What is the Philippine time?

The Philippine Standard Time (PST) is based on UTC +8. For example, when itu2019s 8pm in the Philippines, it is exactly 12pm in the UK.

What is a "Baked Alaska"?

Really? Do they not have the Googles or the Bings or the Yahooz where you are? Harumph!From the Googles: http://www.google.com/search?q=baked+alaska&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a,,From Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baked_Alaska,Baked Alaska (also known as glace au four, omelette u00e0 la norvu00e9gienne

What does Starbucks symbol really mean?

The original Starbucks logo was the image of a u201ctwin-tailed mermaidu201d, or siren. Greek mythology has it that sirens lured sailors to shipwreck off the coast of an island in the South Pacific, also sometime referred to as Starbuck Island5. The logo was used by the original Starbucks founders to lure coffee lovers from everywhere.

What equipments are needed to create a hard light photography for a product shoot? I choose to invest in continuous lighting. 1. How many watts do I need? 2. Do I need a softbox? 3. Do I need another source of light (instead of just one) & what type?

I agree with the earlier comment, an education in product photography is a must. It can be something as short as a good youtube video. And unless your product is a Body Builder where you want to emphasize his muscles, hard light is not the best. Soft light is much better especially if you are photographing things like jewelry (a light tent would be

How is the Facebook follow button implemented?

I think FB may have changed things, because all of the answers I saw here were wrong, at least if itu2019s not a business page. You click the arrow to find settings. Then on the left side, choose u201cpublic posts.u201d That brings up a box where you can choose who follows you. If you choose u201cpublicu201d then FB will add a separate u201cfollowu

How much do flight attendants make?

I work for United.,The pay varies depending on how much you work. Each flight attendant is given a schedule of 80-95 hours a month which can be traded and built upon depending how much you'd like to work. Some people give away their hours (trips) and have the ability to drop down to 0 hours a month and others like to pick up more and can work as mu

How long would it take someone to walk the Great Wall of China?

The question was well answered by Chaodao Zhang.,I climbed up to the summit of a mountain using the Great Wall, as Juyongguan Pass, about 40 miles North of Bejing, where many parts of the Wall have been preserved and restored. I found that a hard enough climb (photo taken 2014 from the summit) so Iu2019ll let others try to do the entire thing. To m

How do you write an effective but gentle reminder email?

I would start with the wording in the subject line such as "Just FYI" or "Just checking in." Then, start your message with "Hi, how have you been?" ,Depending on what you're reminding the person about, state it briefly and with a friendly tone. "Just wanted to remind you (or ask) about the information we discussed a few weeks ago. Were you able to

What is a good template of Business plan?

Best business plan templatesMany entrepreneurs donu2019t know where to start when it comes to creating a business plan, which is why a template is a great option. They offer structure and guidance, while remaining 100-percent customizable. With the help of five small business owners, I have put together a list of five of the best business plan temp

Im a bored millionaire. Can you give me a new business idea to start?

I am a bored business analyst -send me $10,000 and I will send you 3 innovative, unique business concepts each month for the next 12 months, they will be creative, valid business angles which you could get started with some basic resources and not widely known about.,I have access to lots of such resources-but these are not your run-of-the-mill biz

Is India a failed state in 2021 as compared to China? What went wrong?

Yes. We are like Venezuela unless u have white collar job, foreign backing or inheritance money.,What went wrong ? Country's economy is given to trust fund inheritance mad*rch**s and their exam warrior chamchas and their penny for hire tullas. Productivity be damned.,China's economy is in the hands of productive class. The industries guy knows how

Do Scandinavian people wear sweaters at home during the winter?

Before we left England to move to Sweden, my wife went on a shopping spree for sweaters.,u201cHave you seen those temperatures we will be up against?u201d sheu2019d say. Friends and family had similar thoughts, and we found ourselves inundated with sweaters of often major heft to make sure weu2019d make it through those subarctic winters in our liv

What are the best architecture designs?

This is one of my ongoing projects. The site is 40x45 feet. I must say this is one of my best designs considering the size of plot and the budget.,we have worked out with the best of natural ventilation and spacious rooms.,What makes it a good design?,,01. The design made an impact in clientu2019s life/thinking positively.,02. Client and Visitors a

Whats a good and affordable restaurant near the Union Square subway?

A few of my favorites near Union Square that are more affordable:n,Pete's Tavern (18th and Irving) and Old Town Bar (18th west of Park Avenue South) - both are bars with a 19th-century, old-fashioned feel. During warmer months you can eat outside at Pete's Tavern.,71 Irving (Irving between 18th and 19th) - a small, homey coffee shop,Republic (Union

Which are the best, similar, and cheapest Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera 2022 in the US?

u27a1ufe0f u27a1ufe0f 7 BEST Similar Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera 2022,u27a1ufe0f 1. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera (Renewed)"[EXTRACTO]"Spend less time recharging with 6 months of battery life on one charge. Fast wire-free set up - No existing wiring required, setup quickly anywhere.,See the full picture - Crisp 2K HDR video with a wide viewing angl

Which is the best free stock photo website?

For 5 years I have used 1000u2019s stock images from multiple sites. These sites are too much helpful for marketers or designers. But the problem that started slowly is the same photo has been used by millions of websites or creators which affects the search ranking.,So the trick that I have discovered is when you search for any image, the change t

Would it be possible to see Bohol and Palawan in a 4 day trip to the Philippines? My flight is into Manila. I need suggestions for itinerary and which forms of public transport should I take along with the costs.

Techically yes, but certainly not advisable. My recommendation would be to go for either of the places - Bohol or Palawan for 2 -3 days and keep the travel day out of iteniary as you can be in a fix due to the delay in domestic leg for your international flight.,Mode of travel should be Air - Philippines air is the best option from Manila with Cebu

What is some recommended free software for creating organizational charts?

Edraw Org Chart SoftwareYou can try:,Built-in Card Shapes: The software has many pre-defined symbols with different styles and usage.,Edit Vector Based Elements: All the symbols, shapes and lines in the document are in vector format and thus editable.,Automatic Formatting Tool: You can add shapes, aligning shapes and connecting shapes.,Input Data F

What makes a ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "fruit", "modifiers": {"italic": true}}, {"text": ", a ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "fruit", "modifiers": {"italic": true}}, {"text": "?

A peach is a fruit, whoever you are, and a carrot is definitely a vegetable. But in the Venn diagram relating these two produce categories, there's a sizeable region of overlap. It results from the fact that "fruit" and "vegetable" are defined differently depending on whether you're a gardener or a chef.,Dead center of the overlapping region sits t

How do I change the background color in Photoshop?

1. Open a document or create a new documentn2. Right click on the background (outside of the canvas)n,n3. Choose any shade or any custom color you want. Choose "Select Custom Color..." to select all other color. Done!n

Mental health is a big deal today. Everyone seems to be on board supporting it, yet, since almost everyone has suffered from some mental health issues, why is there such a distaste for people who openly admit to it and show signs of it?

In any society, an individual is expected to play a part, with multiple roles u2013 roles of being a child, being a giver, being an employee, being a sibling, being a spouse, etc.,In all of the roles, every society uses several criteria to judge the individual, and one of the judgement scales, consist of how far or close the individual is located c

Who is Bill Gates?

A second generation eugenist than believes in the depopulation of the planet . He also has been caught tainting vaccines in Africa with HIV and polio. He has admitted his strong belief in depopulation through the use of vaccines . Check out his Ted talk videos . The man is a monster . His father helped create planned Parenthood. By the way have you

What are the best places to visit in Dallas, TX?

If you are based in Dallas, you are provided with the opportunity to go ahead with numerous outstanding weekend getaways. All you have to do is to get to know about those weekend getaways and plan your weekends accordingly. Then you can have quality time with your loved family members.To make life easy for you, we thought of sharing more informatio

What are the most important soft skills to have?

The ability to understand people's motivations.,If you don't understand people, they become arbitrary. You'll live in a world where people screw you over for no reason, and you'll waste a lot of energy being angry and depressed. You might also think people's actions have something to do with you when they don't. This will mess with your self-image

Will work from home become the norm after this Pandemic?

I guess my answer to this question will be NO.,Work from home is only possible when there are some tough situations which an employee is facing and he has no option other than not coming to office and working. In this pandemic also the work from option is forced because of the complete lockdown enforced by the Government so that this virus doesnu20