Whats the best city in Thailand that most foreign tourist dont consider visiting? Why?

I donu2019t know about the best city in Thailand but I think Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) is often overlooked by tourists. This is quite surprising since Korat is one of the largest cities in Thailand and the gateway to the northeast Isaan region.Korat is probably overlooked for many reasons. For one, it is relative isolated from Bangkok. It takes abo

How do I enable 2FA in Fortnite?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be used to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring you to enter an additional code when you sign in. The Two-Factor Authentication feature currently supports the use of an authenticator app or an email address authentication method.,Once youu2019ve opted into Two-Factor Authentication, you

What draws Libras and Pisces together? I commonly see them together in bands, friendships, teamed in sports, romantic relationships and often even parent and childvice versa.

There are no statistics of rarest rising sign (Ascendant) and there is none most frequent rising sign. Although, each sign rising times can vary at different latitudes, leading to more births with certain Ascendants at higher latitudes in both North and South hemispheres.,Look at your star sign and coordinate it to the time of your birth and you ca

What can I do to avoid my iPhone X being stolen while Iu2019m sleeping?

Hey, Billy Mays here about to revolutionize the way you protect your 999$ phone. With just a one time purchase of 1.99$, you can get your pamphlet with a step by step process on how to protect your phone. the first 99 callers to call this TOLL FREE (fake) number:,1u2013800u2013420u20136969,will get this pamphlet for free.,u2014u2014u2014u2014u2014u

How can I find the acceleration from a velocity time graph?

Yeah.,A velocity vs time graph shows the velocity change with respect to time.,Acceleration is defined exactly as the rate of change of velocity with respect to time.,a=frac {dv}{dt}Basically what Iu2019m trying to say here is: divide the change in velocity by the change of time and youu2019ll get the slope of something (a something that is a line

Is Nothing Phone bad with its price?

The Nothing Phone (1) was finally revealed at the launch event held on July 12, 2022, in London, UK. Carl Pei introduced the various facets of the phone, including the specifications and the pricing. In India, the phone will be available via Flipkart from July 21, 2022, from 7:00 PM onwards. Now, considering the hype surrounding the phone, plenty o

What are some tasty ways to prepare dungeness crab?

Thanks for the A2A, Jesse!,I really like the two answers already here. So why am am still putting my cents in? Because this is such a big part of island life for us.,When we harvested Dungeness crab, we did so on the Canadian side of Puget Sound. A group of us, about 7 or 8, would get a chicken carcass first thing in the morning from the butcher do

Can I see Saturns rings with a smartphones camera capable of a 100x zoom?

I donu2019t have a 100x smartphone camera, or the planet Saturn visible right now, but hey, letu2019s find out!!,This was shot by Grant Petersen with a Samsung Galaxy S8. You could do the same with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, though I wouldnu2019t recommend using anything but the standard wide-angle 1x mode. Petersen also used an 8u2033 Dobsonian telesco

When was United Nations founded in?

The United Nations was founded in 1945, shortly after the second world war.,The second world war proved to be a devastating tragedy for all countries involved. The UN was formed with the purpose that, if further conflict arises between nations, a solution could be debated upon without the need of a war. It maintains world wide peace and fosters, so

What is a good, cheap laptop for gaming? Iu2019m not a gamer, so Iu2019m not looking for an expensive gaming PC, I just want to be able to play some games that wonu2019t wreck my current laptop which I use for school. my budget is around $600

If you are dead set on getting a laptop from this yr, look for some deals and anything with a 1650 or 1050 is fine for casual gaming. However, look at previous generations of laptops that are 8th or 9th gen as they perform great still and you can get them much cheaper.

What is so special about the Venetian Macau?

THE HOTEL IS NO LESS THAN A u201cMINI CITYu201d, with striking structure that stands out. The Venetian Macau is the must do experience if you are heading to Macau! Not only because it has worldu2018s biggest casino but it boasts a resort and is the ultimate luxury experience u2014 with the theme u2014 Venice which gives you a feel as if you have be

In Disneys The Little Mermaid, is Ursula really the bad guy? She didnt lie to Arial, she made a fair deal with her, its the brainless protagonist who willingly signed the dotted line.

Please tell me where in the deal, exactly, Ursula warned Ariel that she would use her voice to entrance Prince Eric and take human form to make 1000% sure that Ariel would fail to get Eric to kiss her before the Sun set on the 3rd day? Oh. Right. She didn't. Ursula lied by omission and tricked Ariel into taking a bet she was never going to win.,Ari

Why is the free fall in crude oil price not helping most of the economies to take off in terms of growth? As crude oil prices are falling, are countries like India and China or others taking full advantage of the situation?

Oil price is a boost, but it alone cannot compensate for all the problems in the economy. Let's look at the world's top 20 economies.,Of these 20, 8 of them are major oil producers - Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, UK, Mexico, Netherlands, Indonesia. These countries are hurt, because they export billions of dollars worth of oil that have plum

Which country has the best food in the world in 2022?

I have visited more than 30 countries and lived in 5 in the last 15 years. I found that every country has a set of advantages and disadvantages. At one place, you may not like the weather. In another, the lack of development. Some places may have good connectivity. Others may have great landscape. You may miss your ethnic food in some places. In ot

What are the benefits of obeying God in the Bible aside from going to heaven?

Well according to the Bible there are numerous benefits of being obedient to God..some benefits includes..,1.ANSWERS TO PRAYERS: Many believers wonder why God hasn't answered many of their prayers and requests well one reason may be because he/she has clearly refused to do a will of Godu2026Imagine God telling you to mash a potato but instead you c

What is life like in the Philippines?

During my 20 years of living in this country (specifically around Metro Manila area) these are all the things that I can say.,HousingYouu2019re lucky if you are born from a family who owns their own house and lot. Housing in this country is not the best according to international standards.,However, if you are renting, then youu2019ll find apartmen

How do I care for aloe vera plants in my yard?

Aloe vera plants are easy to care for. They make wonderful houseplants or you can grow them outside. In this post I will show you all you need to know about aloe vera care, including water, sunlight, soil, fertilizer, and more. There is a common misconception that aloe vera is difficult to grow, but itu2019s actually quite easy. But the biggest mis

How do I write a CV at 16?

Itu2019s great to be asking the question early on u2014 although part of my answer is that itu2019s not quite the right question to ask. A resume should reflect the reality of the skill sets and experiences you are bringing to the table, so thatu2019s the stuff you mostly need to be optimizing for, with the presentation itself being a small focus.

My loving partners opinion aside, should I get a motorcycle license at the age of 30?

I'm 36, have a wife and two young children, and started riding when I was 33. The most important reflex you can develop is your mental muscle. Developing this will not only keep you safe but will also help alleviate your partner's fears.,Most people mistakenly equate that crazy motorcyclist you see on the freeway to the way a motorcycle is ridden -

What are the top things to do in Old San Juan?

if you enjoy history but you are not a huge fan of boring tours, give Clue Murder Mystery a shot!! My family spend around 2u20133 hours solving this unique murder mystery that guides you around Old San Juan. The tour is self-guided, but a young gentleman named Dalton, did a great job of helping us when needed. If you have ever tried an escape room,

Should a Sagittarius woman marry a Scorpio or Libra man?

Personally, I always thought Libras to be very overrated. Theyu2019re not the most attractive sign, not by a long shot. Scorpio,Capricorns, and Aquarius are much more attractive.Plus I havenu2019t had good experiences with Libra men. The one I knew was a little obsessive, and asked me questions that were too personal. I never had any chemistry with

Can I freeze marinadedbreaded chicken thighs for fried chicken?

No. Don't freeze the chicken after marination.Because, the marination is done on chicken to get the flavours. And if you freeze it, the chicken becomes harder and the marination won't enter the chicken skin. Think about the stone, which cannot suck the water as it's too hard, but the sponge can suck the water. Simple as that. If you freeze them, yo

What are term sheet schedules?

In the context of a legal agreementu2014which is what a term sheet isu2014a u201cscheduleu201d is a list of things that are referenced in the agreement. Often, for complex agreements, there are many things that need to be listed. Examples might be:,Names and salaries of employees,Names and ownership interests of shareholders,Software licenses,Paten