Is the Red Velvet red because of food coloring or red beets?

In the 1920s and 1930s, "Red Devil Cakes" used cocoa powder and vinegar or buttermilk. Cocoa powder contains anthocyanins, naturally occurring plant pigments which turns red when exposed to acid, so the cake was naturally red. Here's a photo of anthocyanin colors at different acidities (most acid on the left, most basic on the right); it's a useful

What do you miss the most about the decade in which you were born?

I was born in 1973.What I miss most is the colour schemes as well as the unisex childrenu2019s clothes and toys.,We had a brown kitchen and a deep red livingroom:,The curtains of our playroom were like this:,(Photo source: Retroblog utmaningen - 5 favorittyger)Some other people painted everything yellow:,(Photo source: Sisusta ajan hengessu00e4: 70

How do I make buffalo wings in an air fryer?

So, the trick of buffalo wings in an air fryer is all about technique. All the recipes here are given for the purpose of providing a guide to technique; you can make them with any sauce you want.,It is possible to make them directly, start to finish in an air fryer. Hereu2019s a recipe that Iu2019ve used: Air Fryer Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

Whatu2019s the film Dune about?

5 stars with a caveat. (no caveat now because Part 2 has been confirmed)If I have seen a more stunning movie I cannot remember it. This movie makes Star Wars look like a joke. The way they play with perspective is something to behold.,You know how every movie shows the big CGI shots in the trailer, thatu2019s not the case with Dune. Every 2 minutes

What is it that we as Indians are collectively doing wrong?

Spending money to showcase ourselves, not our society as a whole.,I grew up in Kolkata, India and now I stay in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for work.,Let me give you an analysis of what I find the difference between the two places. This is a long post but with lots of pictures - so you can skim through it in less than a minute.,Real Estate-Kolkata -

What is some recommended free software for creating organizational charts?

Edraw Org Chart SoftwareYou can try:,Built-in Card Shapes: The software has many pre-defined symbols with different styles and usage.,Edit Vector Based Elements: All the symbols, shapes and lines in the document are in vector format and thus editable.,Automatic Formatting Tool: You can add shapes, aligning shapes and connecting shapes.,Input Data F

Who owns the Burj Khalifa?

Q. Who is the owner of Burj Khalifa?To answer the question on its ownership, we will have to look at what is in the building:,Residential floors: The building has 900 residential units in the building were sold to individual buyers, with some owning as many as 22 apartments.,Offices: The building has 37 floors of corporate suites, which seem to hav

How do I download Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are actually just DNG or XMP files. DNG file format was developed by Adobe as a universal digital negative format for cameras. Since it has the ability to store photo editing settings (exposure, level information etc..) photographers have been using it as a way to distribute presets, especially for Lightroom.,To download a Lightro

What assumptions are made about restaurant kitchen floors?

Iu2019ve been a kitchen worker, washed dishes, prepped and cooked, and mopped the floor a LOT. I assume a kitchen floor is going to be wet and slippery.,So if I were planning to walk around in a commercial kitchen-Iu2019d make sure my shoes had good traction for safety.

Can astrology predict baby gender?

Back when my children were born, a lot of my friends were using a Chinese calendar to figure out when to conceive to have a child of the sex they wanted. It actually had a very high success rate. Other than that, I have no idea what would guarantee a female child. Do some internet research on the subject. There is a way, scientific and very expensi

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

I feel one of the great Indians whom we actually donu2019t know is this woman,She is Sheetal Mahajan. The first woman who has performed first jump over Geographic North Pole on 18 April 2004 without any practice.,Belonging to a middle class family in Pune, Sheetal was in 12th std when she actually performed this jump.,In a society where the number

Is the USA the most evil government in the world?

No. North Korea is.USA is evil only by Western measures; on global measures, USA is far behind such paradises as Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria or any similar Arschloch countries in evil.,Whether USA is more evil than China is a question on itself.

What are the questions asked in the Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy G.M.E interview?

Now since you are asking about interview,you must have cleared the online test so congratulations for that.Now coming to interview below are the topics which you should cover and I assure you not even a single question would be asked other than this.,1.Pumps,specially there classification.,2.Simple vapour compression refrigeration system-block diag

What would happen if I starve but eat high protein foods?

If you DIET and restrict yourself to only high protein foods you will actually starve, and as a bonus could do some kidney, liver and other organ damage as well. Protein is actually not that great as fuel, and when used so breaks down creating an excess of nitrogenous wastes in the bloodstream.,The starvation condition is known as protein poisoning

What does social responsibility mean to you personally? Do you think business organizations should be socially responsible? Why or Why not? u2026 Explain with reasons.

I work for a corporation that espouses and enforces an all inclusive, respectful environment. Within this culture is a paradox of tolerance. Blacks freely use the u201cNu201d word. As a white man, the word offends me. I suppose that, perhaps the word is used under the guise or notion of u201creverse racism.u201d I should not have to feel perpetuall

What made your jaw drop the first time you visited Great Britain?

This wasnu2019t the first time that I visited, as my parents did drag me along there as a child. But I was invited to go from Perth, Australia, to Oxford University for an academic conference in 2009, and I was very anxious about finding my way through public transport and then getting to the accommodation I had booked. It all seemed very complicat

How do we make KFC chicken at home?

The recipe was printed by the Chicago Tribune on August 19, 2016 although KFC did not confirm it was the actual recipe, they did not deny it either. In their test kitchen, the Tribune was successful in replicating the recipe by adding a 12th ingredient, MSG which KFC admits using.,credit: By Edgy01 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, File:Colonel H

How can I decorate my bedroom with a small budget?

Paint a bright color on a small stool or table. Hang a piece of bamboo off the wall with spacers so you can hang things on it. How about shells in a natural net from the beach? Hide a clip-on garage light behind a plant, facing the wall. Go out one day and look at nature. I found a beautiful slice of a tree trunk by the side of the road. It was har

Why do you think there is such a negative association surrounding mental health issues?

Why do you think there such a negative association surrounding mental health issues?,Much bedlamsurrounds the,asylum-bound,,dating to before Englandu2019s first & most insanely notorious institution for the Insane: Bedlam Asylum.,10 Crazy Facts From Bedlam, History's Most Notorious Asylum - ListverseThe public impressions of the mentally ill and in

Scientists consider glycolysis to be one of the earliest biochemical processes to evolve in the first living cell. What are the evidences that support this?

Some theorists have proposed that the earliest living things used reactions that resemble those modern organisms use to ferment sugar, glycolysis. Yeast use a version of that reaction to get energy by turning glucose into alcohol. This makes sense because there wasnu2019t much oxygen in the early Earth and glycolysis doesnu2019t require oxygen. Som

How do they keep Deep Dive Dubai clean?

The water in Deep Dive Dubai is freshwater and purified by one of the most advanced water purification systems available.,Deep Dive Dubai features a massively deep freshwater swimming pool containing 14 million liters of water, as well as 56 underwater cameras and a fully explorable sunken city.,In case youu2019re wondering, the facility says it us