Do those within Canada refer to the "CAD" as "Canadian dollar" or just dollar?

Unless a person is an international banker or in the tourist industry, they're refering to the currency of the country they are in. There are all kinds of dollars, rupees, dinars, francs pesos, krona etc all over the world. So if you are in the Philippines for example, and something costs 100 pesos, assume Philippine peso, not Mexican. Or in Tunisi

What is something creepy that you experienced that you find hard to explain?

My first wife and I moved to Welland toward the end of 1974. Our apartment was long and narrow, entering through the kitchen into the dining room, and then down a hall with bedrooms to the left and a living room at the end.,This is the front of the building. The windows on the right were our living room windows. The windows on the left were the liv

To go through life, one needs to benefit from a loving relationship orand ancient wisdoms. Marriage has filled me with despair, but I have strong confidence in God. Is there anything I can teach myself to focus on Godwisdom and not feel so lonely?

It seems you have a problem communicating with your spouse. I would suggest you speak to a counselor by calling: 855 382 5433. Remember marriage is two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. I had been married 52 years and it was hard work most of the time putting my spouse before me and praying every night together. God blessed us a

Where can you buy Sagrada Familia tickets?

Iu2019d suggest buying them online - in advance. You can also buy them onsite, but when my family went there, they were sold out for the next three days and we could only see the outside.

How can I save Instagram highlights?

InstaDownloader offers Instagram users with an option to download any video they desire in a safe and secure manner. You are required to simply feed the online site with the URL of a video or photo you would like downloaded, and InstaDownloader will get the job done in no time.,where you can view and download Instagram stories or highlights in high

How did Mauna Loa volcano form?

Mauna Loa volcano is one of the volcanoes on the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. Here the islands and their volcanoes have all formed by a hotspot or mantle plume called the Hawaii hotspot which acts like a blow torch burning up through the crust,Mauna Loa would have started as a submarine volcano, very much like the newest Hawaiian volcano,

Is there such a thing as Mormon cuisine?

There is most definitely Mormon cuisine. Mormon's have even added new foods into the vernacular. Funeral Potatoes, for example (cheesy potato casserole with corn flakes on top). Or Green JellO salad with carrot shavings. In fact, Mormons have done more to push forward the advancement of JellO cooking than Bill Cosby. Also, they love a good refreshm

How did people pay for products ordered by mail in the 1860s?

In 1860 the US post office was not authorized to carry parcels of more than 4 lbs in weight. If you had to ship heavier packages or collect money from the recipient, you used private express companies. Then in 1864 the postal money order system was created in the US, primarily as a means of Union troops sending money home to their families. So in t

What is your favorite song from J-Hopes album, "Jack in the Box"?

All of them at a conceptual level but if I base on my musical taste/style, the only one I'm not a big fan is 'More', just because Iu2019m not fond of Rock or Grunge, however, I do like the old school rap part as well as the MV.,This album is a concept album with a perfectly planned storyline from start to finish that not only tells the origin of J-

What are some good healthy substitutes for butter?

Butter is widely used as a spread for food, however, variety of healthy foods can replace butter's function as a spread for bread, crackers, and other food items.,I have listed a number of foods that have consistencies and are ideal for spreads, in addition to being tasty and nutritious:,Olive oil. Combine some olive oil with basil and pepper for a

What is the role of a business analyst in the Pharma Industry?

BAu2019s have branched off into two main sectors: Technical BAs, and Business Intelligence BAs who are on a market research level supporting strategic implementations.,I can't add anymore to what's already been posted regarding the 1st type, so Iu2019ll just describe the latter. However, both are inherently connected like 1st cousins sharing common

Where is Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park located at?

Short answer:,Pretty, beautiful landscape with diversified variation from:,Beach,Nha Trang Beach (Vietnam): Top Tips Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisorBay,Ha Long BayWaterfall,Ban Gioc Waterfall: An Illustrated GuideCave,Son Doong Cave | Oxalis Adventure ToursMountain,Tam Coc - Ninh Binh - VietnamValley,Bac Son Valley - Bac Son Tours | Best

How should I set my camera settings for Bokeh?

I'm not a professional but I love clicking bokeh. If you find something technically wrong with my answer, then please feel frer to correct me.,Aperture : Set the lowest aperture number possible. f/4.5 is good.,Focus: Use manual focus. Auto focus gives you bokeh in rare cases. Look through your viewfinder and experiment with the focus ring.,Lens: A

What one important thing did you learn from the dynamics of culture?

An important thing I learned from childhood, indeed my preschool childhood, was how the dynamics of culture and its outcomes imprint on the forming child.,Some visual outcomes are brilliant photography, perhaps of fashion, which featured in the photos of svelte and elegant female models in Vogue Magazines in my childhood in the rented home I shared

Which is better, Nvidia RTX 3090 or Nvidia RTX Titan?

Always go with the benchmarks to decide.,After what Iu2019ve seen online, I feel 3090 is away better than Titan - given its recent release and update compared to Titan. The price is quite high for Titan too.,Hereu2019s a comparison from Versus: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 vs Nvidia Titan V: What is the difference?And a quite reliable website (Userbench

What are the Wonders of the World?

Ancient wonders of the worldn,Great Pyramid of Giza,Hanging Gardens of Babylon,Statue of Zeus at Olympia,Temple of Artemis at Ephesus,Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus,Colossus of Rhodes,Lighthouse of Alexandria,Modern wonders of the worldn,Taj Mahal, Agra, India,Chichen Itza, Yucatu00e1n, Mexico,Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,C

Where can I download a free and high-resolution road map of the United Kingdom?

The uk population is growing annually by 0.8% (2016) according to the Office of National Statistics. Current estimated population is 65 million and is anticipated to pass 70 million by 2027. But this is on current projections and I predict it will slow even more in the near future.,So population growth is simply the result of the following:,Birth r

What misconception about your occupation would you like to clear up?

Doctors are very misunderstood people.Dr Chloe Abbott, 29, who took her own life in January this year, after her sister begged her to leave the profession.,,Dr John Moutzouris, 38, who committed suicide in January this year as well.,,Dr Ronak Patel, 33, died in car accident after falling asleep at the wheel while singing to his wife on a hands-free

Is Medicaid free?

Is Medicaid free?Who is eligible for Medicaid?It is if you meet the qualifications for free Medicaid. Usually that means that your family income has to be below the level that YOUR STATE specifies for the number of people in your household. In other words, there will be 51 different answers (including District of Columbia)

Are there any regional accents in the USA that other Americans make fun of?

Of course. Pretty much every prominent regional accent gets made fun of by people in other regions.,That's why we call Long Island, New York u201cLawn Guylandu201d. Then there's the oldie, u201cpahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahdu201d. (u201cPark the car in Harvard Yardu201d, Boston/New England.) I make fun of my Philadelphia/south Jersey relatives for sa

What is the size of the tourism car rental market segment?

Depends on the company. For some companies--Dollar, Thrifty, Budget, Alamo--it's a high proportion. For others--Hertz, Avis, National--it's less.,Someone with access to broad data on the travel industry as a whole can probably provide some more specific numbers, but in my experience, the value-branded agencies see probably two-thirds of their traff