Why is the cost of living so high in Colorado?

Clearly nobody else understands reality.,The cost of living is high because of California. Yeah, I said it.,Our governor wants to run the state like California, which requires high taxes. But the problem is, we donu2019t have 27M people to pay for it all. And, we have TABOR, so they canu2019t just arbitrarily raise taxes (thank you voters of 1992 f

What is the most advanced professional video editor on the planet?

What a bombastic way to ask a question! It sounds like your asking what is the fastest supercar in the world or which fighter plane can fly the highest etc.,I guess your question is really; what do you think is the best video editing software package?The most advanced thing in video editing, of film editing, is the editor - the actual person who ed

What is Warren Buffetts best piece of advice?

Warren Buffett said:,If you were born in the United States, you have already won the lottery.,If you find yourself complaining about our country, take a long trip around the world. Ensure you visit developing nations in Asia, South America, and Africa.,Also visit Socialist and Communist countries. Talk with locals about their daily lives.,Once you

What does your dream home look like?

Want to start with mentioning, this is not my dream house but as long as Iu2019m here I want to live every single day over here like it is a dream.,Interestingly for the new place I just moved into, I used words I came across on Tumblr as a theme to design it. This is a 2BHK where I live alone; I just got done with furnishing Master bedroom, Kitche

How do I cook asparagus in a pan?

Trim the tough ends off of the asparagus. Just bend one and see where it snaps. Cut the remainder to the same length.,Put a heavy saute pan, preferably cast iron, onto your stove top and get it hot. Now toss your asparagus in olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. Lay the asparagus in the pan in a single layer and allow them to cook.,You w

How do I delete photosvideos from my iPhone 6s and not off my iCloud storage?

First, make sure you have backed up all your data to the cloud recently. Then just go into your u201call photosu201d folder and delete from there. Not in your iCloud stream, if you have that. You can go into your recently deleted photos folder to check that it's deleted. Then go to your iCloud account online and see if the pic is still there. Final

What are the new house colors for 2021?

Thanks for the A2A Adam. I was thinking you meant exterior siding and trim u201chouseu201d colors. But Deb went in the other direction of interior design colors, so Iu2019ll answer both.,For Exterior House colors, this varies a bit by area and home style. If it is a moderately priced home in a traditional style, often the color is supplied via a pr

How do I make tomato puree?

It is as easy as taking a handful of tomatoes and putting them through a blender.,This gives you a nice puree of tomatoes. However, depending upon your preference, you may or may not blend the tomatoes with the skin.,Without skin you will have a more smoother version of puree. Peels have nutrients and lycopene, so you can keep them for nutritional

Should I be rotating my monstera plant so that it gets sunlight all around? Itu2019s starting to grow really tall on the side facing the sun, but the side facing away has barely grown. Will rotating it stunt the growth of the tall side of the plant?

Yes, you should be rotating your monstera plant, and all other kinds of houseplants you may have. If you donu2019t, the leaves will gradually orient themselves toward the light from the window, the plant will be u201clooking out the window,u201d and all you will see is u201cthe back of its head.u201d,In professional plant care, itu2019s required pr

What is the best way to bake pork chops?

Personally, Iu2019d brine the pork chops in advance. Just search for u201cbrining porku201d. This recipe is similar to what I do at home (I canu2019t share my recipe because itu2019s in my head and Iu2019m too lazy to write it down).,My understanding is that brining the chops is like a marinade in that it allows the meat to soak up extra moisture,

How do I calculate the monthly payment on a loan in Excel?

Use the PMT formula,=-PMT(C2/12,C3,C4),=PMT(Annual Interest Rate divided by 12 [months],number of payments,loan amount [amount borrowed]),Example illustrated below:,=PMT(.05/12,48,10000),Comments:,5% divided 12 months equals the amount of interest per month,48 represents the numbers of months in a four-year loan (4 years x 12 months per year = 48 m

What is deliverance according to the Bible?

Deliverance, according to the Bible is being set free from bondage. Simple as that. The Bible says you have one deliver by the name of Jesus. There are people that work as Deliverance ministers. I am one of them ,it's part of my calling ,and I have an easily verifiable list of people who will witness that they have been set free from many types of

What are some analogies in Martin Luther King Jr.s I have a dream speech?

Hi Danielle I have listed a couple:,u201cI have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood.u201d,u201cI have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, whose governor's lips are presently dripping with the words of interpo

Which is the best honeymoon destination for couples in India?

Chivla beach!Chivla beach, is hardly a kilometre from Malwan region, Maharashtra. It is a fantastic destination which is a blend of historical traditions and thrilling water sports.,Midst of corona waves, my husband wisely selected this place for our honeymoon trip! He planned it all and booked one day before we started for the trip! Though mask wa

What profession or occupation does Hollywood always portray incorrectly?

The Architect.,100% of the time Hollywood portrays the Architect as a person capable of supporting a family of four while paying the mortgage for a house of his/her own design/construction while driving a nice car (BMW/Mercedes/Lexus) and being able to go out to fancy dinners with his/her spouse and attend functions that require tuxedos. Aforementi

Which country has the highest population of muslims?

Hereu2019s a map of Muslim-majority countries:,No idea why Bosnia & Herzegovina isnu2019t painted on the map.And hereu2019s a map of the religious composition of the Middle East for example:,The majority of Muslims are Sunnis, followed by Shias and Ibadis (Oman).

Why is Emma Watson more popular than Daniel Radcliffe?

Me: Her boobs.,Emma Watson: u201cI really don't know what my tits have to do with it.u201d,Me: ummm ok her beauty.,What, only ten points Professor Snape???,That's more like it, Severus. Albus approves.,Ok now in all seriousness, yes Emma Watson is a bonafide beauty. Though to be honest, Daniel Radcliffe isn't looking to bad himself.,What separates

What are examples of skills people write on their resume?

I am assuming your requesting some generic phrases and words that are applicable/relevant to almost every job profile which you might be able to include in your resume in order to highlight your strengths. Use of the appropriate phrase is crucial, avoid using banal old words and try to be creative. ,Communication Skillsarticulate & competent ,openl

How do you upgrade a MacBook Pros graphics card?

Like any other laptop, MacBook Pro also doesnu2019t support upgrade of graphics card. The graphics card is embedded to the motherboard and upgrade means replacing the motherboard. Apple would hardly support this, as they request the users that while configuring, ensure the best configuration is selected as once finalized modifications are not suppo

How much would a Polaroid 600 camera cost today?

Here's a link to their site! The conpany recently underwent a turn around and are selling more and making new cameras.,Do some research and find one you like, you can get a nice one for as low as $25 on eBay (got mine for about this price).,Brand new, you're looking at $99.99-$500. That's the range I've seen from basic to expert Polaroid 600 camera

Whats the most insane thing a human has survived?

A2A. @Avinash Hiremath (u0905u0935u093fu0928u093eu0936 u0939u093fu0930u0947u092eu0920).,There is a Serbian flight attendant named Vesna Vuloviu0107 who survived a 33,300-foot fall out of a plane after terrorists detonated a bomb that tore the craft apart in the skies over Czechoslovakia in 1972.,,Coffee is the magic potion which helps her become a

As a video editor, how does DaVinci Resolve compare to Premiere Pro?

True editing features in DaVinci Resolve were only recently added in version 12, upgraded in v12.5 and made even more robust in v14. Premiere Pro was created to be an NLE (non-linear editor) from the very beginning. Just regarding the editing portion of the programs if you were to become a pro in Premiere Pro you would, most likely, be able to do m

What are some of the most important formulas in MS Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, a formula is an expression that operates on values in various cells. Formulas let you perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, average, even/odd detections, etc. There are many formulas, you get better at memorizing them with regular practice.,Few of the most commonly used are IF, S

What are the best ways to cook an egg?

Fried - in at least three styles: sunny side up which is not turned in the pan and over easy which is turned once. Both of these have a u201cdippyu201d or runny center. There are higher levels of doneness up to a hard, completely cooked yolk. I like to use a very hot pan and ghee or clarified butter and get crispy edges on the egg - an unconvention

Why do you think that the American rebels decided to keep the White House, which is in Georgian style architecture (British) rather than demolish it and build something that was completely of the rebels design?

The White House is a combination of Neo-classical and Palladian architectural styles. Both were popular in many countries, among them Great Britain and the United States. The u201cGeorgianu201d style incorporated Neo-classical principles while the Americans did the same, applying the name u201cFederal" or u201cFederalist". They are similar if not i