What do you like to eat with fried mushrooms?

My kids have determined that steak isnu2019t a steak without a heaping portion of sautu00e9ed mushrooms over the top.,Itu2019s become somewhat of a family joke.,Anytime I make a steak recipe without mushrooms, no matter how good it is, inevitably someone will call out, u201cSou2026 where are the mushrooms?u201d,Because of this, Iu2019ve resigned my

How do you unblursharpen a picture in Photoshop?

Depends on what youu2019re looking to accomplish and what the subject matter is.,Typically, the first thing you should always do is duplicate the layer (ctrl/cmd +J). That way you can go back to the original image to see what the u201cbeforeu201d looks like and also work with opacity and layer masks.,Photoshop in itself isnu2019t the easiest to use

What have you done to cut your monthly personal expenses in India?

The first and foremost thing to do to cut down expenses is Track Your Expenses.,You cannot change what you cannot measure. Each and every penny that you spend, save it in an excel sheet. Have it divided in different categories and at the end of each month you will have considerable data on expenditure per category.,Keep on doing it for at least for

Why are fingerprints different for everyone?

There is a substantial degree of genetic influence on oneu2019s fingerprints, particularly whether a given finger has which of the three basic pattersu2014loop, arch, or whorl. One can have all three of these types among the ten fingers. The Scientific American article cited at bottom describes what determines which of these three basic patterns a

What are some interesting facts about the Mariana Trench?

It is home to some of the most interesting creatures which include Hatchet fish, frilled shark, football fish, dragon fish, barrelleye, dumbo octopus, ping pong tree nut, see nut, goblin shark, viper fish, blob fish, and angler fish

Can a bank hand over my cheque book to my spouse on behalf of me?

Generally Cheque book is sent at customer mailing address updated in bank records.,However if it is returned to the branch and held with branch in this case your spouse can collect the cheque book from branch.,Your spouse need to visit branch along with authority letter signed by you and attaching your spouse signature. As well as your spouse needs

How do I search trademark names?

Well almost all countries today have virtual database which you can go through.,Here in India these are the simple steps in which you take a trademark search?,1) Visit http://ipindia.gov.in and select Public Search,2) On the next page select Trademark,3) On the next page select class details,4) On the next page, please enter the kind of goods and s

How did you become a millionaire?

I started with $200, sort of. $200 was all that we had in our savings account and we had about another $1 in our checking account. I borrowed the $200 from our savings, and went looking for something to buy that I could make some money on. I bought a stainless Ruger Security-Six .357 Revolver for $167 at a flea market. I guess I could have started

Is the Red Velvet red because of food coloring or red beets?

In the 1920s and 1930s, "Red Devil Cakes" used cocoa powder and vinegar or buttermilk. Cocoa powder contains anthocyanins, naturally occurring plant pigments which turns red when exposed to acid, so the cake was naturally red. Here's a photo of anthocyanin colors at different acidities (most acid on the left, most basic on the right); it's a useful

Is a LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium account worth it?

Short answer is No ,,I have used premium account for over one year and I have never seen any advantage of premium account other than the option to send LinkedIn mails to people who are not connected to you , while that seems good most people who receive such mails knows it's for either advertising or for job requests so they end up ignoring these m

How can I push myself to do things?

Let me start by saying that I like Abdullah's answer.,Having said that, I do have some input I hope you will find useful.,The short answer to your question is that, while you may, in the short run, be able to force yourself to do something you really don't want to because either the gain you get by doing it is sufficiently large or the pain you avo

Which area in London, Ontario is best for a new immigrant couple? I got ITA as a federal skilled worker and intend to stay in London, Ontario for my initial period.

Let me start off by qualify in my statements. I have never been an immigrant moving to a new home country, so I may not be the right person to answer this question.,I will say that a lot of the services for newcomers to Canada are located in South London near Jalna Boulevard. You may want to visit the City of London's page on Immigration, that disc

Which type of force of attraction is present in Intermolecular forces?

The three types of IMF I talk about in first-year chemistry classes are, in order from strongest to weakest,,Hydrogen bonding,Dipole-dipole,London, Dispersion forces.,There is a kind of continuity of all these. For example, a water molecule has actually all three types of forces, polar molecules have the last two of these three and non-polar molecu

Where is the best place to visit in Asia and why?

One of my favorite destinations in Asia that I think is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime is Kerala, a beautiful state in South India. I state the following reasons to support my answer.,Kerala features a wide variety of tourist destinations that include pristine hill stations, serene backwaters, verdant spice plantations, majestic waterfa

Is there an iOS photo app that does batch editing?

You can accomplish this to some degree using Lightroom Mobile. To accomplish adjust one photo, copy the settings and then paste the settings to the other photos. It's not as fast as sync'ing photos on Lightroom (on a PC or Laptop) but it is much faster than individual photo edits using other mobile apps. ,You can see more on the Lightroom Mobile he

What are qualified dividends?

Qualified dividends, as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Code, are ordinary dividends that meet specific criteria to be taxed at the lower long-term capital gains tax rate rather than at higher tax rate for an individual's ordinary income. The rates on qualified dividends range from 0 to 23.8%. ( Source : Wikipedia)

How difficult is PMP certification? How long would it take to prepare for it?

How difficult is PMP certification?PMP exam is considered as one of the most difficult Professional certification exams mostly because of its huge syllabus, the dedication required, type & length of the questions asked, duration of exam & answer choices. It tests the candidate's in-depth knowledge of Project Management skills & patience level. The

How would the Saturn Transit 2020 be for various zodiac signsrasisascendants?

The effect of Saturnu2019s sidereal Capricorn transit 2020 from January 24, 2020 at 08:24:24 (IST) to April 29, 2022 at 06:28:34 (IST) on twelve zodiacal signs:This article is based on the deep research conducted by me in the field of mundane Vedic jyotish which will prove useful to you.,The technique of Vedic Jyotish has been used by me to predict

What are the steps to make apple pie?

A good pie requires good apples. An apple that is fully ripe with a rich aromatic flavor, solid texture and that is slightly tart is a good starting point. You may have to go to the orchard to find a good one as supermarket apples so often were picked too green and stored too long. A dense apple such as a prairie spy will shrink less than a softer

Are there Photoshop actions that mimic Instagram filters?

Daniel Box made a filter-for-filter action set of Instagram's entire offeringnhttp://dbox.tumblr.com/post/5426249009/instagram-filters-as-photoshop-actions,The direct download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18590/photoshop-instagram-actions-by-dbox.zip

Which are the best similar HDD 1TB external USB 30 in 2021 in the USA?

u2665u2665 10 BEST Similar HDD 1TB external USB 2022,u26a1 1. Easily store and access 1TB to content on the go with the Seagate Portable Drive, a USB external hard drive Designed to"[EXTRACTO]"Easily store and access 1TB to content on the go with the Seagate Portable Drive, a USB external hard drive Designed to work with Windows or Mac computers, t

How can I get credit card companies to lower my interest rate?

Simple enough.,Stop using credit cards to live beyond your means. If you donu2019t have the money in the bank to pay for something you want but donu2019t really need, donu2019t buy it.,Apply one or more credit cards that offer flat fees on balance transfers. The interest rate the banks offer on these cards is irrelevant because they arenu2019t goin

Is it difficult to use military night vision goggles at the same time while looking through a rifle scope, or can a rifle scope incorporate night vision?

Short answer: Yes you can, but it is awkward and you risk damaging your night vision goggles, rifle scope, or your rifle.,Above is a photo of a British SAS soldier in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare wearing GPNVG night vision goggles (quad NODs, not all four lenses are displayed in this photo) and looking through the EOTech XPS2 holographic sight on h

What coding languages do you master and are you comfortable using more than one language? What "dead" coding language are you still using sporadically?

I am comfortable u2014 i.e., have u201cmasteredu201d u2014 using these, though some I havenu2019t touched in decades:,BASICn6502 Assembly Languagen80x86 Assembly LanguagenVAX Assembly LanguagenPL/InTSO CLISTnJCLnForthnPascalnxBase (dBase II, dbase III, Clipper, Foxbase, etc.)nBorland Delphi (Object Pascal)nVisual BasicnCnC++nPHPnbash/csh/ksh/etc.nS

Quora keeps forcing me to download its app. How do I stop this?

I tried adding quora to home screen, but it asks to download app with annoying dialog box. I would be reading an interesting answer and it pops up. I can't close it, so I refresh page. But that makes the answer I was reading will go out and feed is filled with new answers. This is very annoying and I don't want to use quora anymore. If I'm using th