What are the different easy ways you can make a DIY window valance?

Window valances are treatments covering the very top of the window.,Here are a few no-sew DIY ideas!,$10 and 10 Minute DIY Window Valance - Down Home Inspiration(Source: $10 and 10 Minute DIY Window Valance - Down Home Inspiration)This valance can even be renter friendly - no holes in the wall!,All you need: panel foam (check your local hardware st

Which type of mutual scheme will be better if I want to invest my sum of Rs. 1 lacs lying in my bank account with high liquidity and an interest rate of 7-8 %? What will be the tax provision in redemption of fund?

If you want high liquidity and interest rate of 7 - 8% you should invest in units of liquid mutual funds. It is highly liquid(sell today and get money tomorrow or even earlier in a few cases). The risk is very small though it is not totally risk free. But it is less risky than other types of mutual funds. You want high liquidity. That means you may

How can I add a link on Instagram that shows u201cSwipe upu201d?

The Instagram swipe up feature is the greatest and most effective addition to your strategy.,The Instagram Story swipe up allows you to be more engaging with your Stories, leading to even more clicks and conversions. So it's the best solution if you have. brand or a business,Instagram swipe up is very useful because it allows businesses and brands

What does it take to become a good physiotherapist?

It's nice to see that you're interested in the field. Welcome to field full of satiating moments, and a world full of mysteries of different cases. It'll be you who is the savior from pain. ,I can advice you only about becoming a physiotherapist in India, since I'm not too sure about other countries. In this case, like any other medical field, you

Which is the costliest laptop ever sold?

Excluding ordinary laptops that are encrusted in jewels for the sake of making them more expensive, it would have to be the Acer Predator 21X gaming laptop. The machine includes a curved 21 inch screen, 2 GTX 1080 Graphic cards in SLI and an embedded mechanical keyboard all for about $9000.Beastly specs like these require a powerful cooling system

Which app is used for increasing Instagram story views?

Apps for Instagram Stories#1: Create Clean & Minimalist Templates with UnfoldUsing Instagram Stories templates is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your stories content! By using a set of templates for your Instagram Stories, you can create cohesive, on-brand content that aligns with your brand as a whole.,If you arenu2019t comfortable creating or

How do I reduce belly fat in a week?

How much do you want to loose u2026 You can do some work out if you really looking to reduce your belly fat u2026 Some of the things which i know will make an effective are :,Why Is Belly Fat So Hard To Lose?One pound of fat is 3,500 calories. Therefore, every pound you lose can be lost by eating 3,500 calories less than you burn. Permanent weight

Why is Mark Zuckerberg losing money?

Because valuations for tech companies have gotten out of hand and there was a backlash to his perceived weakness on issues of censorship and advertising.

What do you miss the most about the decade in which you were born?

I was born in 1973.What I miss most is the colour schemes as well as the unisex childrenu2019s clothes and toys.,We had a brown kitchen and a deep red livingroom:,The curtains of our playroom were like this:,(Photo source: Retroblog utmaningen - 5 favorittyger)Some other people painted everything yellow:,(Photo source: Sisusta ajan hengessu00e4: 70

What are the best materials (marine wood, hardwood, etc.) for use in a modular kitchen?

If you are planning to redesign your old kitchen or build a contemporary modular kitchen in your new home, then you need to look into the basic materials that goes into making kitchen cabinets, storage units, racks and other accessories. I am emphasising this point because there are a number of materials available for making kitchen cabinets and ra

What are the Harry Potter magic wands made of?

Wands are made of many different types of wood, with magical cores.,Ollivander, the wandmaker in Diagon Alley, used phoenix feathers, dragon heartstrings, and unicorn hairs in his, although other wandmakers are known to use other magical cores such as veela or even thestral hair.,As a side piece of trivia:,Hermione Granger: Vine wood with dragon he

Which mirrorless camera is best for videos?

Thereu2019s no single u201cbestu201d. I depends on your list of requirements. u201cBest for meu201d isnu2019t necessarily relevant to you, but I can at least include some suggestions and the u201cwhyu201d behind them. Some basics to ask about:,Does the camera fit my budget,Does the camera work with any of my existing gear, or must I buy new lenses,

What are some simple keto recipes for beginners?

Breakfast u2013 Eggs, bacon and guacamole. Itu2019s really pretty basic but here are your options. The avocado can be substituted for spinach or broccoli. You can fry it in the residual bacon fat after cooking the eggs or you can alternatively just fry it in butter. You can substitute the pork bacon with turkey bacon or chicken sausages. If you are

Is Komal Pandeys fashion sense really for normal middle class people?

I think people are not getting it right. She has a rectangle body shape which is perfect for layering and trying different stuff like most of the models have. If you pay attention, her videos are mostly based on layering, sheu2019s really good in that even I must say but you canu2019t compare yourself with her come on! Reason-Every individual has a

One night after I finished reading my Bible and said my nightly prayer. I heard a voice in my head say Luke 6:21 which I immediately opened my Bible and read that verse. Been praying to Jesus what this verse means and why I heard it in my head?

When you are hungry, whether physically or spiritually, the Lord will feed you with food, his teachings, and the blessings of the Holy Spirit.,When you are saddened, depressed, crying, the Lord will bring you joy. These are what I believe the verse means.,When you follow the teachings of Jesus, your reward will be great.,Maybe this is a verse you h

Where does the saying Prince Albert in the can come from and what does it mean?

prank got its start,British ancestors enjoyed jokes any day of the year, not just on April Foolsu2019 Day.,By the 1850s, potters were making puzzle jugs with holes that let liquid dribble down a shirt front and beer mugs with a ceramic frog or snake inside waiting to appear when the beer was gone.,There were bronze figures that came apart to show a

To what extent is it a myth that social media manages to manipulate elections? What is the evidence that a majority of people are influenced by social media to make a decision about who to vote for or not?

Graham C Lindsay,What would be doing if you were not here on social media now?,Your question could be put another way, u201cHave you noticed a new keyboard in your hand recently?u201d,People are u201cinfluenced by social media to make a decision aboutu201d ALL things these days. One doesnu2019t need citations to u201cproveu201d that. The evidence i

How can I get maximum speed of WiFi when multiple users are connected?

If you have access to the router, you can use a feature that is built into most of them called QoS or Priority Settings.,Qos can be implemented in two ways; you can either configure a single IP which is given priority or you can prioritize traffic based on its protocol (http/Voip/Bittorrent..).,Log in to your wireless router and navigate to a secti

Will AI take over humans one day?

Yes, our fate is inevitable.Humans have been at the top of nature's food chain for a long time.,Why is that?,We aren't the physically strongest species on this Earth. A gorilla could smash our skulls into the ground without thinking twice about it.,We aren't the fastest species. A cheetah's leisurely sleep walk is faster than the fastest man in the

What is the meaning of the Mona Lisa painting of Leonardo da Vinci?

u201cMonau201d is a shortened form of u201cmia donnau201d, which is Italian for u201cmy ladyu201d. This is not meant to indicate possession of a woman per se, but as a title of respect. The word u201cmadonnau201d is a similarly shortened form. Drop one more syllable, and you get u201cmonau201d. Itu2019s like u201cmiladyu201d in English.,As for u201

What is the concept behind u201cMake in Indiau201d?

The 'Make in India' program is an initiative launched to encourage companies to increase manufacturing in India. This not only includes attracting overseas companies to set up shop in India, but also encouraging domestic companies to increase production within the country.,'Make in India' aims at increasing the GDP and tax revenues in the country,

What are some good hacks for clicking better photos from your smartphone?

Here are some cool photography tips!,These tips improve photography even if you donu2019t have flagship mobiles.,1.Rule of thirds:Enable grid in your camera settings. The object you are focussing while taking a picture should coincide with any two of the four intersection points formed by the lines of the grid.,2.Symmetry:Symmetry can be really use

Can an American explain the concept of cheese steak?

Having grown up about an hour outside of Philadelphia, I feel decently well qualified to answer this question (though I'm sure residents of the city proper might disagree). Cheesesteaks originated in Philadelphia, and are still iconic to the city. Thatu2019s why youu2019ll often see them called Philly cheesesteaks, though that seems redundant since

What is so special about the Venetian Macau?

THE HOTEL IS NO LESS THAN A u201cMINI CITYu201d, with striking structure that stands out. The Venetian Macau is the must do experience if you are heading to Macau! Not only because it has worldu2018s biggest casino but it boasts a resort and is the ultimate luxury experience u2014 with the theme u2014 Venice which gives you a feel as if you have be