Moving your WhatsApp data to the SD card has many advantages. First of all, your mobile storage will free up a bit that got stored with WhatsApp data or files. You can install other apps as well that can use the SD card as its default storage. Your mobile will be performing faster than before as you have just cleared up some space on the phone stor

What is the best music editing and mixing software?

In my experience, Logic is superior when working with midi, how ever, in every other aspect Protools slays. Nothing touches elastic audio or beat detective for editing, and the variety of plugins are amazing (although ideally DAW doesn't matter for that if you have some nice outboard stuff)

Which country is the most beautiful in this world?

I believe Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, because it was closed for international tourists for decades (it opened in 2019). This left many of its natural attractions pristine and untouched! Furthermore, the Saudi culture, history and food have not yet been discovered by international tourists.,This makes a trip to

Will the stock market ever crash as bad as it did in 1929?

u201cCould the stock market crash of 1929 happen again?u201d,Of course, and it has, several times, for the same reason. 1968, 1980, 1987, 2000, 2008, 2020, all inflation-fueled boom-bust cycles, just like 1929. And, for that matter, 1920.,Oh? Youu2019ve never heard of the Depression of 1920? Here:,The stock market crash of 1929 was not at all speci

How do I earn bitcoins without any investments?

If you keep looking, all you are going to find is scams. They love people with that combination of greed and gullibility. It makes them incredibly easy to con out of money.,Instead, start investing. Fandoms is a good choice for beginners. Fandoms is a platform that presents a powerful opportunity for all content creators u2013 amateur, up-and-comin

What is a whorl finger print?

there are several (three, I believe) general patterns of fingerprints. Whorl refers to a pattern that looks like elongated loops. Will see if I can paste a link Well look at that! You can try using google too

When was United Nations founded in?

The United Nations was founded in 1945, shortly after the second world war.,The second world war proved to be a devastating tragedy for all countries involved. The UN was formed with the purpose that, if further conflict arises between nations, a solution could be debated upon without the need of a war. It maintains world wide peace and fosters, so

How is Boston and New England clam chowder different?

Boston clam chowder and new England clam chowder are one in the same.,I see people claiming that the are two types of clam chowder but they are wrong there are three types..,There's new England / Boston,Then there's rhode island clam chowder,And finally Manhattan clam chowder,The fundamental difference between all of these chowders is the broth. Yo

How do I start a company under another company?

For more follow my blog Management chamberAn existing company, or parent, can create a new company as an independent subsidiary at any time with the approval of management. The startup process is the same for the company as it would be for an individual business owner. The parent controls the new company by being its sole shareholder and retaining

Can I travel in the Philippines as a Malaysian tourist? I like their beautiful beach and sunset. I saw the bad news and it makes me worry to travel.

Hello and good day ud83dudc4bud83dude42,Yes you can travel here and stay here for 30 days since our countries are both members in the ASEAN. You like our beaches, I also recommend you to visit either of these 3 destinations: El Nido in Palawan, Boracay in Aklan, or Siargao in Surigao del norte. There are other hidden beach destinations that I may h

What things can you do in Dubai for less than 5 DHS?

Let me help u with that.. thereu2019s a few things u can do for less than 5 Dirhams,McDonalds Ice Cream ( AED 1),McDonalds McChicken ( AED 5),Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall fountain show ( AED 5),Dubai Canal ( free),Shawarma/ Falafel ( AED 4),10 Dirham shops or Daiso Japan,And many more..,Image credits : google,Thank u!,Ashh

Is the IKEA outdoor kitchen any good?

Yes, Ikea is great for outdoor kitchens. I feel that Ikea kitchen is a wonderful merchandise for the cost. Naturally, custom cabinetry is way better. But in case the budget of yours doesnu2019t allow for a totally custom, locally constructed kitchen, then I feel that an Ikea kitchen remodel is a superb next option.,Precisely why Choose IKEA?,IKEA k

How do I name a business?

I recommend Squadhelp.com, the Worldu2019s #1 Naming Platform. Squadhelp offers a unique combination of Crowdsourcing, AI, and agency-level validation features to help companies come up with a perfect name. You can get custom names through our contest process our explore our expert-curated marketplace that offers unique, hand-picked brand and busin

What are some good projects for students to improve programming skills?

I recommend you going through the following list of projects that surely will help you improve your programming skills.,Numbers:Find PI to the Nth Digit - Enter a number and have the program generate PI up to that many decimal places. Keep a limit to how far the program will go.,Find e to the Nth Digit - Just like the previous problem, but with e i