Which health insurance is the best to buy in India in 2019?

I have spent few days reading articles, talking to insurance agents, online agencies gathering information to find the right insurance policy for my family. These factors have helped me identify the best one among so many in the market today.,Following are some of my key takeaways. Every point also includes the corresponding information from the po

What are some DIY crafts for home decor?

Clarification on the question would be helpful. By u201cbest,u201d do you mean, the best return on your investment, or easiest to do?,Updating kitchens and bathrooms give you the highest return on the money you spend. From the simple u2014 such as new faucets, to the complicated u2014 like tiling a backsplash or shower, changing out the cabinets or

What is the difference between sociology and anthropology in UPSC syllabus?

A2A,A somewhat similar discussion was done which might help you greatly. Social Sciences: What is the difference between sociology and anthropology? Although the discussion does not deal with UPSE syllabus specifically I believe it would give you a fair idea.,To me, the scope of anthropology has a wider scope than sociology. Additionally most of th

What is a good keto meal plan?

You must include 1.5 times, the body weight of protein everyday. Eg: 50 kgs bodyweight requires 75 grams of protein. Try including good fats like butter, ghee and cold pressed oils in your diet. You must also include fibers in your diet for digestion, Also include a lot of water, 3,4 liters in a day.

Will anti-ballistic missile technology get to the point of over 95 percent accuracy?

Not any time soon, especially for the fast moving ICBMu2019s, probably not even in the next 20 years. If anti-missile systems improve in say, 15 years, then the military will likely be making the missiles better able to evade the anti-missile technology, too.,The 2 land based ICBM interceptors currently in the US have only had a success rate of aro

Is it true that China has become the worlds richest country? Is it possible in 2022?

IT'S TRUE.,A recent report authored by the research wing of McKinsey & Co has said Chinese wealth has surged from $7 trillion in the year 2000 to $120 trillion in 2020. But please not that this is household or personal wealth.,The report however has also highlighted rising inequality in China. More than two-thirds of the wealth is held by the riche

Why did pirates fly pirate flags?

From Marcus Rediker's (historian, lifelong researcher of the Anglo-American maritime world) book Villains of All Nations:,"The omnipresence of death, the apocalyptic impulse, the heterodox belief, the gallows humor, and the centrality of these in the consciousness and culture of pirates show up their symbolism, especially in the best-know emblem of

What is it like to live in Saudi Arabia?

As someone who was born in Jeddah and lived there until I got married(@21)u2026u2026I can say with certainty that those were the best days of my life!,I was a foreigner there, I couldn't speak Arabic (I still can't)u2026u2026u2026 but strangely, there is no place on earth that feels more like home, other than my birthplace.,A typical day in Jeddah

What does a vegetarian dog look like?

BUBBLES, OUR GERMAN SHEPHERD GIRL (7/17/2005-6/26/2016) DID NOT EAT ANY DOG FOOD. She just was NOT interested in food. She ate because she thought that is how SHE WAS FEEDING HER STUFFED TOYS! LOL,She ate steamed broccoli and cauliflower, baked sweet potatoes and baked spaghetti squash, oatmeal and Granola bars, Bssmati Rice with Ghee (clarified bu

How does a website recognize a "device"? We have four computers and several mobile devices that all present the same IP address, but are not the same "device" on the Internet. What identifies a "device"?

It has everything to do with what's in the HTTP headers sent by the client device. Things like what browser software is reported to cookies and more.,The IP address is merely something that gets data to your front door. Sometimes an IP address is used to deny service to the u201cwrong neighborhoodu201d. It might hint at who you are, doesnu2019t ide

Whats the most insane thing a human has survived?

A2A. @Avinash Hiremath (u0905u0935u093fu0928u093eu0936 u0939u093fu0930u0947u092eu0920).,There is a Serbian flight attendant named Vesna Vuloviu0107 who survived a 33,300-foot fall out of a plane after terrorists detonated a bomb that tore the craft apart in the skies over Czechoslovakia in 1972.,,Coffee is the magic potion which helps her become a

What are the best dishes in the Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine?

Here are the things I like the most (some aren't strictly Jewish, though):,Matzoh balls,Kreplach,Tzimmis,Kishka,Knishes,Verenikas,Cabbage soup with a meat filled hulkeh,Fried chicken skins with onion (donu2019t eat it anymore, my cardiologist would kill me, if the food didn't),Latkes,Gefilte fish,Stuffed cabbage,Chopped chicken liver (see comment o

What are some rare historical photos you wouldnt believe exist?

(More added)Following are some rare photos, including new and old ones:,1) Only photograph of the last emperor of India: Bahadur Shah II (1775 u2013 1862) during his last days.,2) 1975 image of brothers just before they were struck by lighting. Both survived.,3) Francis Ford Coppola.,4) Spider man lizard (Agama mwanzae).,5) This image is allegedly

Whats so special about Indiau2019s light combat fighter jet Tejas?

The LCA Tejas project portrays the saga of the incredible persistence & determination of ADA & HAL.,The Light Combat Aircraft project started way back in 1983 to develop a futuristic aircraft to replace the MiG-21s & lower Indiau2019s dependency on foreign imports of critical military hardware. But since then it has faced numerous challenges,Failur

How do you import videos from Sony Handycam to your computer?

If your Handycam supports it, you should have a connecting cable and a CD with the required software to do the task. For certain models, you may be able to just plug it in and copy files to and from the device just as you would with a USB pen drive.

How do management information systems work?

Let me try to explain my own visualization of how I understand MIS to be. Let's say I am thrown in a room full of a variety of different articles of clothing. This amount of clothing, only to be worn once, would be sufficient to last me exactly one month. I am to document exactly what I wear each day for the whole month. Now, what would you need to

What travel websites offer the cheapest flights?

Depending on how dedicated you are on saving, look at all options.,Hereu2019s an example.,I live ice in the Philippines and next month have to fly to Amman for a meeting. I booked my flight a couple of weeks ago, business class.,Flying from Manila is very expensive whoever you fly with.,I therefore ended up booking with Cebu Pacific Air from Manila

What are the unique places I can see in Europe?

If you like unique nature, try Val du2019Orcia listed in UNESCO's World Cultural Landscapes. It's landscape is amazing (I was there barely 2 weeks ago). A town in the valley is called Pienza and it's a UNESCO World Heritage site.,Typical view around Val du2019Orcia,Town of Pienza on top of a hill

Do you think social media is harmful to your youth today?

They forget that life is for living and not to record in mobile phone, social media.,Wasting so much time.,Anti social behaviour,Ignorant,Addicted to phone and internet,Affecting ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships.

How did the Netherlands become a country with so many canals and waterways?

Every country has rivers. The Netherlands is no exception. In a low place, a river will form a lake, and the Netherlands has plenty of those. Many have been turned into dry land. The country has an elaborate network of ditches and channels to drain water from the land and pump it up into the rivers. In the early Middle Ages the country ran out of w

Who are the best mortgage lenders right now?

It depends on how you define the word, u201cbest.u201d,Any lender can offer you competitive rates and fees.,No lender is allowed to guarantee that they have the best or the lowest rates and fees. Thatu2019s considered hyperbole or exaggeration because the statement would be impossible to prove.,No lender offers u201cfreeu201d mortgages, or a u201cn

What are some items on the Starbucks secret menu?

There isn't a "secret menu" exactly, but there are drinks that would be recognized at almost every Starbucks across the country that aren't listed on the paper menus. These drinks are mainly ones that used to be on the menus at one point or are promotional/seasonal beverages, but still get ordered frequently. They include things like a "zebra" moch