Is there any way I can control my DVDBlu ray player with no remote? I have an LG bp220 DVDBlu ray player with a usb port in the front. Is there anything I can use, like an iPhone or wii remote or wireless mouse, that can function as a remote?

The iPhone doesn't have an IR transceiver to send signals to the IR receiver on the player. The others you had said are also not compatible because they are not made for that situation for the most part. You can go to your local Walmart or any electronics store and get a universal remote for ten bucks or more and it should work. They will usually h

What site has the best free privacy policy template?

The question should be: what website has the best free legally compliant privacy policy?,In my opinion, there are none.,As of this post, I have yet to see a free website privacy policy or any generator that complies with current privacy laws and regulations. Furthermore, many of them have poorly written provisions that can put you at risk for liabi

What are the best tricks you know and want to share?

There are many such cool tricks and here are few of them:,TINDER: I know many of us have been using this app from quite a long time but ever thought ho great it would be to get more than usual chances to swap or favorite users. We all get annoyed when the daily limit is over unless of course if you are a paid user. And if you are not read further.

How many guests can I bring to the pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

In short:,If you are just visiting, you cannot get in. ,If you are staying at the hotel, there is a way to sneak additional, non-paying visitors in (although it is against the rules),Firstly, the hotel takes steps to ensure that only paying guests are able to access the Infinity Pool. The pool is a major drawcard for people to pay to stay there (se

In chemistry, what is the difference between intermolecular and intramolecular forces?

I believe you mean one of these to say Intra- so I will using that interpretation.,Intramolecular forces are only between two atoms that are considered a part of the same molecule, always covalent bonds (total sharing of electrons and solid line joining). Example: Oxygen and hydrogen in water,Intermolecular forces occur as four main types of intera

What is fossil fuel and why it is so called?

Coal is fossilized woody material.,In this piece of low-grade coal you can actually see recognizable carbonized woody fragments. One is at the center on the bottom edge.,The problem with petroleum is it moves. So while itu2019s most likely the source is marine organisms, we can find oil in fractured crystalline rocks as well. Petroleum is made up l

When you worked on cruise ships, whats the shadiest thing youve seen a passenger do?

This isnu2019t super shady but it was pretty common in the photo department.,When a guest purchased a photo, we would first slip it into a transparent protective sleeve and then into a nice, logou2019d display folder. This was a reflexive actionu2014indeed, the first thing we did before even ringing up the sale.,Weu2019d frequently have people walk

What is Direct Democracy?

Direct democracy is where a decision that affects a group of people is developed and decided by that group. It presupposes a deliberative process, of putting forward proposals, hearing what others have to say, and debating the pros and cons, if there isnu2019t simply a direct consensus. An example of direct democracy would be a union meeting in a u

How can I use WhatsApp on my laptop without using my phone? I cannot verify my number.

How to Use WhatsApp From a Computer or laptop.Download Thin BlueStacks App Player. To use Whatsapp in PC or Laptop, you need to Install an Android Emulator called as BlueStacks App Player.,Install BlueStacks App Player.,(It takes time for installing so wait for 10u201315 minutes)Now open bluestack application.,Sign in using your email idI'd,Now ins

Can you please give me a logical argument for atheism?

Ok, Iu2019ll tell you the path that my mind took to arrive at atheism. I read a book called The Demon in the Freezer, about smallpox. It mentioned that thereu2019s an ancient temple in India to the goddess of smallpox, where people went to pray to protect their children from smallpox. But, obviously, it didnu2019t work.,And that made me think that,

Can I ship my old hoodie and teddy bear to my friend in the Philippines from the UK?

Of course you can. Why would you not be able to?,I suggest you send it via tracked, or a courier.,I have sent several things to Romania, from the UK, and it got lost in the post each time. So, I decided to try UPS, although it was double the price! Once, I sent a UPS package around 7pm UK time to Romania, and by 11am Romanian time, my friend had re

What is the best airline to travel on when going to the Philippines?

I assume you are referring to a long haul trip, such as starting in the US and ending in Cebu City. ,If you're referring to economy class, there is no such thing as a comfortable flight. I'd pick the most direct and inexpensive route. This is likely to be via Manila or Hong Kong.,In business class, I'd avoid Philippines airlines to Manila. Although

What are some of the photos from India which proves India is not like any other country?

Geographically India is one of the most diverse country on the planet.,Siachin glacier ~ worlds 2nd longest non polar glacier. Temperatures goes down to -50u00b0C.,2. Kanchenjunga mountain- worlds 3rd highest (8656m) mountain peak.,3. Kashmir valley is called paradise on earth.,4. Ladakh region- Indiau2019s cold desert region.,5. Thar desert- World

What are ethical dilemmas in business?

Business ethics issues may have to do with the following:,Equity or fairness: e.g., executive compensation, pricing of ethical drugs,Honesty and the avoidance of disception: e.g., employee conflict of interests, advertising content,Rights of employees, shareholders and others: e.g., employee health screening, sexual harassment,The exercise of corpo

How much does it cost to feed a flight attendant?

It depends.,If you buy Purina Flight Attendant Adult Chow, it can be pretty cheap. If you want a sleek glossy coat or high energy food, itu2019s more expensive. There are specialty brands of Flight Attendant food that cost a whole lot more and have natural ingredients that are designed to keep your fight attendant healthy and thriving. There have b

What is the best way to earn money online in 2021?

There are a ton of ways to make money online but you probably need a maximum of 5.,[Image Source/Credit: Google/Pexels],When it comes to making money, not just online, you need to specialize, and thatu2019s impossible when youu2019re thinking of doing multiple things at the same time.,Find one profitable thing and do it well.,2021 is more than half

How much is 180 cm equal to feet?

Hi , first of all you have a very good height . It's more than average for a 15 year old boy . Now about your height , it might be that you grow 2u20133 inches till the time you turn 18 or 19 . Boy always remember that genetics play a huge role in your height but your nutrition also plays a very significant role in your height . Eat home made food

If I overcook hard-boiled eggs by boiling them for around twelve minutes, will they lose some of their nutritional value or will I only lose out on taste?

I would not say 12 minutes necessarily constitutes overcooking or that the texture will be adversely affected.,Depending upon the size of the egg, how firm you like your hard boiled eggs, temperature of the water and starting temperature of the egg (a cold egg just taken from the fridge will take longer than one that starts at room temperature), th

Which is the cheapest and best Xerox machine for commercial use?

Running a business is no small feat. No matter, if your business is just a startup or has been in the industry for years, you have to very conscious of every penny you spend.There are lots of areas within a business, and your budget is important is each one. However, one area where you may overspend if you are not careful is office equipment.You ne

What methods can one use to open a bottle of wine without using a corkscrew?

Method 1: Locate a wood screw that is at least as long as the cork. Using a screwdriver, insert the screw into the cork just over two thirds the length of the screw. Using a pair of pliers, pull straight out on the screw until the cork leaves the bottle. Note that pulling out at an angle may break the cork. If this occurs, remove the free portion o

Can you share with us your favorite Carbonara recipe?

There is ONLY ONE carbonara recipe, the ORIGINAL!Ingredients:Pasta, spaghetti is best, but egg tagliatelle, penne rigate or torciglioni will do, 50g per person.,Egg yolks, 1 per person plus one for the pot.,Grated Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano are a fair substitute, 25g per person.,Guanciale, unsmoked pancetta will do if you

What should I buy, an iPhone or a DSLR?

It depends on what you mean by "better",If the pictures from the camera are too dark, then you're exposing them incorrectly. Make sure that the exposure compensation ( the setting marked with a symbol like this +-) is set on 0.0 unless you're photographimg a dark subject against a bright background in which case you should increase it until the sub

Why do Catholics pray for the dead if theyre already in heaven?

Having been born and raised as a Roman Catholic, no longer affiliated or associated with same, I will just say the RC Church is filled with various doctrines that conflict with Bible teachings, which that religion is supposed to be based on, and are based on TRADITION and misconception. Jesus once stated the same thing about the Pharisees and u201c